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Morgrim's Pack Analysis

Morgrim has done some very handy work on analysing some of the Crown packs you can buy in Wizard101.

This page is a one stop page for all those posts so you don't go searching.

We will continue to update as Morgrim writes more of these handy posts. Hope you find these useful!

What Pack? - So many packs! What should I choose?

Build Castle Medieval Pack - The all new Build a Castle pack..... is it worth the Crowns?

Pack-A-Palooza! - With all Packs on Sale, which one will you choose?

Ravens Hoard Pack - Ravens Hoard - perfect for lower level Wizards!

Wyvern's Hoard Pack - Morgrim's personal Favourite

The Harrowing Nightmare Pack - The newest Halloween special pack *Limited Availability*

The Nightmare Pack - One of Tabitha's favourites *Limited Availability*

The Reagent Pack - aka the "Lazy Pack", Morgrim is not impressed with this one!

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