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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Storming through the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth.

Last time I entered, it was to get my new spell - which I love, love, love. Tonight I thought about trying out the dungeon itself. But I wasn't sure. So I stood there a while, then my storm friend appeared. Said she was happy to come in and help.... decision made.... off we went. She is level 90. I am level 50. Storm and Death.

It was obvious she had been to the Labyrinth many times before. I struggled to keep up with her and even had to port a couple of times. She knew where every battle was, every step we had to take.

And I can't complain. Storm really are awesome. The power of their hits... well it just makes my spells feel so insignificant. They do it quickly, and they hit big. With a good accuracy you really can't beat storm. Add to the mix a critical rating of 323, and job done. Her hits were big, and they just kept coming.

Storm spells are good value to look at too. So we whizzed around the dungeon. 2 hours? No more like 30 minutes!

I didn't get chance to read the story as we went around. But it's all good. I'll be doing it again. I have no doubt about that. And it will still feel pretty new, we blasted through that dungeon so fast I could barely take a breath.

As much as I missed actually following the dungeon, it really is awesome to watch the really high level wizards make it all look so easy.

I did Winterbane with Morgrim once. And that too was a heady mix of powering through the dungeon. Hit hard and Hit fast. A mix of critical on Genie and Meteor - they didn't stand a chance! It kind of makes my head spin. It all goes so quick that it becomes a blur of flashing spells followed by short sprints.

I have to say it is not as enjoyable to do it hard and fast. Not the first time. Good thing is that it was so fast that the next time I chose either of these dungeons, it will probably feel more like the first time. So it really is all good. And the experience gained my watching a level 88 - 90 wizard and the way they work is invaluable.

What do you think about doing the dungeons hard and fast? Do you like that, or would you rather find your own way through? Or both.... hit hard and then take it leisurely the next time.

As always, would love to hear from you!

Until next time,


  1. Sorry that you didn't get to enjoy the story but I know you will when you try it again. I'm like you, I prefer to enjoy the story... but I also hate being stuck and unable to advance so getting through very quickly (then revisiting at leisure) is also good.

    Hope you're getting plenty of use out of your new spell :D

  2. Hey gheez!
    The new spell is getting plenty of action I can tell you :P

  3. Well Tabitha,
    I have to say that I usually solo most quests and dungeons but things like WaterWorks (at lvl 60) are virtually impossible. It's always good to finish it quickly and reap the rewards but if it is my first time I will always go back (if I'm not already).
    Being a soloer means that I can take my time going through the dungeon and speed through if farming!

    See you 'round the Spiral!

  4. Exactly Blaze. I solo most of the tine too. But I do enjoy seeing how some of the higher level Wizards from the different schools build their fights, and of course - some of the spells are awesome to just watch! T