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Friday, 21 February 2014

The Barn

Do you know when I first started my Wizard journey I did not know about the Bazaar? Seems crazy to me now, but it was actually Morgrim who pointed it out to me.  I can't remember the context of the conversation now, but Morgrim had to talk me through how to get there!! I had passed that little shop by many many times - just never noticed it! So I guess I have Morgrim to blame for what has turned into a bit of an obsession.

Decorating houses in different styles has been a fun side of the game. At least now I have unlimited gold from Halfang! I've been working on the main room at my Barn for the last couple of months, and I think it is pretty much done. Of course, as always, working on means hanging at the Bazaar for my chosen style! Well today I picked up a new wall trophy - the first I have seen in a while. There was just enough space for the "Earth Dino Shield". The style of the room is "Trophy". A place to display all shields, masks, armour and many other items.

I took a quick picture of the room, but realised that you can't really see the items I have on display. Take this "Ornate Mask" - you can't see it in the room. So I decided to take some video of the room, so you can see the trophies, armour and unusual items I have been picking up. The Fur Lined floor fits in with this style, and the Stitched wallpaper is sufficiently plain to show off the items. I have developed a love for moving items, such as flames or steam, so you'll notice a few of those objects in the mix. My biggest problem is that the barn is big, but only allows 250 items inside, and I'm completely full. If anything else shows up then I will have to cull from other places to fit more in!

I am very happy with how it's all come together, but would love to know what you guys think!
Until Next Time,


  1. Don't worry Tab, I didn't know either! It was Blaze that pointed it out to us. Once we found it and the treasures it offered the young wizard, it was (and still is) a regular haunt :)

  2. Very interesting room, really effective and extremely well done. So different to mine which is still decked out for Christmas :D I have not seen either of those wall hangings that you show in the small pictures before. Hanging out in the Bazaar is certainly paying off for you. (No pun intended, tee hee,)

    Unlike you I spotted the Bazaar very early. Went in there and got extremely intimidated at all the lines, some blacked out, others in red. Am afraid that I turned tail and fled. Did not go back until I had completed all the free areas and was scratching around for something to do whilst deciding whether or not I would become a member. Decided to be brave and not be intimidated by all the lines. Found it was nowhere near as complicated as I thought and that it was, in fact, a wonderful place, for of treasures, where I could sell surplus items for more gold than elsewhere.

    As always, really enjoying your posts. (Don't like to comment too much as it makes me feel a bit like a stalker - which I suppose I am as I enjoy visiting the Keep daily.)

  3. Hey Scarlet. Comment as much as you like - you may even encourage some other silent readers to join in!!
    Love your story about the Bazaar. You know I was in there the other day and a fairly new Wizard came in, obviously for the first time and he yelled "WOW - What is this place?"!! I tried to imagine how it must be to walk in for the first time and see a large bunch of Wizards just standing around, quite often on-top of each other (due to people porting in). I can imagine intrigue, and yes I also imagine intimidation lol!

    So glad you are enjoying the Keep :)