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Friday, 31 January 2014

Wearing with Pride

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was big day for me in a gardening sense - I leveled up to 15 Legendary Gardener. Prior to the Khrysalis realm this was the highest level a gardener could aspire to. I'm actually very surprised I have reached it so quickly, but then I guess if you read my posts you'll see I often mention how much I garden or how much gardening allows me to craft or pet train so much easier. I garden a lot lol!

So the first thing I did once I had finished servicing my plants was go to my character page and update my badge. And it got me wondering about you guys.... do you change your badge for your character when you get a new one? Do you change your badge at all for that matter? I know some don't, and then I wonder why they don't because it is what everyone sees! Morgrim for instance, changed his to Mastermind a long time ago, and has not updated since. I have seen many 'A+ Student' and 'One in a Million' badges too. Then there are the proud crafters and gardeners.

Would love to hear from you... do you wear your badge with pride or not bother?

Oh and if your interested, Alia wrote about badges back in September and left a link to look up all badges available. You can see her post here.

Until Next Time,


  1. Congratulations on your Legendary Gardener badge. Well earned :)

    My main character is currently sporting the title 'Unbearable'. Earned after a recent batch of couch potato farming. Haven't changed it yet because it amuses me. (As did one of the earlier bear badges: 'Bear Bouncer'. Sometimes I think I have a weird sense of humour.)

    I change badges every now and then but not automatically when I receive a new one. It kind of depends on my mood. If I have had a bad day I invariably wear my 'Grumpy Warlord' badge as it tends to cheer me up a little. (Yep, strange sense of humour and decidedly weird. Sorry.)

  2. That's funny Scarlet, but I like that you change to suit your mood. I don't change every time I get a new one, but the ones I work hard for I'll admit I'll wear - and that is definitely a pride thing. Thanks for taking the time to comment, it is great to hear from you!