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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Perfect Pet - What is it Really?

One of the things we have been discussing a lot lately here at the Keep is "the Perfect Pet" - what is it and does it really exist at all?  Blaze reads a lot and has a few theories, and he and Tabitha have both been on a quest to find their perfect pet, and it has inspired me to give this some more thought again.

I have a little theory (or approach perhaps) to breeding pets, and I have been helping out both Tabitha and Blaze, working through this approach.  It seems to work pretty well.  Given that, I need to get a few more of my pets up to full stats so I can make sure the breeding program pays dividends.

As for talents, now that is harder.  What talents do you want in a pet?

With the big deal made about Critical right now, and with Block virtually abandoned for many wizards, it seems strange that it was only a matter of months ago when Resist and Block ruled as King and Queen in the Talent stakes ... well, after the classic healing SUF (Sprite, Unicorn, Fairy for those who are not avid Pet fans, usually seen as SPUDF (adding Spell-Proof and Spell-Defy to the list).

But is that really the perfect pet?

With heavy resist from Jadezillas and Ice Tanks, Incredibly Infallible was all the rage, then with Shadow Magic, the tide turned again, it is all about the damage - how high can it go?

Even Healing is no longer straightforward.  Do you want the SUF, or do you want to try your hand with Energizing Battery?  Or how about a pet that might, that can, learn mc Shift?  Do you start to sacrifice one or more Healing talents in order to getting the talents you really want?

What do you think?  What about some of the old faithful ones like Guardian Wall?  You can't deny it is pretty handy when your pet casts a Tower Shield for you...but it is all about the timing...

Let me know, let's see if we can figure out what a perfect pet really is, and then let's make one!

See you round the Spiral!


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