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Monday, 3 February 2014

Pack-a-Palooza - What Pack to Buy?

Ok, it's Pack-a-Palooza time again!  You've got some Crowns and they are burning a hole in it is that Wizards carry Gold around in...

You know you want to buy a Pack, but just what pack is right to buy?  Which will give you the BEST value for money?

Hmm, a tough question to be sure, but that just means that we'll have a go at answering it!

Before you can answer this question though, the real question is, what are you looking for?  There are packs for:

  • High Energy Gear
  • Great Seeds
  • Awesome Mounts
  • New Spells
  • Rare Pets
  • Some of the best PvP gear
  • Fantastic Wands
  • Amazing Healing bonuses
  • ...and absolutely heaps of Bobbleheads (and other stuff you really don't want!)
It makes it hard as there is a definite element of luck involved, but let's see if we can untangle this a little and come up with some good, solid choices.

High Energy Gear
If you want High Energy Gear, the Wyvern's Hoard pack is for you.  If you have read my book on Gardening (if not, click on it over there on the top right of this page!) and you'll find that this pack will give you the best 'pack' Energy Gear available, followed closely by the Hoard of the Hydra.

Great Seeds
If you are looking for a cheap way to grab the incredible Evil Magma Pea (or EMP), it is, once again, the Wyvern's Hoard Pack, but the White Tiger Lily is in the Raven's Hoard pack - still, these do not replenish themselves and can be purchased in the bazaar, so it might not be worth buying a pack just to get one.  Couch Potatoes can be found in the Wyvern's Hoard pack and the Hoard of the Hydra pack.  You might have other seeds you are after, but these are the ones that I personally farm for.

Awesome Mounts
OK, I know, how subjective is this one? Well, for me, you'll usually see me flying around on my magnificent Cloud Wyvern, so for me, Wyvern's Hoard pack again (still want a Night Wyvern).  If you want a 3-person mount, the Hoard of the Hydra pack is for you.

New Spells
These can be found in the Keeper's Lore, Knight's Lore, Ninja's Lore and Yuletide packs, but all crafted spells can be obtained from the Loremaster if you are patient enough!

Rare Pets
Yes, you can definitely get some rare pets from Packs, but I still think the best way to get a pet is to hatch, so this doesn't rate that highly for me.

As for the last 3, PvP gear, Wands, and Healing, well, the options are many and varied.  For me, this is where I turn to the Manual of Mastery!  I tell it what I am looking for and it will tell me if I need a pack to satisfy it.  Let's face it, that is one of the reasons we made it in the first place!  Needless to say, for generic critical the Islander pack is handy, and the Nightmare pack has some good all round gear.

So, for me, I like Gardening and Energy, so I'll be buying more Wyvern's Hoard packs.  I need heaps more EMPs and a few more Couch Potatoes.  I still don't have the Greenwarden's Energetic Shroud (stitched of course - that robe needs stitching more than any other, surely!!) and I do want that Night Wyvern.  It is a pack made for me! lol!

Tell me, what is your favourite pack?  And why do you like it?  We love to hear from our readers, so shoot me a note and let us know!

See you 'round the Spiral.


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