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Friday, 31 January 2014

Wearing with Pride

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was big day for me in a gardening sense - I leveled up to 15 Legendary Gardener. Prior to the Khrysalis realm this was the highest level a gardener could aspire to. I'm actually very surprised I have reached it so quickly, but then I guess if you read my posts you'll see I often mention how much I garden or how much gardening allows me to craft or pet train so much easier. I garden a lot lol!

So the first thing I did once I had finished servicing my plants was go to my character page and update my badge. And it got me wondering about you guys.... do you change your badge for your character when you get a new one? Do you change your badge at all for that matter? I know some don't, and then I wonder why they don't because it is what everyone sees! Morgrim for instance, changed his to Mastermind a long time ago, and has not updated since. I have seen many 'A+ Student' and 'One in a Million' badges too. Then there are the proud crafters and gardeners.

Would love to hear from you... do you wear your badge with pride or not bother?

Oh and if your interested, Alia wrote about badges back in September and left a link to look up all badges available. You can see her post here.

Until Next Time,

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Don't be Fooled

Hey everyone,

You know the first couple of times I hatched with Morgrim we hung around after for a chat, while waiting to view the stats on the pet. If you read Morgrim's earlier post of Pet Training when he notes you can quickly see what pet you got, prior to hatching (pet-training-simple-trick) I would already know what pet I got.

In fact in all cases of hatching with a few of Morgrim's pets, I got the same back - an Ianthine Hound.... and that was cool by me. As I have said before, I prefer a pet at my feet! When your pet has hatched the pet symbol will appear on the left of your screen. When you hover over that little pig, you will see the stats for your pet.
But - the story does not end there. The stats shown are the BASE stats for the pet you have.

The stats you actually get will depend on the parents and can only be viewed when you go into your backpack and view the Pet itself. I remember being really disheartened when I thought my stats had actually gone down, because I was looking at the base stats. So don't be fooled by that.

Another thing worth noting is the amount of items in your backpack.If you hatch when your backpack is full... your pet will go straight to your bank. So when you go to your backpack to find your latest pet - you simply will not be able to. It will be in your bank instead.

Last thing.... your pet name. Let's face it the random name generator used in Wizard101 can provide some pretty weird names! I tend to train a pet to Adult to see if the pet is worth keeping. Once I am happy to continue the training process, I need to rename to something, well, just a little more fitting. You won't always have to - the pet I am training at the moment is called Patch. That was his given name - and he is the first 'keeper' pet I have not renamed. If you don't know how to rename you pet, just go on over to the shopping district and look for the dye shop. This is where you can dye your gear, but also where you can rename your pet. It costs 100 gold to do this. I have created Murphy, Lexie and Winston here!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hammer Time!

Hey everyone,

Last night I was doing a bit of questing, one of those that have been sitting there for a while.... one that takes you back to all the worlds I have opened so far. Moo Shoo and Dragonspyre were on the cards last night. While I was in one of the battles, one of my Wizard friends started text chatting - specifically about my new wand. Obviously he had been doing a bit of Wizard stalking and had noticed that my wand really wasn't a wand at all but was a hammer.

He wanted to know how I got it..... it was a crafted item. I have been busy crafting. Having access to Vestrilund has meant two things. The first is that I have access to the Spiral's Bank (Halfang) and the second is access to new recipes for gear. And these are really useful.
So why did I choose this particular 'wand'. Well the reasons here are twofold too. Firstly I was interested in the cards it gave me. The school specific strikes are really handy, especially when you have a weakness on you, or you need to clear a shield, but I liked the idea of being able to heal others, and this hammer hit the mark, so to speak. The second reason was that, thanks to my gardening, I had everything I needed except the treasure cards, so it would be an easy craft.
I'll admit that the treasure cards were a bit of a bind in the end. It took several days at the Bazaar refreshing the life TCs to get just four of them. But persistence paid off, as it often does in the Bazaar. Off I pop to my Red Barn Farm as that is where I keep my crafting tables, but when I go to craft the recipe is not showing up. Then I remember a previous post by Morgrim.... I checked the recipe card again and found that the Grizzleheim crafting anvil was required.

I love it when a recipe takes me over to this Anvil. It really is quite stunning. So job done and I now have a shiny new hammer. I have been using it in the bigger battles when I am not on my own, and it is proving to be very useful. The rest of my crafted gear has been stitched from gear at the Bazaar. My choice in what the gear looks like has changed considerably since I started! In those days I favoured black and red mostly - very different to now lol!

Until next time,

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Castle Tours - Much needed Improvement!

Hey everyone,

Have you wondered how the ratings work for the Castle Tours? Or maybe just thought it unfair that a clearly unfinished house is rated top, when there are so many great houses out there? Now I know that the houses with the dungeons rate high, as everyone wants easy access to them. But some houses look like they have just been bought with no decoration inside or out, or maybe just a few scant items.

Seems unfair to me, that some Wizards go to so much effort - those houses deserve to be seen by everyone!

So I was happy to see that one of the other updates that will be included with the Khrysalis Part 2 update is as follows:

This is great news, and clearly shows that KI, once again, are listening to the masses and giving us great improvements in addition to the next part of the Khrysalis story. I understand that only level 10 wizards will be able to rate houses with this release too. Nice one!

Until next time,

Monday, 27 January 2014

Read all About it!

Latest edition of the Wizard101 Weekly is now out.... This edition includes some news on the forthcoming Khrysalis Part 2....... Read all about it here!!

Hope you enjoy and don't forget to look out for a new edition next week!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Get the card you want - but don't run out!!

This is just a simple, quick post to answer a few questions we have had here at the Keep - "where is / what is Reshuffle?"  ...and "why can I never seem to draw the card I want?"

Well, let's approach these two questions, but in reverse...and I hope you'll see why.

While we cannot tell you exactly how to draw the cards you want, there are definitely ways to make it easier!  It is interesting, but as you increase in level, you get access to more and more spells - those that you learn and those that you train in (or buy with Training points).  The decks that you get have more and more Spell Card slots and there is a strong temptation to fill them all.

Now that is a near certain way to not draw the card you want!

Have a look at this:

This is my 'street fighting' deck.  I know I could trim it further, but as it stands it will serve me well for any regular street fight right up to mid-way through Azteca.  In fact, with damage bonus and enchants (and the right pet), this deck can usually be fine in a boss fight up to Zafaria - but it is a far cry from having a full deck of spells!  In this way, it is more likely that I will get the spells I want, but the story doesn't end there.

As you can see, in a simple Triton Avenue street fight, I didn't draw my main go-to spell, Meteor, for two rounds!  That is where 'Discard' is essential.

Next time you are confronted with a handful of rubbish (relatively speaking!), then a simple right-click on the card you don't want will discard the card as if you have used it.  Now you have multiple gaps in your hand and the next round will present you with lots of new cards.  This will let you shuffle through your cards much more quickly, increasing the likelihood of drawing the card you want.

Which brings us to the next logical question - what happens when I run out of cards?  Well, you lose the fight!  Not a very good outcome at all...

That is where Reshuffle comes in.

Reshuffle is the one card I cannot do without, in any deck, and I usually have more than one (you'll notice that I have two in the mini-deck above).  It is a Balance spell with one simple goal - get me my cards back!!  I first mentioned it back in October and promised a follow up has taken a while :)

Reshuffle has a bit of a history.  Originally, you only needed on Reshuffle in your deck because it too came back when you reshuffled your deck.  This basically meant that, unless you Discarded your Reshuffle, you would have an unlimited deck.  It was important that KingsIsle put a stop to this practice.

Now, each Reshuffle card can only be used once per fight.  It will still Reshuffle your used cards and unused Treasure Cards back into your deck, but it will not replace itself.  For my street-fighting deck, I'll carry two. For PvP - I'll carry as many as I need :)

So, where can you get this wonderful card?

If you have been to Colossus Boulevard, there is a fair chance you have passed it right by.

Next time you go down and visit Mindy, look to your left and down the side street there.  Right at the end, there is a shop!  From the smoke coming from the top, you can guess that someone is home.

Say hello to Mildred Farseer.  This is the lady that will sell you Reshuffle for the very reasonable price of 1 Training point.  And it is well worth it.

Once you have your brand new card, make sure you carry one in your deck.  You won't regret it.

Have fun and...

...see you 'round the Spiral!


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Monstrous? That's so Yesterday!

One of the BIG reasons that I wanted to get my new crafting badge was to upgrade my trusty Monstrous card to Gargantuan. I have mentioned before how handy these enchantment spells are. I have been buying these at the Bazaar and they have been costing me minimum 338 gold each time. Gold I could use elsewhere, and less time hanging out at the Bazaar refreshing the Astral Spells page = WIN WIN !

So last night I popped over to Celestia (using my marked location, as I still haven't got the world) and bought the recipe. It cost 500 gold.

You can see that I already have enough reagents to craft 16 of these without any further outlay. Again, I have my gardening to thank for that!

I'm sure Monstrous will still get a look in, depending on the reagents I have available down the line, that 175 extra damage is still worthwhile. But right now.... that is so yesterday..... must go. Crafting to do.

Until Next Time,

Friday, 24 January 2014

Slaying the Pendragon - Quick and Easy ... if you know how!

There are many fights in Wizard101 that are quite challenging.  Bosses that cheat, myth bosses (you just gotta hate Earthquake!) and minions that shield.  Some of these fights can really take ages.

I still remember my first 'hard' fight.  I was with Alia and Blaze and we were taking on Jotun and all of his brothers (although I think they have made this fight easier now - I don't really like it when they do that).  The fight took us nearly an hour - <phew> What a marathon.

Of course, now poor Jotun is easy pickings...and I know that some fights can take much longer, especially a tough PvP, depending on your level.

Still, KingsIsle keep finding ways to make fights challenging.  I like a fight where you actually might die - one that requires skill instead of simply pounding.  The Tower of the Helephant is a good example of this.

But, back to the topic today.  The penultimate fight in Avalon - the Pendragon.  The Avalon story is nearly at a close, but there is another you are about to discover!  (don't watch the video, spoiler alert!)

The Pendragon fight is an interesting one, with a cheat that you can really use against this poor boss.

As soon as you start the fight, a Fire Dragon is cast by the Pendragon (so stagger your entry into this fight if you cannot finish it quickly).  This is no ordinary Fire Dragon, this one goes for 200 rounds!  It is not particularly powerful, but it is annoying, and it just keeps going around.  Before you realise it, you can have lost a fair bit of health.

Well, thanks to the ever tricky school of Myth, combined with one of the most useless Fire spells available, there are ways and means of beating this tough guy without even breaking a sweat.

First, we make sure the Pendragon has cast his Fire Dragon spell and it is currently activate.   Then, it is a simple case of "Shift" to push the spell back to where it came from, followed by "Detonate".  This will then instantly apply all 200 rounds (or whatever is left) to his hide, and with any luck there is enough left in it for an instant kill!

Check the video to see what Blaze and I did to him while Blaze was farming for Huckleberries, with only one card in my deck :)

So there you have it.  One dead Pendragon in no time at all...

Understanding your spells and their capability is a key part of winning the game of Wizard101 - enjoy it!

See you 'round the Spiral!


Thursday, 23 January 2014

Khyrsalis Part 2 - getting close now!

I imagine there is much excitement out there in the Spiral right now... the news we've all been waiting for is here:

The following little snippet from KI promises much:

Khrysalis part 2 is shaping up to be a fitting culmination to Morganthe's chapter in the story of the Spiral, and watch for news on this upcoming world expansion.

If you head on over to the Wizard101 News page, there are details of other bug fixes and specifics that KI would like the community to test. I hope they have fixed the stitching bug, as I have been very frustrated with that one! Also the rules for the Test Realm are there.

Was chatting to Morgrim about the test realm yesterday, and he told me some people train their pets over in the test realm so they can preview talents without using 'Live Snacks'. As I am training at the moment, I like the idea of this. Last night I trained Lexi, one of my Ianthine Hounds up to Epic, and the talent reveal was Pip o' Plenty of 4%. Not what I wanted. My other hound, Winston requires training so maybe I'll head over and do that in preview mode....

So are you planning to go over to the Test Realm, or do you prefer to wait for everything to be Live?

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Alia's Sightseeing through the Spiral - H

H - is for Hatchery

Basics for Hatching - 

The Hatchery is the only place you can go to hatch two adult pets together to get a new pet.  You can either hatch with another wizard or hatch using two of your own pets.

The Hatchery is located in the Pet Pavilion. This area is where you can buy and sell pets, and train your pet to get them to be an adult.

You begin by getting a pet (egg) from either a drop, a quest or buying one.  After this pet has hatched you will be able to start to train it.

You train your pet by playing games.  I have tried all of the games but have found my favourites are the maze game and the dance game.  The maze game is a bit like pac-man where you just eat the treats around a maze.  If you get more than 70 snacks then you score a perfect round.  You have 60 seconds but can add to this time by eating the clocks.  The ghosts will try to freeze you if you are just in front of them, although you can also get speed bonus and anther bonus where you can eat the ghosts for a limited time.

Scoring a perfect round gives you 4 points for the game.  Then you are able to feed your pet a snack.  This is where having mega snacks can be handy.  The snacks are worth 1 to 50 points so always try to feed your pet the biggest snack so you make your way to the next level quicker.

You need 125 points to advance your pet to teen, then a further 250 points to train your pet to adult.  Now that you have an adult pet you are able to hatch with other people.  You do this to either get a new type of pet, or to increase your stats and talents.

This is a picture from inside the hatchery. Once inside, you can hatch by selecting the wizard you wish to hatch with and selecting hatch from the menu or you can stand on the blue lit up area, with them next to you.  The orange lit up sigils are for standing on if you wish to hatch two of your own pets.

There are many different types of pets and talents available so have fun.  If there are no wizards you wish to hatch with, or the Hatchery you are in is a little quiet, just keep changing realms until you find the pet you wish to hatch with.

There are other posts on our blog about pets, training and talents when you have mastered the basics.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Read All About It!

Don't forget to check out the latest edition of the Wizard101 Weekly!

We publish a weekly round up once a week. Take a look and make sure you haven't missed any breaking stories this week in the Spiral.

Until Next Time,

Monday, 20 January 2014

Ran Out of Patience

For a while now I have been wanting to get to the new crafting level - Grandmaster Artisan. I knew I would get it at Celestia, but I have been waiting for time and friends to help me battle Malistaire.... and it just taken ages..... and... well..... you know how it is. I have filled my time to do others things, but now I have to face 3 big dungeons or fights to move on. There are a couple of quests in Wintertusk to do, so I could keep moving through there, but to be honest - I want to craft. So I need that badge.

So last night I gave up on patience and asked Morgrim for a lift to the Floating Lands in Celestia. I would assume that there is a bit of effort involved in getting my next badge, so I wasn't totally sure that I would be able to complete it without full access to Celestia, but I decided to give it a try.

Thanking Morgrim, I go visit Pierce so I could see what my quest would entail. It is an amulet. I have to craft an amulet. The recipe for this one is:

5 Polymorph Treant cards
7 Perfect Jade
5 Pristine Vials
6 Suntone
11 Goldgen Pearl
8 Fish Fin
10 Sandstone

I look at my backpack and find that I have everything except the Treasure Cards.I hadn't seen these before, so I take a look at Wizard101Central to see where I can get hold of it. The answer is: The Archivist. Again this was somewhere I had never been, though a knew it was Celestia. So had to ask Morgrim for another quick lift over to the Archivist so I could buy these cards. (Thanks again!)

But it just goes to show how useful Gardening is, saves me the drama of having to go find these reagents and probably spend a ton of gold to get.

The amulet can be crafted at the Equipment crafting station, so I hot foot it back to my Farm and go craft 1 of the amulets. Immediately I am called back to Pierce (I had previously marked my location!), so off and go and this is what he says:

Seriously? That's it? I was expecting to have to craft a few different items to get this badge, and I got it in 2 minutes!! Good news is that I didn't see much of Celestia while doing it, so I still have all that to look forward to. I don't think I've spoilt things being impatient. Though it is definitely not something I intend to do much, I still like running through things in order and enjoying the story that is being told. KI have put so much effort into the story behind the game.... really it is the least we can do as Wizards!
So now I have access to buy the recipes for the better gear in Vestrilund, and I need to head back over to Celestia to see what other crafting items have now opened up to me.

But all this for another day. For now I will wear my new badge - I think it may be a while before I move up to the next level of crafting!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, 19 January 2014

LOTS of Gold - the easy (legal!) way!

You know, with all this talk of accounts being banned due to people exploiting yet another bug, this time the "orange basket" bug, you would think that people would realise that this really isn't the way to go.  It was clearly a problem and should not have been taken advantage of.

I'm sorry, but the explanation KI was spot on.  If you are doing it thousands of times, surely there is a real problem there.  But...still people find a need to try to 'do it easier'.

Well, we have had a number of tips on how to make gold more easily, from Halfang to gardening, and this quick post is another along those lines.

If you garden a fair bit, and lets face it, I do, you might just be surprised at the value of your snacks over time.  You just tend to forget about them, but they really do add up.  Check out this clip of me making more than $225K with a sale of only one type of Pet Snack:

If you really want money, there are so many different ways of doing it that it is quite important to play nice.  There is just no way you want to invest a lot of time and (real) money in your Wizard101 account only to have it banned.

Remember, we are here to enjoy the game!

See you 'round the Spiral!


Saturday, 18 January 2014

My new Best Friends!

Friends are those that help us right? Maybe make things a little easier? So I don't think I'm stretching the limits too far declaring these 3 beauties as my new best friends!

Let me introduce them to you - they are three astral spells....  Vengeance, Gargantuan and Elucidate. If you've been reading the blog then you''ll know that I craft those Monstrous cards all the time. Every day. And I still do. When I eventually get the Celestia, I'll upgrade that recipe to those that give more bang for my gold.
But for now, these I get at the Bazaar.I'll show you each of them, so you can understand just how useful they are....

First up is Vengeance... It increases your chance of going critical by 25% over 4 rounds. I currently have critical rating stats of about 110-130 for death school, depending on what gear I am wearing, and with a vengeance card played, I can almost guarantee that critical hit.
Next up is Gargantuan. This is the big brother of Monstrous... it will increase your spell by 250 damage.That is a significant increase, and with a critical too - those enemies won't stand a chance! These are slightly more difficult to get hold of in the Bazaar, but they do show up - with a bit of patience you can pick up a few. And every now and then you'll see 25 - and the race is on to see which wizard gets their hands on them! My wizard level is high enough to buy the recipe for this card now, but my crafting level is not. You can train in these spells, but you have to work your way up through the family: Tough, Strong, Giant, Monstrous.... that is a lot of training points!
The last one is Elucidate, which quite simply reduces your spells Pip cost by 2. This treasure card is not easy to get hold of in the Bazaar. I am told that they are in the chests in Celestia and you can get them as drops. I have only seen them a few times in the Bazaar and I buy them as quick as possible. Make sure that the battle you use them in is worth using them though, in case you can't get any for a while. This card also has a little sister - Simplify, which reduces the Pip cost by 1. Again very useful and I will buy these as soon as I see them too. You can't train in these spells anymore due to PvP abuses, but they are out there if you search them out.
Would love to hear of your favourite enchantment spells, so drop me a comment!

Until next time,

Friday, 17 January 2014

Pet Training - The PERFECT tip

Pet training.  If you want that perfect pet, this is simply unavoidable.  It is a task that some relish and a task that others fear or simply hate!

One of the challenges for any trainer is the speed to leveling up between stages.  There are lots of blog entries here at the Keep on how to accelerate this with snacks.  You can find them by clicking here, here and in Blaze's Tips and Tricks here.

Well, that is certainly part of the equation.  The other part is the actual training itself.  Typically, die hard pet trainers will always go for the Dance Game.  It is fast and easy to get a perfect score is easy when know how.
It is funny, but I think there are two types of people that enjoy this game.  The counters, and the music lovers.  Funnily enough, I love music and thought this was the game for me.  It seems that my basic premise that this would help me master this game was wrong from the outset!

Keeping my music up, I would charge into every game listening carefully for the change in sound in order to know which note to click on, when and how many.  I would usually average 6 although sometimes I only got 5 right, and sometimes all 7, but wow, that 7th note made it so much harder.

I was discussing this with Alia one day and she told me she didn't even listen to the music, she just counted the rhythm of the arrows and formed a pattern from one to the next.  I know Alia does this with numbers, so it did make sense that she'd do it here too.  The funny thing was, she was soooo fast!

Stubborn me, I kept at my practice of listening for the music, but with constant distractions, this just became a real challenge and I found myself getting a perfect score less and less often.  So...well...I swallowed my pride and turned off my sound.

OK, I started with a couple of 6's, but they were so easy?!  I could even get them if someone started talking to me?  What is this?  There might be something in this after all!

Well, times have changed now.  I fly into the Dance Game, sound off, watching and counting those flashing arrows.  It is strange, but sometimes you aren't sure of the next one, but your fingers just know.  And before you have it, another Perfect score.  Now, I am disappointed when I don't get a 7!

Oh, one last tip.  With the 7th note, focus on remembering the last arrow.  It can sometimes help you count backwards to make sure you have it right.

And as you can see, my regular supply of Mega Snacks make this activity soooooo much quicker!

BTW- if you have any other Pet Training tips, be sure to let me know what you do.  I enjoy being able to keep learning.

Good luck with your training and...

See you 'round the Spiral!


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Mega! Mega! Mega!

I haven't updated you on my gardening prowess recently, as I have been waiting for my stacked garden to go to elder. Of course not all plants go to elder at the same time, so I have had to be patient and wait a couple of days. But hurrah! Today is that day.

As there is so much going on in the garden, I decided to record it and talk about some of the plants, the harvest and the garden in general. Sorry if there are lots of 'ums' in the chatter, it's my first time!

So I managed 26 Mega Pet Snacks from that harvest. Enough to fulfill my pet training needs right now. I planted the garden back as soon as this completed. Oh and I popped a Dragon Fly spell on it too. That will prevent level 1,2, 3 pests for 48 hours - which means I will have enough energy to do that pet training too.

This is how the garden looks again now:

Off to do some pet training now!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My Advice - Look Closely....

 If you haven''t yet got to Wintertusk, then you'll probably be leveling up at a fairly steady rate. Wintertusk changes all that. All of a sudden you will get between 6,000 and 15,000 XP - you start to level very quickly. So it was of no surprise that I leveled to 60 last night.

This is a big level to get to because Waterworks is now open. I am told by Morgrim that this dungeon is very hard, but that it has arguably the best gear drops in the game. But I will leave that for another time, I haven't even contemplated this dungeon yet.

What I do like to do on a level up, is pop over to the Bazaar to see if there is any gear worth buying for my new level. After all there is always room for improvement! And there was one item - a hat. I had 195,000 gold, yet I still took a second to consider spending 15,000 on a hat. Was it really worth it? Having access to Halfang did help with my choice though. I hit the Buy button, and then head over to the Treasure Cards to see if there was anything worth buying.

It was then that I noticed my gold balance was now 49,000. What? Back to the Hats list and there it was - that hat had cost me a staggering 155,675 gold - ten times more that I had thought I was spending.

And as you can see from this picture, it is quite a look - not one that I liked at all. So not only had I spent nearly all my gold, but I would also have to re-stitch! Another 32 Gold on a cheap hat and 100 crowns to re-stitch. This was an expensive 10 minutes.

This is how it looks now.... I like these style of hats rather than the helmet style that hide your face and hair.

So my advice is to look closely at that price tag. Or be prepared to spend a lot of time at Halfang if you get it as wrong as I did!

Would love to hear of any Bazaar stories you guys have? I can't be the only one to have made such an expensive purchase by mistake?

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What a Stunner!

I leveled up to 58 the other day, and with that came the promise of a new spell!! Of course spells at these levels spells need to be earnt, but they always take you to your school first. So off I go to Nightside to see Dworgyn.

I had no idea what spell would be coming my way, and that brings with it a certain anticipation.

The quest is revealed - I need to make a bone drake. Mortis tells me all about the bone drake, and what I have to do to make one.

Back to Dragonspyre I go to find the Nightreaver's Lair. Of course Osseus Nightreaver wouldn't just give those bones away - let the battle begin! And then I notice that he is a level 10 death boss. Not just any level 10 death boss - this was going to be one hell of a battle - he had 33,310 health!! The minion in the fight only had 1,055, but once again was death. I took care of him, and settled into the biggest battle my wizard had ever fought.

I pulled out the Living Puppet, with 45 health, that I get from my wand to lend a  hand. Surprisingly he managed to last the whole battle, as you can see in this shot just before the battle finished.

One other issue with this battle, is that the boss gave me a +35 trap every time I played a feint, a trap or a blade. Made a tricky fight all the more trickier!
There's no calling a friend in to help on this one either. You have to prove your worth to get this spell it would seem.
Thanks to the Living Puppet and my hound I finished the battle with pretty much full health - it's great being a death wizard!

Time to go to Grizzleheim now. This is a great part of Grizzleheim actually, I do love the ice parts.
Once in Nidavellir I take out the bones and let the magic of the place re-build the bone drake.

 How awesome! I have never seen the spell I am about to get, so looking at what has now appeared in front of I am more than a little excited.

Time for another visit to Dworgyn to let him know of my success and to collect my reward.

The Skeletal Dragon spell, otherwise know as the Bone Drake.

And it is a stunner!

Awesome to watch and a big hit that just keeps going. Looking forward to the next boss fight now!

Until Next Time,

Monday, 13 January 2014

And that makes 20 or is that 21??

On the 26th December I set myself a personal quest to get 20 snow globes - you can read about it here. So I have been hanging out at the Bazaar. A lot. For days there would be nothing, then one day there would be 3 of them sitting there. I managed to get 15 relatively easily...... I felt sure that once the New Year arrived there would be a bounty of snow globes in the Bazaar.

So I was dismayed to find them even harder to get hold as (if you are from this side of the planet it would be described as "Rare as hen's teeth"). Today that elusive little globe at last showed up in the list. I held my breath as I pressed the Buy and then confirmed - I was dreading seeing the "Sorry this item has been sold". But lady luck was with me, and I got it. The 20th snow globe.

I took a short video of me placing my last globe - an historic moment :)

With a break for maintenance, the next time logged back I was again at the Bazaar. Habit got the better of me so I checked, and there was another snow globe. With lightening fast reflexes, that globe was mine.

So I went back to my house to see what would happen.... I can't place any more outside, so number 21 will just have to go inside!

And here it is. In my everlasting Christmas room, keeping the snowmen happy - a bit like the little snowman in the Disney movie Frozen!!

My Winter House will now have lots of snow all year round. No global warming problems here!

Now I wonder if I will be able to resist the urge to buy them when I see them at the Bazaar next time.... Time will tell!!

Until Next Time,