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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Keep an Eye Out

You know, I'm glad that Pack-a-Palooza is back in town. These are good days for doing yet more stalking down at the Bazaar. If you don't already spend too much time down there already, that is!! Sadly I do,
 but this also means I get to pick up some awesome items, or say 21 snow globes. Actually now I have 23, but I think I need to curb the obsession at 11,250 gold each!

Pack-a-Palooza inevitably means that more packs are being bought. Some of those items are useful to you.... some are not. So more Wizards are selling at the Bazaar. More items are being  sold.... and some of those items may be a little rare. Take for instance the humble Snow Globe. Although fairly rare, they could be found at the Bazaar. As you can see from my posts about it, I managed to acquire 21 without too much fuss. However, very soon after they became pretty much extinct. They were never at the Bazaar - I would know, I always check... even now.

Well that has changed! The Snow Globes can be found with much more success at the Bazaar, thanks to all the Wizards buying the Yuletide pack again. And there are plenty of other items that have become available.

For instance, Alia has a pretty dresser with pink flowers on it. I have never seen it at the Bazaar, then low and behold it was there yesterday and I managed to pick one up. Here it is in situ at my new house! A few more items I have been trying to hold of are also in better supply, but I need them - so they will have to stay my little secret for now!

Thanks to Morgrim's detailed post of choosing the right pack I chose to buy a couple of Wyvern's Hoard packs. This is because I want the High Energy gear, so I can garden even more!! Oh and still have enough energy left over to pet train sometimes too.
So I am now the proud owner of Greenwarden's Energetic Boots... they don't look too bad with the rest of my gardening gear either, but the extra energy is awesome! An additional 12 is 10 more than I had, and in the energy stakes that is pretty good in my book.

I also got a new a shiny new mount as you can see. A bit too purple for me, but I do like the wings so you could see me whizzing around the spiral with these on! I reckon I will be buying a few more while Pack-a-Palooza is running. And then you'll find me hanging out at the Bazaar looking to buy those rare items other Wizards don't need!

Until next time,

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