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Saturday, 4 October 2014

What?! The Tardis is Operational!!!

I realise this post is just a quick one, but the buzz going around with this new update is amazing.

Let's see, we have the Tardis.  It moved a few updates ago (for those with eagle eyes) and there was always a hint that something might be going on...

...and it seems that those suspicions were 100% right!

And let's face it, how good does it look?!?

The Tardis itself has relocated away from its normal resting place in Marleybone to be appearing all over the Spiral.

With multiple points of entry, this is a different approach that Kings Isle have taken, and I would guess that it is a direct result of the continually increasing number of new Wizards hearing about and loving the Wizard101 world(s).

When you first meet the Doc, he asks you to head to Olde Town...and there it is.  Amazing!

You can then get the next wonderful part of the this experience - craftable mounts!!! Pogo sticks, but these things look awesome!

There are new spells, like Cold Iron, and this is just amazing.  I'm going to stop typing now as I need to be playing this one :)

OMG!!  Travelling back in time...only to find my wonderful Fire Professor in the Ice school??

OK, I'm outta here - ENJOY!!

See you 'round the Spiral!



  1. As an avid Dr Who fan, I'm stoked they have done something with the Red Box and the Professor. Can't wait to get going on the quests and the rewards look pretty awesome. Read about it in more detail on the wiz101 page

    Thanks for posting Morgrim!!

  2. Loved the inside of the 'BOX' and what a great series of quests! Lots of humour and wow, when I saw Cyrus....!!

    I've finally got one sonic spring.... now to go fishing :D