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Sunday, 23 February 2014

What if I can't sell it?

Before I bought a membership with Wizard101, my 80 backpack limit was constantly being breached, and I'd have to figure out how to clean it out again!  Since membership, with the backpack limit increased to 120, it is quite amazing to think that I have exactly the same problem.

Then again, isn't that the way life works? :)

So, when you have this issue, and your friend Professor Lincoln pops up, what can you do?  

Well, as it turns out, quite a lot really!  

You can start by putting items into your Bank (if it is not full too!).  You can also use your Shared Bank for those items you are able to share with your other character.  These two options are the obvious and most basic of ways to fix this problem, yet some people I have come across are not away of the ability to use the Shared Bank.

However, to actually get rid of items, I always start in the Bazaar.  Don't forget you can sell items directly out of your Bank while at the Bazaar. Before KI introduced this, it was quite time consuming to traipse backwards and forwards between your house and the Bazaar!!

Most things can be sold here and for decent prices too...but not every thing will sell.  Those things defined as "No Auction" cannot be sold at the Bazaar.

So, what then?

Did you realise that you can sell items back to the normal shops?  The shops in the Shopping District and around the Spiral will buy most items, Crowns or special, however even a normal shop isn't the best answer for a bursting backpack!

Funnily enough, once you have finished at the Bazaar, the next best place to go is Pet Pavilion and drop in on the Pet Shoppe Boys.  Not only will they buy your unwanted and most of your un-sellable items, they will also buy back your pets! (and this can be a real relief in the middle of a hatching spree!)

However, if you are out and about in the Spiral, or in a Dungeon, there is another nice feature that can be quite handy - The Quick Sell.  You can do it anywhere or anytime.  This will allow you to sell your items very quickly,  The money is not great, but it is very convenient.

Again, not everything can be sold using Quick Sell, but as an emergency it can be quite handy.  If the Quick Sell option doesn't appear, that simply means that item cannot be Quick Sold.

As a fallback position, there is always the opportunity to feed your item to your pet.  This can be useful for either Treasure Cards, Reagents or even Pet Experience...

...but as a final option, when all else fails - you can always just throw it in the Trash (Delete).

I know some of these sound silly or obvious, but I just know that finding about these options was something I learned over time.  I figure if I didn't know about it for a while, there is a fair chance that others might not have known about it either!

See you 'round the Spiral.


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