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Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Bone Dragon

You know it seems an absolute age ago when a fellow Wizard started asking if I had the Bone Dragon yet? What - the card? But now I know... it was the pet he was referring to. And the answer was No - I didn't. And what's more, I didn't care to look into it any further than that. After as while my Wiz friend stopped asking, so I assume another Death Wiz had come to the rescue.

On my journey, I was excited to be almost at level 78.... all the '8' levels produce a new spell, and I was eager to find out what mine would be. So I quested until Dworgyn popped up on the right side and asked if I could go see him.... (like the answer would be no!)

Off I go, so excited - that is until Dworgyn speaks. Sigh - no spell, just a pet. I was not excited, I knew it would be the Bone Dragon coz Dworgyn had already mentioned it... no spell.

But it's not like it's something you want to turn down either...... so I had to go back to DragonSpyre and Marleybone.  

Now it is fun to go back an revisit some of the battles.  Especially when you realise how easy they are - against how hard they were!! Dragonspyre was done in a flash, but you had to work a little harder in Marleybone. One thing I did notice in MB was that I didn't suffer the issue of 'getting caught'. I remember it being a great frustration when I was first over there!
Getting to the Warehouse meant you had to re-visit the dungeon and do enough to reach it. A few puzzles and a couple of small battles is enough, you don't have to finish the dungeon. And then there is an additional surprise waiting for you when you get to where you need for the pet quest.....

 As you can see they have thrown a Life Boss in the mix - this was definitely not the case first time I did this dungeon!! Being Life it was an easy battle for my Death pack, so before I knew it I was back off to the death School and the man himself - Dworgyn!

Time to pick up my new pet and see what the fuss is all about! The stats themselves aren't bad and will be useful for hatching if any of the revealed talents are worth having. That card, however, is very good. It is a fair bit higher than the card I get in my pack and it occurs at baby. Will be interesting to see how training goes.... watch this space!

Have fun, until next time,

Monday, 27 October 2014

Happy Halloween Wizards!

Hey everyone!

Top stories this week.....
  • Harrowing Analysis!!
  • Dress up as Merle Ambrose for Halloween
So Halloween continues in the Spiral. Have you collected your pumpkins, ghosts (of all shades) and apple baskets? Have you caught all the Halloween fish yet? And what about the pack - have you indulged. As you know I did for the mount, which is just so awesome for a little death Wiz like me... and thanks to Morgrim's analysis I spent more crowns to gain my new wands - and their ever so useful Critical hit. I put it to good use early, and went critical on 4 in a row - so it was worth it!

And KI have a great blog post about how you can dress up as Merle Ambrose for all your trick or treating excursions. Have fun with this one!

Of course there are other stories around, so to catch up on all the other stories shared by Wizards around the globe, click on the paper.

Hope you enjoy and we'll be back with another copy next week.

Until Next Time,

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pack Analysis: The Harrowing Nightmare Pack

Pack Name:                       Harrowing Nightmare Pack
Pack Type:                        Gear
Number of Cards:              7
Total Number of Items:     142
Cost:                                  299 Crowns
Availability:                       Currently in Crowns Shop during Halloween


This pack is pretty new (as at the time of writing) and is another Halloween themed pack.  There are some very nice features to this pack, but this pack's appeal is definitely targeted.  I figured I had better get to this one before Halloween arrives!

There are some quite unique items in this pack, and I know that I purchased a LOT of them before I got what it was that I was after.  I think you'll find that if you check Tabitha's post, you'll see she did the same, but for a very different item!!

With the relatively low number of items in this pack, chances to pick up the item you are after are not bad.

But enough about what we have been doing or have done.  Hopefully this analysis will help you when you are trying to figure out what the best thing is to do with your own stash of Crowns.

Pets - 7

This pack only has one new pet, the Harrowed Bones.  He is a cool looking character and has some nice abilities, even at 1st generation.

Other than that, these are pets we have seen before, in fact, many of them are from the original Nightmare pack.  With the Penumbra Drake (the first pet with cards that change with age) and the sought after Deer Knight in the team, there are some really good options here.  Even the Ghost Hound is a great 1st generation Pet.

If you are unlucky, you might find yourself with a Black Cat or Pale Maiden or even a Grim Scarab, but pretty much everything else is a solid pet.

Mounts - 3 Permanent, 9 Temporary
Well, this is what Tabitha loved.  In fact, so much, she kept buying packs until she got her permanent

The Harrowings mounts look amazing and there is nothing like them in the game.  They hold you in quite a unique way and have a haunting kind of look to them.   That said, they are not 'Morgrim' wings, so I won't be buying this pack in order to get one of these.

There are also a couple of temporary broomsticks, and some of the retired Bat Wings mount (which most definitely are Morgrim wings and I do have a permanent set of these).

If you like the Harrowings, you'll be hooked on this pack.

Snacks - 28

The array of Snacks are just a few of the little pack-fillers. There are no real stand-outs here, but there are a few Rank 7 Snacks, which are also nice to have.

Treasure Cards - 32

The treasure cards are not the reason to buy this pack. There is a bunch of typically Death based TCs here, but again, other than a few useful ones like Hex (that you can buy at the Bazaar...) I cannot see TCs as a reason to want these packs.

Seeds - 1

The Deadly Ninja Fig is the only one in this pack (that has been discovered so far!) and let me tell you, this seed is a trap.  With an unbelievably long growth cycle, I don't care what they drop, these seeds are a real no-no for me, and will ALL find their way down the throat of my nearest pet!!

If you really must grow these plants, the only cool thing is watching the little ninja pigs that grow inside this plant, snatching the seeds off the tree and hiding again :)

Reagents - 9

Nothing really special here, and all can be acquired without spending your hard-earned Crowns on a pack.

Clothing - 9

There are 3 different outfits in this pack, and each hat, robe and set of boots can drop separately.  It is when you get the full set that it transforms you into a creepy creature of Halloween.

The visuals on this gear is great.  I really like the way the hat and robes work together, and the boots finish the job nicely.

As usual, each set has a different focus.

Nightfall Torment - This gear re-introduces Stun Block and, at level 100, you can get a massive 61%. Along with that is a handy 22% piercing but the Damage, Critical and Critical Block all range between different, individual schools.  Not really that useful to a single Wizard school.

NightTide Torment - This gear has zero Stun Block, but tidy amounts of Defense, with a total of 30% universal Defense at Level 100.  There is also 34% universal Damage and 12% universal Accuracy. Again the Critical and Critical Block is split between different, individual schools.  I cannot quite see the reason for this yet, and I'd be interested in your opinion.

Midnight Torment - This gear is pretty much all out attack, with Accuracy, Critical and Damage as the theme.  The trouble is, again, the Hat has a Fire focus, the Robe has a Life focus (this I can understand as many Fireys carry Life Amulets) but then the boots are Ice?!?

As an additional summary, the stats are OK and the Health bonus on some gear is good, but the boosts are less than what I have with some of my crafted gear!

So, other than the look, I am pretty confused about the boosts that come with this gear.

Wands - 7

Now this is where things really get interesting.  This is the reason I bought a heap of these packs.

These wands have the biggest Critical in the game! To recap on my previous post:

     -- At Level 100 --

  • Storm:    223
  • Fire:       209
  • Balance: 195
  • Myth:     195
  • Death:    195
  • Life:       181
  • Ice:        165

This is serious Critical.  I lost track of how many packs I bought, but that much Critical was too much to pass up.  That said, as soon as I got it, I stitched it.  I don't know what it is with those guitar wands, but they just do not work for me...especially the way they cast.

Even the low level wands, while their might not be a Critical boost (starts at Level 40+), the healing boosts can come in very handy!

The other very interesting thing about this wand is that the Wand spell (we call them 'jabs' lol) come from 2 different schools.  This gives you a lot of flexibility when trying to get rid of those annoying debuffs, like Weakness, without losing all of your school buffs, yet when you want to, you can then boost your school jab and do some serious damage for zero pips.

Housing Items - 37

Anyone who has been in the Wizard world for a while will have seen pretty much all of these items. They are nicely themed and most of them are worth considering to spook up your house.

As there are only 37, this means they won't be the heavy distraction that you find in some of the other packs.

Morgrim's Verdict

Low Level Wizards
This isn't the best pack for you, it just depends what you are looking for.  The look of the gear is nice
and the Harrowings really appeal to some.  Also, the wands are OK.

All in all though, I don't know that this is the best value for money - but if it is a cool Halloween look, maybe that would be your motivator.

High Level Wizard
I guess I have to look to my own reaction.  If you have any attacking bone in your body - buy this least until you get your Wand.  After that, for me at least, it was all over, although all those Temporary mounts were a little annoying, just filling up backpack slots.

There really isn't anything else in this pack that would appeal to me at a practical level.

That said, many higher level Wizards do enjoy the themes of the game and it is one of the reasons they keep coming back, so perhaps the look of the gear also has some merit, certainly, I cannot understand the stats on the gear, and I wouldn't waste my money getting it for that purpose.

So, there we have it for another pack - let me know if you agree with my Verdict!

See you 'round the Spiral.


(This post is accurate as of October 2014)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Wow! A Double Nightmare!!

Hey everyone!

Top stories this week.....
  • Nightmare x 2 !!
  • Mmorg - giveaway
Whilst Halloween is an awesome time of the year, without the Nightmare pack - it just isn't complete! So it was great to see the return of one of my favourite packs..... and then to discover the Harrowing Nightmare pack as a new addition....  well I, for one, was made up!! The next excitement came when I found out that there was a giveaway based on the new pack....! The Spiral is alight with the return of one of the most anticipated packs, and the hidden treasures from a totally new one - I've devoted the whole paper to it this week!

Of course there are other stories around, so to catch up on all the other stories shared by Wizards around the globe, click on the paper.

Hope you enjoy and we'll be back with another copy next week.

Until Next Time,

Friday, 17 October 2014

Free Harrowing Nightmare Pack Codes

Hi everyone,

I just dropped into the Keep to let you know that there are still plenty of free codes left over at MMORPG.COM - check this out:

Obviously, it is hard to say how long these codes will last, but it is also worth checking it out to see if you can land one!

Soon I'll do an analysis of this pack - I just want to get to play with it a little first.

-- Late Edit - These wands smash the biggest critical bonus in the game!  Good luck! --

     -- At Level 100 --
  • Storm:    223
  • Fire:       209
  • Balance: 195
  • Myth:     195
  • Death:    195
  • Life:       181
  • Ice:        165

If you missed it before - just click HERE.


See you 'round the Spiral!


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Red Tower of Avalon

Hey Everyone,

Have started some of the quests in Avalon now, but I am really not sure about the place yet. I love the Monty Python references, brings to mind the Holy Grail - and those thoughts always come with a smile :)

My first dungeon came rather soon - at least I thought it was, but I guess on reflection it is more the dungeon references in the quest than being a real dungeon. I am referring to the Red Tower. A quest that is worth some serious XP. In fact, it it worth so much XP I really thought there would be a lot more to it, and I wondered whether it was foolish to try solo!

Being a Death Wizard obviously makes it easier to solo as we hit and heal with one spell. So I wander in to see what the first battle looked like. Actually there are only 2 battles in this quest - both are identical in the fact that there is one boss and one minion to defeat. The bosses are a little over 10K health, and the minions a little over 3K health. This didn't seem too bad, so I checked what deck I had loaded and ran into the battle.

There was nothing tricky, no cheats were in play. One thing that was great to see is that my hits are making more of a mark now. Take the next shot for instance.

Despite Critical being blocked, I still had a very handy 7,074 damage, and half health back to me - thank you very much. It's nowhere near the one-in-a-million hit, or even Morgrim's 65K hit the other day. But it is a decent hit on a 10K boss :)

It was a nice reward for 2 boss fights. But the most important thing to remember is the Tapestry. You should notice it in one of the caves in the dungeon at the end of the second battle. Pop over and pick it up and you're done :)

I still haven't got the quest for the spell I want, but I do have enough Gold - so I hope that day will come soon. I also hope that I am close to being able to use a training point for Colossal :)

I also need to get on with the Boxes quest, though I am gutted that I am not a high enough level for the final box. Just Zafaria to go. I hope you guys have been enjoying them - I certainly have!

Have fun, until next time!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Wizard World? Wizard Weekly Update!

Hey everyone!

Top stories this week.....
  • Wizard World? 
  • Winston at Mega  
  • Do you buy the Lazy Packs? 
Did you know there is a Wizard World? I didn't - but of course KI did. So Professor Greyrose and a few of the development team hot footed it over to Texas to check it out. Read how it went on their blog update. Meanwhile at the Keep, I decided that it was time to upgrade Winston - my previously untrained pet that increased XP as a garbage collector. He did well :) And Morgrim has some more pack analysis for us all.

Don't forget the 5 boxes event ends today - I'll be heading over to complete box 4 later, although I do hope the event will happen again so I have the chance for box 5! How are you going with the quests?

As always, to catch up on all the other stories shared by Wizards around the globe, click on the paper.

Hope you enjoy and we'll be back with another copy next week.

Until Next Time,

Friday, 10 October 2014

The 'Lazy' Packs - (a.k.a. Reagent Packs)

I have kinda been dreading writing this one.  I wanted to be able to do one post per pack, but this one will cover the 7 packs that I refer to as "the Lazy packs".

Really, I guess they should be called "the really, really, seriously useful packs", but I can't bring myself to doing that.  I know I am a high level wizard now, but even as a low level...?

In fact, it is a little disappointing.  I know that some of these reagents can be a challenge to get, but isn't that part of the game?  The challenge?  I can remember the number of times I did the 'realm switching trick' in order to get the reagents I needed to craft.  Tracking them down, switching realms...and once, I was racing another Wizard who was doing the same thing...

...but isn't that part of the fun of it all?

Well, that is my opinion anyway.

But - to the review...

Pack Name:                      100 Ore or Cat Tail or Deep Mushroom or Mist Wood or Red Mandrake or Scrap Iron or Stone Block Bundle(s)
Pack Type:                        Lazy
Number of Cards:            0 - instead it is 100 of the purchased Reagent
Total Number of Items:   100
Cost:                                   499 Crowns
Availability:                       Currently in Crowns Shop

Description get 100 of the Reagents that you purchase.

Understandably, there is no Gold option for these packs.  Why do I say 'understandably'?  I guess I always thought that there should be a Gold option for these, but then again, you can buy them all in the Bazaar (if you are patient enough) - for Gold.

Maybe that is the method in the madness?  If you are too impatient to wait or to find them yourself, perhaps you should be paying for your impatience in Crowns!! LOL!

Morgrim's Verdict
Low Level Wizards
OK, if you really need to, and you have the Crowns to waste...why not?

High Level Wizards
Please NO!  Tell me you won't!

Anyway, I'm sure there is a reason these packs are here...but for now I'm still confused!

Let me know if you agree with my Verdict (or if you know why they might be there)!

See you 'round the Spiral.


(This post is accurate as of October 2014)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mastering Mega.....

You know Winston has been my choice of pet recently.... above Patch. And the reason is Pain Giver. Patch had Vengeance, Winston has Pain Giver..... but more importantly Patch is Mega and Winston is not. It's a funny thing - Winston has been my garbage collector. He has eaten all the stuff that flows out of my backpack and my bank - most notably all the Key Limes I had over in the challenge with Morgrim.

I never really trained him.... it was clear that had to change. Now Winston was already Epic, so it is time to start the journey to MEGA!!!
My game of choice is the Dance game, and as you can see it costs 10 energy everytime I play at this level. I had already completed my gardening, and had no desire to fish right now, so all energy reserves would be used for the game. Thanks to my Greenwarden's gear I have a starting position of 130, and I used 33 for gardening earlier. It wouldn't be enough to go to Mega, but let's see how I track!

You only need to get 3 our of 5 correct to win each round, but I still like to get it perfect :)

Each time I feed Winston Fancy Yoghurt. My gardening of EMPs takes care of my snacks, and as you can see I do have a few in my backpack. I choose the Yoghurt as they give Winston 50 XP each round. The other snacks are slightly lower.
Pretty soon I get my energy warning - not enough energy to play the game..... But I am not concerned! Grub Guardian takes care of both my Energy Elixirs and Moolinda Green Thumb Packs. So I redeem one of my Elixirs and get straight back into Dancing!

I play the dance game with the music on. I find that if I forget one of the latter steps remembering the music will often unblock the memory and help me get it right.

Now Winston started at a little over 200, and Mega needs 2000. Even at an average of 80% correct, that means each dance is worth 53. So I need something like 33 games to finish this. Yes, it can get boring - let's just hope the outcome is worth the time investment!

At this stage I need 2 more points until Winston is Mega. I know that I will not need any more Mega Snacks to complete this - one more game is required :)

What am I hoping for? I really don't know. I do know that I don't want to see any Pet Abilities...... so.... it is nice to see another May Cast spell. Winston now has Incredibly Infallible. This trait was my first ever May Cast spell back when my little Green Frog, Murphy, was at my side. It's definitely not a bad outcome.

Looking at his over stats - it's pretty good, but I need to hatch with some different pets. I'd like to trade Spritely for something else, and just have Fairy Friend for healing. But for now, with almost perfect stats and a good mix of spells behind him, I'm happy to have Winston at my side for a while longer!

 If any of you have suggestions for a hatching partner then please let me know, or ideas as to what in the mix would improve my hound.

Have fun, until next time!

Monday, 6 October 2014

PHEW! What a Week!!!

Hey everyone!

Top stories this week.....
  • Halloween is Back! 
  • The 5 Boxes  
  • 6-Candles 
It's been a HUGE week in the Spiral. First big news was the return of Halloween - which is always heaps of fun. Run around Wizard City collecting spooky items and take care of the naughty vegetables misbehaving in the haunted Cave. And then another personal fave - of mine anyway..... The Professor and his "bigger on the inside" Red Telegraph box are on the move through time and space in the Spiral. Catch him in this limited time event! And then there was the culmination of the Birthday month of September - the last candle was lit and we were given the gift of crowns... PHEW!!! What a week!

As always, to catch up on all the other stories shared by Wizards around the globe, click on the paper.

Hope you enjoy and we'll be back with another copy next week.

Until Next Time,

Sunday, 5 October 2014

How Many Pips was That?

It was just another day in the spiral. I was farming up some gold from Halfang and saw a fellow death. I went in, bladed and waited for his move. He started the fight with a... Deer Knight?

Wait a minute, Deer Knight costs 5 pips and you only start with up to 4. I quickly clicked on him to find out what he was wearing and I found it. As well as his extra power pip from his wand, his Deck had an extra pip to start off with!

I imagine that lot's of others would be working on getting this as it's very powerful, but this is the first time I've actually seen one on someone!

As soon as I saw it, I thought of PvP. If you were going second in a match, you would be able to cast a SEVEN pip spell in round ONE! Imagine being in a 4v4 against all storm wizards. You're going first and after your turn, you get hit by FOUR STORM LORDS! It's Insane! I'm not sure if this will affect PvP as I'm not the greatest at it, but I just can't imagine going against a team of storm who do that.

Well, that was my first thought on the deck. It's obviously going to be very helpful in PvE. especially with something like Deer Knight which can be cast first turn now. :)

I hope you're as amazed as I am at the power this deck could have and good luck if your planning on farming for it.

Thanks for reading,


Saturday, 4 October 2014

What?! The Tardis is Operational!!!

I realise this post is just a quick one, but the buzz going around with this new update is amazing.

Let's see, we have the Tardis.  It moved a few updates ago (for those with eagle eyes) and there was always a hint that something might be going on...

...and it seems that those suspicions were 100% right!

And let's face it, how good does it look?!?

The Tardis itself has relocated away from its normal resting place in Marleybone to be appearing all over the Spiral.

With multiple points of entry, this is a different approach that Kings Isle have taken, and I would guess that it is a direct result of the continually increasing number of new Wizards hearing about and loving the Wizard101 world(s).

When you first meet the Doc, he asks you to head to Olde Town...and there it is.  Amazing!

You can then get the next wonderful part of the this experience - craftable mounts!!! Pogo sticks, but these things look awesome!

There are new spells, like Cold Iron, and this is just amazing.  I'm going to stop typing now as I need to be playing this one :)

OMG!!  Travelling back in time...only to find my wonderful Fire Professor in the Ice school??

OK, I'm outta here - ENJOY!!

See you 'round the Spiral!


Friday, 3 October 2014

How Great is Halloween?

How great is Halloween? The Nightmare pack returns, and spookiness is everywhere - bubbling cauldrons, apple tubs, pumpkins and ghosts to name but a few! This time of the year there is something for every level of Wizard..... I just love it!!!

All your favorite Halloween friends are back with their ghostly items to get your Wizard into the Halloween Spirit. Plus there are all your favorite Halloween quests! Don't be lulled into a false sense of security though, there is boss waiting to test your skills too!!

And don't forget those naughty vegetables in Haunted Cave! Wizards level 13 and above should visit Dworgyn, the Death Professor, in Nightshade to pick up this Halloween quest. 

 Spooky Bob is back with your favorite Halloween pets, weapons and other treats in the Wizard City Shopping District. Plus these three powerful Halloween pets in the Crown Shop.

Defeat the evil Nosferabbit at the end and you have a chance at a special item drop! Wizards who complete this quest will receive a Frankenbunny pet! But more than that, if you are a gardener then you are going to want the TC drops down in Haunted Cave too. Those ever so useful cards that encompass ALL outdoor/indoor plants are a real bonus. If you want to know more then take a read through Morgrim's book on Gardening. Only available during the Halloween Fest, be sure to pop down there are pick up a few.

If it's your first Halloween in the Spiral, then you'll also want to meet up with Jack Hallow in the Ravenwood Commons. He'll send you on many adventures, throughout all the different zones of Wizard City.
And of course there are new evils lurking in the waters around the Spiral. And the good news is that there is more than one fish here for the Month of October. So far 3 Brand New Halloween fish have been caught around the Spiral:
  • Black Catfish - Commons (Death)
  • Frankenfish - Unicorn Way (Storm)
  • Vampire Squid - Cyclops Lane (Death)
Have fun, I know I will!!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Crafty Lloyd FallingWater - or "How to buy Castle Blocks"

When KingsIsle first announced the Arcane Builder's Bundle, people all over the world (except in the US of A!) were devastated.  The amazing new Wizard101 capability to craft your own castle was out of reach, unless we had friends in the States or we were able to get one from eBay.

It was good to see that, in one of their many game updates, there was a new visitor in the Shopping District, going by the name of Lloyd FallingWater.  This crafty little fellow had on sale - wait for it - recipes for Castle Blocks!  Woohoo!  We could all now build our own castles!

I went to visit our crafty friend and noticed that he was at the fountain - the place where the temporary visitors to Wizard City come to peddle their wares.  Hmm...did this mean that Lloyd would only be here for a short time too?  Determined not to let that be an impediment, and cashed up to the hilt, I decided I would buy every recipe...just in case the little guy disappeared off to another world that we haven't seen yet, and I couldn't get access to more of these blocks!

OK, wow...he seems to have a lot of blocks!  Where do I start?

I guess, seeing as I had made up my mind to buy them all, I'd just start at the very beginning.  This might take some time!

Well, it wasn't long before I realised that my massive (or is that meagre?!?) cash stores were not going to be enough!  At only 250,000 gold, I ran out and there were still plenty of blocks left to buy! I did NOT expect that!  Lloyd had 59 of these blocks for sale and he was certainly charging well for them!

That said, I was not going to let that stop me.  I calculated that I needed 481,000 gold to buy all of Lloyd's recipes so it was off to the Bazaar to sell off my secret cash weapon - Pet Snacks.  With all of the gardening that I do, I have lots of high-priced snacks, so I proceeded to cash in about 80% of them, but I walked away with 300,000 gold and I knew the end was in sight.

After finally buying them all (I was genuinely concerned that in his current location, there was a good chance he might leave!) that I reflected again on the value of Gardening.  It really does pay dividends to work hard on those gardens!

Now I am all equipped and ready to go and start on building (or enhancing) my Castle!


This post was written reflecting on what happened at that time.  Since then, there have been some significant changes!

The most significant change is that Lloyd seems to have found a home.  He has moved across the street and away from the Fountain.  That makes me feel more comfortable that he will be a permanent fixture - although KI can change this at any time, it seems less and less likely.

The other change is that crafty little fellow has been hard at work creating two new Castle Blocks, the 'Roof/Floor B Castle Block' and the 'Roof In Corner Castle Block'.  At an additional 25,000 Gold each, this means that Lloyd is able to bleed you dry of 531,000 Gold, but for that money you walk away with 61 recipes to craft the blocks that you need.

It also means, it pays to visit Lloyd from time to time - you never know what he might have!

The other change is that now you can see different Castle blocks appearing in the Bazaar from time to time.  They are pretty cheap, but it is a lucky dip to see if you end up with the Block that you need!

I am guessing that, for those Wizards without lots of stuff to sell, my friend Halfang is sure going to get a good workout as Wizards everywhere take him on to make some quick cash.

Enjoy your Castle Building.  Let me know how you get on - I'd love to see some of your creations!

See you 'round the Spiral!