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Friday, 31 July 2015

Terror's Hoard Pack Opening!

Hi everyone! I'm back today with a video of me opening a bunch of the new Terror's Hoard Pack!

The Terror's Hoard pack is a Darkmoor themed pack that contains very good armour/weapons, as well as spooky housing items for your house.

Here is the short video of my pack opening!

As you can see, I managed to open a load of housing items which are definitely going to be used in my death house above all others due to the fact that the items themes are very similar and work really well together. The housing items look great and I'm really happy to have gotten so many. However...

There was one stand-out item that I opened from these packs and that is the wand!

This beautiful looking wand has crit to rival my Hades' wand while still having a block to rival my Misty Mountain Mandolin! Pretty much, if I'm not specializing in tanking or hitting seriously hard, I'll be using this wand!

Thanks for reading/watching and hopefully you enjoyed!

Until next time!

- Blaze

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Guide to Grub Guardian Ep. 7 Pyramid of the Sun

Welcome to my seventh instalment of my guide to Grub Guardian! This time we're taking on the second last map of Krokotopia, the Pyramid of the Sun! This map doesn't have many options for a pets 2x2 required space and so I decided to place mine off to the left of the centre point, (placing on the right would most definitely give similar results) and got started.

The strategy for this episode included starting off with myth towers to get damage done on the smaller enemies and the life tower to get that damage out faster. After the myth towers were max, I bought a few ice towers and after, began investing into a star tower.

Seeing as this map brings lots of bosses on the last few waves, the star tower did incredible damage to them and I was just able to max it, therefore utilised the red laser.

Thank you very much for reading and hopefully I helped you out!

- Blaze

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Rattlebones Revenge! Or is it?

Well, well, well ... now the Ultra update has been quite an update!  The revenge of all the old bosses, beefed up.

This is enough to have some real fun with!  One thing I have always been disappointed in has been the constant nerfing of bad guys.  I understand why they do it, but I really like prefer fighting the tougher opponents.

So, it was back to Unicorn Way to track down that old foe Rattlebones - but this time I'm a little more 'prepared'.  It was a long time ago since the last time I was here but I remember the fight well. Two on one, and a solo fight - after spending so much time at the start questing with Alia, the solo fight was a good burst of adrenalin.

So, the fight begins...

Whoa! It really is a different fight this time around.  I really don't remember them having such low health!

OK, that makes this fight is much easier now.

Actually, this is a reverse massacre.

The first 5 or so fights was just fun playing with him...but then I had to start feeding my pet all the rubbish I kept getting from these drops.  I realised that I had better clear out my backpack and settle in for a farming session.

It took about 15 fights, but with a deck full of meteors, it didn't take long.

And there it was...the Rattlebones Exaulted Duel.

In fact, one of the first things Alia asked me when I got the drop was - did you get a screenshot?  And of course, I was so surprised that I got the drop I had forgotten to capture it.

Actually, I was so out of practice writing blog entries, it took me 3 drops before I remembered to capture it!  Still, it did answer one important question for me...can I have more than one Duel at a time...and clearly...yes, you can!

I can't wait to see what is inside.  Apparently Rattlebones is seriously beefed up.  Why do I get the feeling that the fights to get the dungeon drop are going to be LOT easier than the fights inside the dungeon?

Let's just say, I'm looking forward to the challenge.

See you 'round the Spiral!


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Have you got yours yet - the Socket Wrench

Just popping by the Keep to put up a quick post for those of you who haven't been over to and received their FREE socket wrench.


Why not duck by and grab yours now?  Just click on this link here and good luck!

(BTW - I got the Expert's Socket Wrench)

Let me know what you get :)

BTW - Sorry for the lack of Pack Analysis posts lately...will be getting back to these shortly.

See you round the Spiral.


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Guide to Grub Guardian Ep. 6 Tomb of Storms

Hey everyone! Today is the day we take on the Tomb of Storms in our expedition to conquer grub guardian :)

We are slowly making progress and are beginning to reach the ending levels of Krokotopia. Once we do manage to get into the higher levels, we will be getting better and better rewards.

Anyway, onto the strategy. This episode wouldn't have been possible without the ice towers, the were and invaluable help and allowed the myth/star towers to put out big damage and allowed the fire towers to keep everything burning longer. The fire towers were used to get damage onto the big enemies and and to take out the masses of smaller enemies. Finally, the star tower was used to take out a majority of the big enemies on the final wave.

Combining them all together the Tomb of Storms was beaten.

Thanks so much for reading and hopefully I helped you out!

Until next time!
- Blaze

Monday, 13 July 2015

Guide to Grub Guardin Ep. 5 The Oasis

Hey everyone! Today I'm bringing you the 5th episode of my Guide to Grub Guardian series. In this episode, we've moved on from Wizard City and are entering Krokotopia. The first Krokotopian map that we are going to be covering is the Oasis.

The main strategy in this episode was once again focused around myth and ice tower which are both incredibly useful for many stages. However, this time around, there was no optimal position for my 4x4 pet to be placed so I decided on putting him in the most high traffic area which was the right hand side.

I also decided on spreading the ice towers out to get the maximum slow time on the enemies. The myth towers were slightly spread and had overlapping ranges to give as much map coverage as possible.

Hopefully you enjoyed and I helped you out on your Grub Guardian journey.

- Blaze