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Friday, 31 July 2015

Terror's Hoard Pack Opening!

Hi everyone! I'm back today with a video of me opening a bunch of the new Terror's Hoard Pack!

The Terror's Hoard pack is a Darkmoor themed pack that contains very good armour/weapons, as well as spooky housing items for your house.

Here is the short video of my pack opening!

As you can see, I managed to open a load of housing items which are definitely going to be used in my death house above all others due to the fact that the items themes are very similar and work really well together. The housing items look great and I'm really happy to have gotten so many. However...

There was one stand-out item that I opened from these packs and that is the wand!

This beautiful looking wand has crit to rival my Hades' wand while still having a block to rival my Misty Mountain Mandolin! Pretty much, if I'm not specializing in tanking or hitting seriously hard, I'll be using this wand!

Thanks for reading/watching and hopefully you enjoyed!

Until next time!

- Blaze

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