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Saturday, 22 February 2014

What did the Manual Say?

Hey everyone!

Last night I had one goal in mind.... to defeat Estrakir. I had tried this tower fight a few times, and always made it to the top - only to be defeated by those cheating bosses on the top level!! I pulled in the big guns to help me (Morgrim!), but I also decided that I would ask the Manual of Mastery to give me some suggestions
based on:

 1. Death Critical 2. Death Damage 3. Power Pips

It is obvious why I chose the first two, the Power Pips? Well I just like having those yellow pips. If I have great stats, but can't run my spells because I don't have the pips.... well really - what is the point?

In the Manual of Mastery I simply added the items I was wearing as owned, equipped those items to my wizard (the image to the left shows you what I am currently equipped with - the whole process took less than 10 minutes.), and then on to the optimizer.
1. Death Critical 2. Death Damage 3. Power Pips

I was very happy that the helm I had crafted in Grizzleheim was top of the list... obviously I am getting better at this! But my Robe and Boots were lacking - time to see how easy it would be to get these recommended items. And I wasn't worried about not getting all of them - the main gear was enough right now.... I can look at the other items some other time.

The Manual of Mastery will display the best recommendation, then you can double click on any of the recommended items and the wizard101/central page will appear. This will give you the details of how to obtain this recommended item. But first up, you absolutely have to visit my second home.... Take The Eclipse Clogs...... First port of call? Yes, you guessed it - the Bazaar. And guess what? There they are.... Yeah!!

Onto the Robe.... now the robe I am wearing is a crafted one from Grizzleheim. I was really pleased with this robe, but with the stats I wanted there is better out there. Again - off to the Bazaar. If not there, then I would double click on the item to display the full page and find out how to get it. Luckily though, in this case, there was the robe in the Bazaar. A quick re-stitch for all items purchased and I am good to go! Too easy!

Spent the next 90 minutes doing the quest with Morgrim. It was pretty simple. In the boss fight just get rid of the rats, then Knuckles and you'll be good. Those cheats are prevalent at the start, but reduce the enemy count and it is all good. The added benefit was the 3% accuracy for Death.... I did not fizzle on one Death Spell. And that really does make a difference. Even Morgrim commented that my hits were harder than usual.

Needless to say the battle was won. And I seriously need to go run some more battles and see how I go. But to be honest - right here and now - I am quite happy with the outcome. Patch gives great all round healing and sets me up with Vengeance. My hit is harder, my critical happens more, my accuracy is improved.

Don't forget if you have questions on anything (including the manual) just leave a comment. I seriously love hearing from you guys.

As for the evening? All in all - a great outcome.

Until Next Time,


  1. What Does the manual cover that you cannot find online?


  2. Hi Elijah.
    The Manual makes it really easy - I have spent countless times at the Bazaar looking for items that may be better than what I have. And each fight is different too. Sometimes I might want Death Critical and Damage, but sometimes I might want Myth Critical and Damage (in a Death Boss fight for instance). Or maybe I want maximum Storm shield. The beauty of the Manual is that you put in your preference for your current needs and it tells you the best options. Anything can be found online if you have the time and inclination..... I guess I would rather find out straight away and get on with my quest. Let me know if you want to know anything else!

  3. You know, I used to think the same. The trouble was, I didn't know what I didn't know! Because there are nearly 10,000 items in the Manual, everything is in the mix to optimise around. There are always 3 options to choose from so you pick the one that makes the most sense for you. It has made me buy certain packs, or farm certain bosses - and it is always about the mix of items...not just "All Waterworks" or certain Crowns sets, and having your pet in the mix changes the outcome for you.

    And it takes seconds and is right at your fingertips. Just the saving in time for the same value as a Mega-Snack Pack...just perfect :)

  4. I can really see how this would be extremely time saving - so much easier than scrolling through all the items at the Bazaar and trying to compare them.

    Thanks for giving an example of how the Manual works.

    I had also not realised that you could buy no auction gear at the Bazaar.

    Congratulations on beating Estrakir!

  5. Hey Scarlet! Always nice to hear that our posts are proving useful..... and yes I am glad that the cheating Estrakir is done and dusted :)


  6. Hi Tabitha, there is something weird going on. Oops, may have sounded a little over dramatic there.

    I've double-checked and it is not possible to buy No Auction gear in the Bazaar. No Auction gear is only available as a drop. So I searched the Bazaar for the Outsider's Grim Garb and the Eclipse Clogs, both items clearly showing as No Auction in the pictures in your post, and found them! However, in my game, on the US Server, the items are not marked as No Auction. Apart from that, all the stats are the same. I am totally kafubbled. (Yes, I just did make up that word.) It is just so odd.

    I thought I would share my kafubbulation. :)

    1. Kafabbulation lol!!

      Seriously though, that is weird. Although we are on the other side of the world, we sill use the US servers, so I would expect our results to be the same. Bit of investigation, so I have just hopped over to the Bazaar and had a look. Guess what? The items do not show as Auction Only!! So it seems that you buy them and then they become Auction Only!!!

      At least you should no longer be kafubbled.... though I am still not clear why it would change!


  7. Thank you for looking into it :)

    Really interesting too, in an odd sort of way.I'd read a post somewhere about a lot of level 50 and Dragonspyre gear being no auction. (People moaning that they could not sell it for lots of gold,) Maybe this is why they change? Because they fit into that level or range? Hmm.

    Thank you, the mists of kafubbulation have parted, a little, and I`ve learned yet another new thing, about Wizard101, from you. :)

  8. You know, I have been watching this discussion with interest, however, at this point I have a question...if the Bazaar survives (largely) on people selling, does that mean that you cannot resell that gear Tab? And Scarlet, does the same thing happen for you? When you buy it, does it become "No Auction"?

    I haven't tested this myself - but I might have to. I am very curious now! :)

  9. Hi, I bought the Eclipse Clogs using Scarlet, my Balance wizard. They did not turn to 'no auction' after purchase. I wondered if that was because 'I' was Balance so used the Shared Bank to transfer them to my Death wizard.

    Though my Death wizard is not yet of a high enough level to use the Eclipse Clogs, she is able to sell them back to the Bazaar. The 'No Auction' does not appear on them at all. I'm going to put them in her bank and see what happens when she does reach that level. (Hopefully I will remember.)

    It is really weird though.

  10. I've solved this mystery.

    The main piece of information that we have all over-looked here is this sentence "A quick re-stitch for all items purchased and I am good to go! ". I just purchased another robe and it is saleable (at a third of what I paid for it of course!)..... But it explains why they change to 'No Auction".

    I hope you remember those clogs when your Death Wizard is a bit further into the Spiral, Scarlet!!

    Phew - glad we sorted that one out :)


  11. Ah wonderful! Thank you so much, Tabitha. :) Stitching, eh? Yep, completely overlooked that and am so glad you solved the puzzle.

    Ah, I hope I do too, especially as I discovered, upon checking her bank that she has two pairs, in different colours. Guess I got the other pair as a drop.

    I'll leave you in peace now to continue your adventure in the Spiral. Looking forward to finding out how you're getting on.

    Best wishes :)

  12. Another question- once you buy the manual of mastery, then is it downloaded to your computer? Does the Manual of Mastery need the internet to run? Thanks!

  13. Hi Elijah,

    After you buy it, it will download to your PC. There is no further need for the web after that as it is all contained within Manual.

    Hope this helps!