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Saturday, 18 January 2014

My new Best Friends!

Friends are those that help us right? Maybe make things a little easier? So I don't think I'm stretching the limits too far declaring these 3 beauties as my new best friends!

Let me introduce them to you - they are three astral spells....  Vengeance, Gargantuan and Elucidate. If you've been reading the blog then you''ll know that I craft those Monstrous cards all the time. Every day. And I still do. When I eventually get the Celestia, I'll upgrade that recipe to those that give more bang for my gold.
But for now, these I get at the Bazaar.I'll show you each of them, so you can understand just how useful they are....

First up is Vengeance... It increases your chance of going critical by 25% over 4 rounds. I currently have critical rating stats of about 110-130 for death school, depending on what gear I am wearing, and with a vengeance card played, I can almost guarantee that critical hit.
Next up is Gargantuan. This is the big brother of Monstrous... it will increase your spell by 250 damage.That is a significant increase, and with a critical too - those enemies won't stand a chance! These are slightly more difficult to get hold of in the Bazaar, but they do show up - with a bit of patience you can pick up a few. And every now and then you'll see 25 - and the race is on to see which wizard gets their hands on them! My wizard level is high enough to buy the recipe for this card now, but my crafting level is not. You can train in these spells, but you have to work your way up through the family: Tough, Strong, Giant, Monstrous.... that is a lot of training points!
The last one is Elucidate, which quite simply reduces your spells Pip cost by 2. This treasure card is not easy to get hold of in the Bazaar. I am told that they are in the chests in Celestia and you can get them as drops. I have only seen them a few times in the Bazaar and I buy them as quick as possible. Make sure that the battle you use them in is worth using them though, in case you can't get any for a while. This card also has a little sister - Simplify, which reduces the Pip cost by 1. Again very useful and I will buy these as soon as I see them too. You can't train in these spells anymore due to PvP abuses, but they are out there if you search them out.
Would love to hear of your favourite enchantment spells, so drop me a comment!

Until next time,

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