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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Wizardly Competitiveness

Hey Everyone,

By now you all know that I am a bit of a lurker when it comes to the Bazaar. Always on the look out for any rare items, I usually start and end my Wizard101 time with a trip there. And I have been quite lucky, that or my patience has paid off. Take the snow globes. I now have 26 of them, the inside of my Winter Wind Palace is slowly filling with snow, to mirror the outside. If there is one there, I will buy it.

Well it seems that one of my Wizard friends has decided to challenge me!! Galen has decided that he will try and out buy me at the bazaar and buy all things rare. Daily I get the call "Have you seen this?" "Have you got this" "Bet you don't have this!". And unfortunately quite a few items I don't have and haven't seen in there. Of course there are a lot that I have already purchased. The worst thing is my luck seems to have deserted me somewhat too! I tell you I have to keep quiet about what I am after in case he gets in there before me.
For instance the Low Jade Table.... it has taken a while to get the number I required for my Myth House. For two weeks I have been very quiet about these tables, never mentioning them. But now I have enough it's all good. Although the Jade Chairs are costing me a small fortune to craft, but that's another story! The banners you can see in the image below can be trying to get hold of, but in saying that there were 23 of them in the Bazaar this morning - funny how that happens sometimes.

Trouble is, with Galen buying these other items that I don't have, I just have to search for more things. More time spent at the Bazaar - there won't be any time for questing soon! So the race is on, as soon as he knows he has something I don't - well he just wants to buy them every-time he sees them - just so I can't! 

It's all good fun though, and it goes to show how Wizard101 has something to suit everyone. It's not just about winning those fights! Maybe you can catch me at the Bazaar or Halfang - I need gold to get the reagents for those Jade Chairs!

Oh and Galen - if you're reading..... it's on!!!

Until Next Time,


  1. LOL! That sounds like what Alia and I used to do. It is good fun :) We have taken a break for a while, but every now and then you go back to it and it is amazing the new stuff that KI has added.

    ...and then there is Grug and the cool things you can get there that you just cannot get in the Baz...

  2. Hey Morgrim! I haven't quite mastered Grub enough to get anything other than Gold or reagents, but I wonder if a fire pet would make the difference there?
    I'll keep at it tho' - any tips you might have would be good lol!