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Friday, 22 November 2013

If King Parsley likes it, then so do I !!!!

Been a very busy week, just about kept up with my gardening needs but not much else. There is news on the crafting front though!!

While I was online yesterday, a friend of mine was over at Celestia. Now I'm not one for running ahead too far with the story and try to get through things in order. However..... I knew there was an item from Gearwise in Celestia that I was interested in crafting.......

The Star Chalice.

As far as I know this item is only available as a crafted item. It may pop up in the Bazaar from time to time I guess (if it can be sold?).

So why do I want it?

Check out the "Seeds the Like Me".... Yep. It is a King Parsley like.

And if King Parsley likes it.... then so do I.

So there it is. My first non-quest craft item. I don't have everything I need.... next step is to go and find the items.

But for now, I have no more time. I'll let you know how I go.

Until next time,

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Blaze's Tips & Tricks No. 6 Castle Tours Are Very Useful!

I had a friend pop on and ask me if I wanted to do Winterbane with him. I knew he didn't have the Hall itself and when I asked him, he said it was in Castle Tours! This is an absolutely great feature of Castle Tours and is one of the good parts of the update.

It's also not usually a problem finding a team as players who also want to do the dungeon will be at the houses as well. This is great for all those free to play wizards who don't buy Crowns as Winterbane and the Pagoda drop Crowns gear and pets etc.

If you want some Crowns gear then check out some houses in the Castle Tours building, which, if you didn't already know, is in the Commons.

Sorry that this one was short but I'll have a longer one next time so be ready for that! Also if this and my other Tips & Tricks have helped you, please let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time!


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Khyrsalis Is Live!

Khyrsalis Part 1 is now open to the Live Realm!

A message from KingsIsle (taken from

'You will be called upon to travel to a small Spiral island, a fragment of a broken world lost to time. From the edge of this island, one can see the dark swirl of Khrysalis. You will explore Morganthe's world, searching for ways to disrupt her power, help those pinned down under the weight of her tyranny, and learn the secrets of her magic in order to have a chance of restoring the Spiral.
  1. Your Wizard must be a minimum of level 90
  2. You must have completed the Azteca quest "Speaker for the Dead"
  3. Speak to Merle Ambrose and he will send you to summon members of the council of light with the quest "Letters of Light"
Khrysalis Part 1 contains three Access Passes for our Crowns players, that are priced at 1995 each. Khrysalis is the culmination of Morganthe's story, and is so epic we had to split it into two separate parts. This is only the first half of the story, and the second half of Khrysalis will be available early 2014.'
Shadow Shrike_lvl 92 spell_KhrysalisShadow Seraph_lvl 92 spell_Khrysalis  Shadow Sentinel_lvl 92 spell_Khrysalis

As well as the new level cap of 95 Wizards level 91+ can have a max of 375 000 gold now, 25 000 more then level 80 - 90. Shadow Magic has been released for Prometheans and is completely usable in PvP rendering the average resistance useless. 50% Pierce from Shadow Shrike, 30% From level 90 Storm Hades gear and 20% from a tc Infallible = 100% Pierce!

The difference between PvPing a lvl 90 and a level 91+ with Shadow Magic is HUGE! If you're anywhere in the level 80 - 90 range Pray that you're not playing against someone with Shadow Magic. PvP is basically see who can Crit the other player first! Jade gear is rendered useless so the only real chance you have is going offensive too! Also one of my least favourite things about this update...Avalon and Azteca creatures/bosses are now easier???


Ok that's enough ranting, enjoy the update!

Until Next Time!

Couch Potatoes at Elder - Mega Harvest!

Thanks to the tips from Blaze, I now have 8 couch potatoes. I spent a fair bit of time over in Grizzleheim farming for Couch Potatoes. Packing a small deck this time.... these warriors are only 310. Generally two spells is all I need to fight, so it is a quick process. This is my deck:

I  generally start the battle with 2 power pips, use Empower to gain 3, then scarecrow to finish it.

Took my number up from 3 to 8. So today went I went over to do my gardening I was happy to see them all at elder! I have my likes up to 4 for these, and they got to elder in about 5 days. Not too long to wait. I need to look at increasing the likes, but I am happy with that for now.

Decided I would record the harvest for our You Tube channel. You can get to via the link on the right. I am trialing a different video recorder, so please ignore the banner! It works very well though! Anyway, here is the video.


Hope you enjoy. I am happy to see 8 mega snacks... am planting those 8 seeds again straight away so I can do some decent pet training. Watch this space!!

 Till next time!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Things Have Been Happening...

Sorry for not posting in a while guys! I have been really busy storming up levels, crafting, farming Aquila and getting new spells, that I haven't posted! Well some achievements...

I have levelled up a total of 3 times since last post (I think) and am now level 88! I reached the milestone and headed straight off to Dworgn to try and get my new spell. Let's face it, Death is an amazingly good solo school with awesome crafted spells and drains to survive long dungeons/fights and I have been soloing most of Azteca. This meant that when all I had to do was bash a boss and head to Avalon, I wasn't disappointed!

Click Pictures to Enlarge

Secondly something that I, personally, have ALWAYS wanted to be able to boast about...

Lord Of Night? Crafted! Now I have both the Death craftable/dropped spells! Lord Of Night has actually helped me defeat a level 90 Fire in PvP recently as well so that's always good!

Also a BIG pet training gift from Heaven has come my way! So King Jackson gained EXACTLY what I wanted him to get. He now has Proof, Unicorn, Sprite and Fairy. Not the perfect pet but it's getting there.

A few more hatches with Morgrim and I finally got a Penumbra Drake and not a Coldfire. I honestly believe I am one of the luckiest pet trainers there is. And here is an image of the pet as she is today...

How good is that??? 10% Proof and an exact copy of Jackson with a better card!

On a side note, Khrysalis Part 1 is coming to the Live Realm! Tonight!!! As well as the new Castle Tours building in the Commons, Khrysalis will be open to those who have finished Azteca. As well as the new minion/helper people that follow you around and boost your stats, this will be a great update! Apparently Khysalis Part 2 is coming out early next year.

Well that's all I really think I'm going to do for this post. Soon there will be a little Mt. Olympus Guide and maybe an Atlantea one too. There are also a few Tips & Tricks coming soon so be ready for them. Also, if you really like my Tips & Tricks or prefer my normal posts please, don't be shy, and tell me in the comments your opinion. It's great to know if my Tips & Tricks are actually helping people out!

Until Next Time!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Storming through the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth.

Last time I entered, it was to get my new spell - which I love, love, love. Tonight I thought about trying out the dungeon itself. But I wasn't sure. So I stood there a while, then my storm friend appeared. Said she was happy to come in and help.... decision made.... off we went. She is level 90. I am level 50. Storm and Death.

It was obvious she had been to the Labyrinth many times before. I struggled to keep up with her and even had to port a couple of times. She knew where every battle was, every step we had to take.

And I can't complain. Storm really are awesome. The power of their hits... well it just makes my spells feel so insignificant. They do it quickly, and they hit big. With a good accuracy you really can't beat storm. Add to the mix a critical rating of 323, and job done. Her hits were big, and they just kept coming.

Storm spells are good value to look at too. So we whizzed around the dungeon. 2 hours? No more like 30 minutes!

I didn't get chance to read the story as we went around. But it's all good. I'll be doing it again. I have no doubt about that. And it will still feel pretty new, we blasted through that dungeon so fast I could barely take a breath.

As much as I missed actually following the dungeon, it really is awesome to watch the really high level wizards make it all look so easy.

I did Winterbane with Morgrim once. And that too was a heady mix of powering through the dungeon. Hit hard and Hit fast. A mix of critical on Genie and Meteor - they didn't stand a chance! It kind of makes my head spin. It all goes so quick that it becomes a blur of flashing spells followed by short sprints.

I have to say it is not as enjoyable to do it hard and fast. Not the first time. Good thing is that it was so fast that the next time I chose either of these dungeons, it will probably feel more like the first time. So it really is all good. And the experience gained my watching a level 88 - 90 wizard and the way they work is invaluable.

What do you think about doing the dungeons hard and fast? Do you like that, or would you rather find your own way through? Or both.... hit hard and then take it leisurely the next time.

As always, would love to hear from you!

Until next time,

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Now, I dunno if it was that last post, or simply that I hit some magical limit...but....


I have been after that thing for nearly 12 months.

I was starting to wonder if it was even still being dropped I had tried so many times.

Normally when I fight Stoker I come away with a bunch of drops that fill the screen and I need to scroll to check to see whether I was lucky.  This time, only two things dropped; a treasure card and a single housing item.  The one that I wanted.

I knew that this was an item that could be sold, and therefore purchased, in the Bazaar.  As a result, a lot of my time in the Bazaar has been refreshing the Decoration list.  I was using the theory that if there are a million people playing Wizard101 every month, surely someone who got this drop was keen to sell it!  But, 12 months after I began looking, it seems that no-one did - or at least, not when I was looking for it.

So, before I could accidentally hit "SELL" I rushed back to my Fantasy Palace, to the home that had been waiting for this little gem.  I even remodeled the band (just too many drums) to make sure it would fit correctly.

And so the band is complete. The new musical gear is elsewhere, this is the classic stuff, either dropped or crafted, and it forms the band for the ballroom.

Ahh...after yesterday's post, when this dropped, I just knew I had to follow it up with this post.

Anyway, if you see me round the Spiral, don't forget to say Hi!

See you 'round the Spiral!


Friday, 8 November 2013

The New Stuff...Avoiding Street Fights

Hey Tabitha, that link was a good reminder to keep up to date.  There was one thing here that made me curious though, and if anyone can help me understand what this means I would appreciate it!

This is what the Wizard101 site says:

Some pets were replacing their spells as they leveled up, instead of adding spells. The following pets will now receive multiple spells as they level up:

  • Babydactyl (from the Prehistoric Bundle Card)
  • Stegosaurus (from the Dino Bundle Card)
  • Velociraptor (from the Skyvern's Hoard Pack)
  • Therizinosaurus (from the Crown Shop)
  • Leaf Foot (from the Shaman’s Lore Pack)
  • Frilled Lizard (from the Crown Shop)
  • Penumbra Drake (from the Nightmare Pack)
  • Harpy (from a boss in Aquila)

Now I am a bit of a fan of the Penumbra, but I don't know what this means?  What does Replacing versus Adding spells mean?  Is this the number of cards they give you?  If you know, please let me a comment!

But, back to the main point of this post.

As you go through the wizarding ranks, questing hard to keep leveling up, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay healthy every time you want to start a fight.  The wisps are fewer and the bad guys are harder to dodge.  In fact, street fights can be downright painful!

Early in Wizard101 you are given the tip "Stay on the footpaths!"  I can remember following this hint religiously!!  As a low level Firey, my health wasn't great and my fizz rate was way too high for my liking.  That tip served me well, and continues to as I have moved through the long as you adjust it a little as you go!  If you follow the rule blindly once you leave Wizard City, or anywhere that doesn't have a footpath, you will find a bad guy right in your face and it's on!!

Then I hit Kensington Park.  If you haven't done this yet, this post will hopefully help you, if you have, you'll know what I mean.

This is the first really, really difficult dungeon.  The street fights are 3 on 1 and almost all enemies have at least 2,000 health.

Alia and I took it on and if it wasn't for an old friend, Brandon Boomcloud, we would have been slaughtered.

My meteor didn't hit hard enough and Alia's healing was using too many pips for the reward.  If I recall correctly, we were not quite level 40 at that stage.  Brandon's Scarecrow saved us time and time again.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

Kensington Park is split into 3 main sections:

  1. Recover parts to fix a bot
  2. Kill Stoker
  3. Kill Stoker again
The streetfights were ridiculous...

However, this is where the golden rule doesn't apply!

In Part One, you open the first door and you are on your way, but here, the bad guys actually run along the outside.  For the first three mini-boss fights, the idea is to run up the middle of the road.  It feels a little scary at first, but it works.

Once you have beaten these guys, the rules change.  Now the bad guys actually run diagonally across the road.  You need to time your run to the center edge of each section.  Don't try hiding in the corners, the bad guys will find you!

This dungeon used to be lots harder.  After Stoker there used to be 3 more fights before you fight him again, but (unfortunately in my opinion) they have removed those middle fights and you simply go from one Stoker fight to the next.  In fact, they didn't even update the dialog and it doesn't quite work now.

Still.  Now I solo this place about once every week or so.  I am desperate to get the Antique Cello!!

If anyone has one and doesn't want it, or need it...PLEASE get in touch with me.  I would be MORE than happy to credit you in the blog...and maybe more...

Well, I hope this tip has saved you some heartache.

See you 'round the Spiral!


Thursday, 7 November 2013

New and Improved! Not just Khrysalis!

Hey everyone,

The big news around the Sprial is the opening of the new test realm - Khrysalis. There are many posts around the web, and over here at Wizard's Keep we are very excited.

Checking the blog over at Wizard101, there are a few other updates that will be coming our way, and I thought I'd break them down here:

  • Wizards can now reach level 95
  • The maximum amount of gold has increased for higher level Wizards
  • Mana is on the increase again (this hasn't happened since Dragonspyre!)
  • There is a new Gardening level
  • Castle Tours will be available from the Commons. Think yours is totally awesome? Put yours up to be rated and see if other Wizards agree!
  • The Item Identifier will make an appearance when you are at a friends house
  • The new Quest Finder, will help you to easily find the nearest quest to your current location.

 Click here to find out more details about these awesome additions, on the Wizard101 Updates page.

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Is that a Scarecrow I See?

You know I was very excited when I found out that I would be getting my Scarecrow card at level 48. Dworgyn sent me on a quest to the Labyrinth in Dragonspyre. I have been trying to get there ever since. A very nice Wizard I was questing with a few days said he could take me there, but I politely refused. I like to do this in order.... as frustrated as I was at having to wait.

So last night I eventually got there. Then I found it was a 2 hour dungeon. There is no way I had 2 hours to spare so I was worried that I would have to play the waiting game again. Luckily that part of the quest was over quickly, so I left the dungeon - that can wait till another day.

Tonight I was determined to get that card. I am nearly level 50. I have waited long enough. Last night Dworgyn sent me to MooShoo - the Tree of Life. I have done this a couple of times already, so that was my first port of call for tonight. Turns out you have to do the dungeon as well. I was hoping to just pop over, do a battle and then back to Dworgyn. No such luck! It didn't take long to get to the battle I needed, and little time to clear the boss and straight back to Nightshade.

One more step!! Hoping it was not another battle, I continued through Dworgyn's chatter.... We're going to make a scarecrow!!
So we need to collect supplies........ Twigs from Mortis...
Then a quick hop over to Olde Town..... What else do you make a scarecrow with - Cloth, of course! Gloria is happy to oblige :)
Back to Dworgyn, wondering just what might happen next; and it's time to go to the haunted cave.
With bated breath I go there. I must be getting close now, surely? Another thing I noticed is that I get a pet at the end of this quest.... didn't realise that! I anticipated that the scarecrow would appear in front of me, and I was not disappointed.... or should I say dissssappppointed. It is very amusing how the scarecrow speaks. I'll have to remember to record it next time!

After the scarecrow disappeared it was time to go back to Dworgyn... for the final time. Woo Hoo!!
Set off the Confetti Cannons!!!

 I got my card, along with a Wraith pet. As you can see Scarecrow is already in my deck. Can't wait to start using it..... Maybe I'll do better in Aquila now. Who knows?

Till next time,

Monday, 4 November 2013

Refresh! Refresh! Refresh!

Hey Everyone!

I still haven't decided what to craft outside of the crafting quests. I have researched a bit, and am keen to buy a recipe from the vendor in Aquila - unfortunately I haven't defeated Zeus yet. I know! Whenever I try I seem to have some sort of technical difficulty - WiFi goes, laptop auto re-boots. So yes, it is a bit frustrating - and I am holding off crafting because I think the gear from Aquila will be quite good.

Anyway, being in Dragonspyre, I had some crafting questing to do. I have been trying to find diamonds to complete the first one. My King Parsley have given me a couple. My Frozen Fly Trap has given me one, and I have got a few from Ore. I managed to get to 14. I need 15 for 1, and of course I have to craft 2...... I have been patient for a while - but no more!

So I was at the Bazaar yesterday. Whenever I am there I always check to see if there are any. There never are - not first time round, and I have just continued on my way after that. But yesterday I decided I would use the refresh trick to see if I could at least get a few to speed up the wait. So I guess I spent 10 minutes moving between snacks and reagents. Sometimes there were 3, sometimes 1, but mostly there were none. Sometimes I didn't click buy quick enough. I learnt that you should just click 'Buy' and not 'Buy More' if there are a few. The extra clicks required meant I missed out a couple of times. Just hit buy twice and you often reap the rewards. Patience paid off, and to be honest it did not take that long.... I had bought another 16 diamonds - 16,000 gold gone...... So off I went to craft the rings and back to Dragonspyre.

Time for craft quest 2. This one is a school related crafting quest. Being Death, mine is Needle and Bone. The biggest problem I had with this one, was the fact that the recipe is in Moo Shoo. I used the wizard101central wiki pages to find it's location when it didn't exist in Dragonspyre. I had to find my way over to the Ancient Burial Grounds for this one, and it took a bit of re-tracing my steps to get the correct tunnel to find the vendor. The great news, however, was once the recipe was purchased, I found I had all the reagents already. I just needed some Banshee Treasure Cards.

This was a simple one! Back to the Bazaar to buy a few cards and off home to craft. Too easy! Constantly stopping to pick up reagents, and my gardening have paid off this time.

This was the quickest crafting quest I have done so far. So off to Dragonspyre once more to reap my reward.

On to the next crafting quest. A quick search and once again I have to take a trip to Moo Shoo to purchase the recipe, however this one is right at the start, so nice and easy to get to. And I'll pop over there soon to see what I need for the next one. With any luck I will have most of the items required already.

And one day I will conquer Zeus and see if the vendor has something I can choose to craft. Looking forward to that!

Until Next Time!