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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Just what is "The Manual of Mastery" for Wizard101?

Ah...just what IS "The Manual of Mastery"?

You know, that is such a good question - and funnily enough, here at the Keep, we know the answer.  But first, let me ask you some other questions:
  • Have you ever encountered a new item and weren't entirely sure if it improved the stats you were after?
  • Have you ever wondered what the best possible Healing In / Healing Out could be for your Wizard, out of all the items in the Spiral?
  • Have you ever considered what might be the best gear for PvP?
  • Have you ever just leveled up and wondered what the best new options for gear are?
If you have answered YES to even one of those questions, you need to read on, there is a fair chance that the Manual of Mastery is for you!  If you want to truly Master the should check it out.

The Manual of Mastery is a Wizard101 Companion unlike any other.  It doesn't matter what level you are, what school you are, the Manual of Mastery can help you.

So, just how does it work?

First, you enter your Wizard - name, school level etc.  This will become the basis for the calculations that are being made.

Next, you have the option of adding those items you have in your inventory.  With nearly 10,000 items included, including the Khrysalis gear, it makes it easy to select your items.  We update the items list regularly, but, if between updates Kings Isle brings out new items and they are not in our database yet, you can always add them manually.

This is the same for your pet, as we all know how important a role your pet can play.

As a bare minimum, adding your pet can be very helpful.

Now you can equip your Wizard.  Add to them the items that you are currently wearing.  This step is also optional, but it will give you your current stats.

Now, whenever you get a new item, you can add it to your backpack and compare it to what you are wearing.  Because all of your stats are displayed on a single page, and there is a direct comparison, you can see the + or - that the new item would give you.

But, do you know what the real value is?  Where the real magic happens?

The Optimizer...

...imagine being able to select a few key criteria and getting the top 3 recommendations on gear?  This is a complex little part of the software, but what it tells you is amazing...I know I am constantly surprised!!

(and if you want to know more ... just click here

BUT - more on that in my next post... :D

See you 'round the Spiral!



  1. Hello Wizard's Keep! I love the idea of this but I'm not really sure how the optimize works. I mean let's say I ask for Fire Critical gear will it give me the best gear choice for critical (so that the hat is mainly for critical but also has damage and health) or just has the most critical? (Some hats aren't as good when the go for critical only) Thanks! (and you guys rock!)

  2. Hi Colin, you know, one of the challenges when you try to "optimize' is that a computer isn't a human (at least not yet!), so just because an item has high Critical, if it has zero other it really the combo that you want?

    So, we have tried to combat this challenge in two ways:

    1. You can choose up to 3 items to optimize against. If you want high Fire Critical, and high Fire Damage and (say) high Healing In, you select these as items 1, 2, and 3. It will then show you the best combo for these 3 stats. If you change the order, the result may change as you might make Damage 1, Critical 2 and Healing In 3, so it looks at this as a different type of setup with Damage weighted the highest.

    2. But that wasn't enough - even then, it is still only a computer. Just say there were two combinations that were close. How would you know? What if the best possible combination for your selection had zero resist, but the second best had 20% universal resist? I know which one I would want! So, we have structured the Optimizer such that it shows the top 3 results, and then it allows you to compare each of them against your current setup. In fact, it then goes one step further and allows you to compare against each of the options against each of the other options as well, so you can truly see which is the best option for you. You can configure it a number of different ways too - like "No crowns", "Limit to what I own", that kind of thing.

    Being a fellow Firey, I honestly have been surprised at the results. When it shows the outcomes, it gives you a breakdown of where the stats come from, and you can click on any item to find that page on Wizard101 Central, so you can see all the details possible quickly and easily.

    I hope that answers your question Colin - if you have any other questions, just ask!

    (and thanks - we love to know that people enjoy reading our blog posts!)


    1. Awesome! That works great!
      1:So if I chose Fire Damage as first Fire Critical as second and Uni Resist it would look for clothes with the best of each? AWESOME!!
      2: This is also awesome because I'm sure there will be times the clothes will be clothes from farming (which I strongly dislike) so I can look at the rest. Thanks for answering my questions!
      I have a few more, (Sry I'm a curious guy :) )
      One more for the manual, Does it at all give pet suggestions?
      And just another random question floating around my head, My pet recently trained Fairy Friend but he's never healed me where it seems other pets heal their masters like crazy. Is there any way to make my pet heal me more?

  3. lol - never a problem. I am a curious guy too - I think that is why we first put the Manual together :)

    1. Yep, that is exactly the idea.

    2. Exactly. And sometimes there are things like PvP gear etc. If that ever happens, right click to Ignore a certain item, and it will replace it with the next best suggestion :)

    3. Now, I'm afraid you'll have to explain a little more about 'pet suggestions' as I am not 100% sure what you mean? Currently the Manual just lets you add your pet so you can indicate how it might affect your stats. That said, pets are complex little critters...if you could let me know a little more about what you are looking for, I'll see what I can do to help!

    4. As for healing...frequency etc. Fairy should be triggered pretty regularly. The frequency of healing seems to be tied to the stats of your pet. So, the closer to 250 in your stats, the greater the likelihood of it casting Fairy. That said, I have an Ianthine Hound with straight 250 stats and he casts it less regularly than my Penumbra that has 248, 250, 250 , 230, 250, (both are Mega) and I have often wondered if it is also related to pet type. Still, the first thing I would look at is your stats...try to improve them and see if your pet gets a little more excited.

    I hope this has helped...and Good luck!