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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Time for a Test Drive!

Hey everyone,

Had the opportunity to take my new spell out for a test drive today. Love the attention to detail in this one, so captured a few images while it was running.

It's pretty awesome in that you see Dr Von Katzenstein bringing the monster to life, just like in the old movies that I am sadly old enough to remember!

 I had no blades or traps, but Patch had given me Vengence just before I gained the final pip to run the spell..... Great to see that was enough to send me critical..... best way to run that spell first time. Looking forward to using a Blade or three and maybe a Feint or two to get really get a high damage score.

As you can see it scored 3722, and much of that damage comes straight back to me.

It really is great being a Death Wizard.

So often it has looked like I am losing a battle only to have either Wraith or Scarecrow bring me back from the brink. And now I have this Monster to add to the mix!

I must admit I pack more of the returning health spells than I do the others, although their respective hits are smaller, their return is well worth the shortfall.

Until Next Time,

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Week ended in a Spiral!

IT's HERE!!! Khrysalis Part 2 was finally released this week, and with it came a whole heap of other updates.
  • It's Here! Khryalis Part 2 - Tabitha notes some of the cool updates 
  • Poison Hivey - The mercenaries guide on the cheating Hive bosses 
  • Truth from the Shadow - Swordroll takes us through the new history quest.
No more guessing.... the update arrived and sent the Spiral... well in a spiral! Wizards everywhere have been busy questing and levelling up with the culmination of the Morganthe story... maybe......... Click on the image below to view all the best of the stories......

No doubt next week will be filled with stories, hints and tips about this latest piece of the Spiral puzzle.... check back then to find out, but in meantime put your feet up and enjoy our round-up from the last week.

Until Next Time,

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Khrysalis 2 - Pets, Crafting, Housing, Tours & Gardening

Hey Everyone,

Time to let you know a bit more about some of those updates that came with the Khrysalis 2 release a few days ago......

Crafting Updates

One for all those higher level Wizards.... If you've completed your Crafting tasks for Oztomeca in Three Points in Azteca, and obtained the Crafting Title of Transcendent Crafter, then Oztomeca has a new task for you.

Visit him in Three Points in Azteca to obtain the quest "Way of the Crafter". That quest will send you to Stendill HammerTail in Silent Market, Khrysalis, to continue your training. The quest Stendill HammerTail will give you is (of course) "Stop! HammerTail".

Crown Shop Reagent Bundles

Not looking forward to collecting more Stone Blocks? Run out of Scrap Iron again? Where is a patch of Deep Mushrooms when you need them?
Never fear! Collecting certain reagents will never be the same again, if you have crowns to spare that is! New Reagent Bundles are available in the Crown Shop:

Gardening & Housing Updates
  • Moon Flowers, which are a Rank 1 plant, will no longer attract Rank 2 pests
  • Blue Huckleberries, which are a Rank 1 plant, will no longer attract Rank 2 pests
  • Honey Bee Plants, which are a Rank 1 plant, will no longer attract Rank 2 pests
  • Angel Oak must be planted in Enchanted Soil
  • Melting Cheese Trees have begun to attract pests
  • Unfortunately, we have been unable to address the issue of rank 5 gardening spells not stacking. We'll continue to work on this and it will hopefully be addressed in an upcoming content update.


  • When in Decorating Mode, items of the same type will now stack in the item placement window
  • When in Decorating Mode, the name of the selected item is now displayed when you are placing or adjusting an item
  • Avalon housing items are now available as rewards from duels
  • More House names & phrases have been added to the Customizable Housing Signs
  • Medal Display, Medal Display Case and Commemorative Statue can no longer be sold at the Bazaar
  • Curved Vase Case & Vase Case are now properly labeled as Furniture not Decoration
  • Items picked up in the world can now be sold in the Bazaar

Castle Tours

When Castle Tours first made an appearance there were some clear issues. Houses were appearing that had not been decorated at all, and that was clearly not the intent of that update. Good news is that this has been fixed and Houses must have at least 50 items inside and 50 items outside before they can be added to Castle Tours.
Additionally, players will be prompted to confirm that their house actually contains a maze when adding a Maze themed Castle

One of the things I always wondered when I had my MooShoo house in the Castle Tours, was how many Wizards had popped over, so it is great to see this update - Castle owners can now view the number of days left on the tour and the number of visitors to their home.

New School Pets!

New Pets have arrived to stand by your side in peace and combat. If you are a minimum of level 98and have your level 78 school pet, speak to your School Professor for your next pet quest.

That's it for this update. As you can see KI have been very busy indeed!

Until Next Time!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Khrysalis Part 2 - News on Spells

Hey everyone,

The biggest news of the year is here - Khrysalis Part 2 is now live, but with this update comes a whole heap of new and improved things. Almost all parts of the spiral are touched in some way! I have decided to list the changes and improvements to spells, in this post.

Shift Spells!
Shift Spells are part of Moon Magic. They are single-round polymorphs that allow you to perform a creature’s natural attack for one round, after which your Wizard reverts back to their original form.

Players who are level 98 or higher need to speak to Arkyn Moonblade in the Eclipse Tower to train these spells.

These new spells include:

Death SchoolShift Sugar Glider 
attacks for 380 Death School Damage and adds a ward to the target for -25% to target's outgoing damage and -50% to target's next outgoing heal

Storm SchoolShift Piscean 
attacks for 460 Storm School Damage and steals one pip from target

Myth SchoolShift Ogre 
attacks for 340 Myth School Damage and removes 1 shield and 1 charm from target

Ice SchoolShift Dread Paladin 
attacks for 360 Ice School Damage plus adds one of three possible increases to incoming damage for the target (15%, 30% or 45%)

Life SchoolShift Greenoak
attacks for 340 Life School Damage and adds a -25% Damage ward to next spell for target plus a +25% Damage blade to next spell for Self

Balance SchoolShift Thornpaw 
attacks for 390 Balance School Damage plus adds +10% Armor Piercing and Accuracy to self

Fire SchoolShift Grendel 
attacks for 115 + 360 damage over 3 rounds plus adds one random accuracy ward (-25%, -45%, -65%) to the target

New Global Spells

Global spells are the 'domes' that appear over the entire dueling circle, encompassing and impacting all teammates and enemies alike!

New Global Spells have been added for players level 97 or higher. Speak to Amelia StarDust to obtain the quest "A Dream of Avalon" which will grant one spell for your main school of focus.

Fire School
Combustion adds +20% Fire Armor Piercing, +17% Fire Critical Hit
Ice School
Katabatic Wind adds +25% Ice Armor Piercing, +10% Ice Critical Hit
Storm School
Astraphobia adds +20% Storm Armor Piercing, +20% Storm Critical Hit
Myth School
Saga of Heroes adds +20% Myth Armor Piercing, +15% Myth Critical Hit
Life School
Namaste adds +20% Life Armor Piercing, +12% Life Critical Hit
Death School
Age of Reckoning adds +20% Death Armor Piercing, +15% Death Critical Hit
Balance School
Counterforce adds +20% Balance Armor Piercing, +15% Balance Critical Hit

Look for upgrades to the effects on the current global spells too - cast your school's global spell today!
(Time of Legend for Myth, Balefrost for Ice, Doom & Gloom for Death, Sanctuary for Life, Darkwind for Storm, Wyldfire for Fire, and Power Play for Balance)

Spell Changes
  • Insane Bolt has an insane new cinematic
  • Look for upgrades to the effects on the existing global spells
  • Legendary Treant spells are now more powerful
  • Cloaked spells that are Pierced should now show the correct damage text
  • Wildfire Treant Treasure Cards will now only steal positive charms from opponents
  • Backlash will no longer stack when players cast additional shadow forms while currently in shadow form
  • Cloaked shields were causing player health to appear differently than their actual health. Sometimes this resulted in a defeated player "popping" back up with some of their health left. Cloaked shields will no longer impact the display of a player's health in PvP
That's all the news on spell changes in this release. I will pop another post on some of the other changes too.

Until Next Time,

Friday, 25 April 2014

Minigame Madness - Chapter 6

Chapter six unravels itself below!

"Potion Motion" was next in my adventure of minigames and I enjoyed this one thoroughly - it was a good mid- level of difficulty and it is played fast and quick.

The timer starts when the first move is made, regardless of whether it matches or not. The aim of the game is to match three or more of one type of potion to make them disappear and bring new potions in.

The game will not tell you when you change levels, but you will notice that new potions appear to make it that little bit harder. You just keep playing until you run out of time, but when a potion match is made the timer extends. The timer starts getting faster and faster each time you level up.

Morgrim told me about a trick that Edward Stormglade uses, and that is to just randomly throw the potions everywhere and apparently it works well for him, but when I tried it I didn't end up with as much luck. This game was fun and slightly challenging but still allowed me to get a decent reward, I will also be definitely be coming back to this one.

Can't wait to see you in game!
Christopher Battlesmith

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bunnies, Hares.... but no Khrysalis Part 2!

Happy Easter everyone! This week's top stories from the Weekly are:
  • Tabitha's Wizardversary - Tabitha reflects on one year in the Spiral
  • Spring Mounts - lots of people hopped on the bandwagon when the new mounts were released! 
  • Drawing Dalia - More great art by Alura....
Spring is definitely in the air, and Easter is being celebrated all over the world.... including in the Spiral. New bunnies and hares are hopping round the Spiral.... and again another week has passed with no more news on Khrysalis Part 2..... Click on the image below to view all the best of the stories......

Who knows what next week will bring? Enjoy, and we'll bring you another round-up this time next week!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, 20 April 2014

To Summon a Monster

Hey everyone,

I leveled up to 68 today, and up popped Dworgyn with the great news that another spell is waiting to be learnt. So I dropped everything and hot-footed it over to Nightside.
Dworgyn sent me over to see Dr Von Katzenstein.... who had much to say....
So... We meet again. Who sent you? Dworgyn? It has been years since he worked for me. Whatever does he want? Oh... He seeks the secret of my  monster, my greatest creation! You know that really takes me back... We were young, and I was just getting into the whole mad scientist things, and Dworgyn had just graduated from Hench School. The things we used to get up to! Robbing graveyards, stitching corpses, calling lightning from the sky! Those were the days...
But I am afraid that I cannot help you. My papers were stolen from my lab some time ago. I heard rumours that they had been taken by a sorcerer named the Hoarder, but I do not know anymore. Go now, and slink back to Dworgyn with your tail between your legs. Oh, you don’t have a tail? Well... Let me out of this cell, and I’ll fix that...
Next up it's back to Dworgyn to see where I am led for the second part of this quest....
Did Katzenstein teach you what you needed to know? It Katzenstein says his papers contain the secret to building his famous Monster, then you must recover it! I’ve heard that the hoarder hides out in Dragonspyre, but I have no idea where! You know who will know? Milos Bookwyrm! The librarian of the Atheneum will know everything going on in Dragonspyre! Milos Bookwyrm is as sharp as a scalpel, and quick as lightning. Nothing escapes his notice! Go and speak to him!
So.... we are off to Dragonspyre next.....
Oh, hello there. Have we met before? It’s been so quiet around here... I can barely remember my own name! You are looking for the Hoarder, yes? That is unfortunate. The Hoarder is very powerful, not to be trifled with. There are those who claim it is a servant of Morganthe, Queen of the Shadow Web, gathering magic towards her return.
The Hoarder lurks in a tower with the Plaza of Conquests. Katzenstein’s notes will be with the Books of Death. But be wise and stay away from that place. I am a ghost, and I would not meddle with the Hoarder!
I was wondering when a battle would take place, but I was really surprised to see that this Rank 11 Boss was about 7,000 health LESS than the last spell I learnt. A mere 8,710 health!

Of course it was a Death Boss. I was expecting it to be fairly easy, and it was. Surprisingly so.  I had packed plenty of Prisms and used them to good effect. It wasn't long before this battle was over........

So it's back to Dworgyn...... happy that the journal has been retrieved, it seems the best place to call the spell to life is outside in front of dear old Mortis. So off I go, only to find out that the papers are too messy to work..... I am advised to go back to Dworgyn, but before I do I catch something out of the corner my eye.... the spell is working!
So I stay to watch.... It's actually a pretty cool spell to watch, although I notice that it is not one I see in battle too often.

As with all these new spells, I like to use them quite quickly to see what they look like when cast, and this at least looks a bit different to many of the death spells.

Back with Dworgyn and he confirms that I have my new spell. It is a 9-pip spell, and one that gives health back which is aways useful. Should be good to get a high hit out of at some stage.
My highest hit so far is less than 8,000 - I have no idea how anyone even gets close to 1-in-a-million, but hopefully one day I will find out!

Until next time,

Friday, 18 April 2014

Minigame Madness Chapter.5

Chapter Five is here for your reading pleasure!

"Doodle Doug" has dug its way into my adventures! This game is both really enjoyable and mildly difficult as the whole time you are being chased by monsters who want to make Doug (what I am going to call the little wizard) lose.

This game kind of reminds me of Bomberman as you start with 6 bombs to blow up enemies if need be and you need to dig around for the gems to get points. If you have  bombs left over and time to spare then you will gain extra points at the end of the round. There are many buffs and debuffs that help and hinder Doug in his travels.

This game is amazing as when you are playing you want all the specials even though they could hinder you...... they could help you....... but you also don't want to die or blow yourself up. As you need the gems all in time, it is very much a survival gem hunting game.

The buffs are as follows:
  1. Monsters walk slower
  2. Gems worth more
  3. Doug walks faster
  4. Extra life
  5. Extra bombs
Some of the debuffs are as follows:
  1. Monsters quicker
  2. Digger walks slower
When I was playing I could feel myself getting drawn into the game and wanting Doug to live through and keep going. This game was challenging and thrilling at the same time, I will definitely be playing this one again when I come back.

Can't wait to see you in game!
Christopher Battlesmith

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Really? Where did that time go?

Who knew? Well obviously KI did, but I was blissfully unaware that I was about to enter a major milestone in my Wizard101 journey... my first year anniversary - no wait.... my Wizardversary!

So I guess today is the day to have a think about what that actually means. Levels and Stats are the easy ones. I am level 66 and my badge of choice is "Verdant Gardener". And when I started this time last year, that was a badge that did not exist. Everything moves on, improves, changes. So what else?

Well... I know what critical and block mean.... I know that the perfect pet has great stats, but talents are subjective. And I know that training to MEGA takes mega snacks and lots of patience!

I know that there is a wondrous world of just crazy adaptations of plants in the Spiral.  And I still love finding out about new ones. The Couch Potatoes that watch TV and kiss, the King Parsley that boogies the night away and the dangerously snappy Fish on a Vine to name but a few. Oh and those Couch Potatoes grow into Grandma and Grandpa if you don't look after them... complete with slippers and grey streaks in their hair. The attention to detail is awesome!

I have met many a villain and run, jumped, swam and ridden on a dragon. I have teleported all over and I found the Bazaar. I have spent considerable time at said Bazaar and spent much Gold. But for that I have crafted to my hearts content and decorated a few houses - of which I am very proud of the results.

I have found worlds that I love to explore and worlds that I almost suffer through to reach the end. I have found worlds that amaze, worlds that are beautiful. The creativity of the KI team continues to fill me with awe as I travel through Celestia - very much the land of changing landscapes....

  And it's not just the landscapes that have changed over the last year. So has Tabitha's wardrobe! I started being very true to my school - everything was black and red. But, as I started my journey into PvP I found that everyone knew me as a Death Wizard... so I started dressing in red. That phase didn't last long - the coming of the Halloween season, meant my first purchase of a Nightmare pack. I didn't look back... for a while.

Nowadays I'm either in green (gardening gear) or gold and white. Some things have remained constant though - for instance, I do not like head attire that hides my hair. I don't like pets that float or fly, I like my pet to be at my feet.

I have been defeated many, many times. I have tried my hand at more Silver Chests than I care to remember and I have uttered the immortal phrase "Oh I got caught" (or words to that effect) just one time too many as I try and dash by the enemy on my way to speak to someone! My mini-game of choice is Potion Motion and my Pet Training game of choice is the Dance Game.

At Christmas I had the awesome pleasure of helping two whole families of Wizards come together to re-make the 12-days of Christmas in our own style.

And you know, I could go on all day about all that I have learned, discovered, loved and hated. We all have our own story. But I bet all of our stories have one very important thing in common. The new friends. The people that are drawn together through the game. No - these are not really friends in the true sense of the word, but they can be just as important.

The community spirit that surrounds this game is great. Wizards helping each other, or just saying "Hi" when they see someone online. We never know what is going on in the real world for these Wizards, a simple "Hi" could be the very thing someone needs. I love that my level is now sufficiently high enough that I am called upon for help quite often. And I try to, if I can. Sometimes time gets in the way and I know I will not have time for Waterworks for instance, but as a rule, I try to say yes.

I have learnt that Wizards love to share. We chat on Twitter, and we talk through our blogs. We share information and thoughts that we hope help, or maybe they just raise discussion.

My year in the Spiral has gone fast - that's for sure! I want to sign off saying thanks to Morgrim for introducing me to this special world. Here's to another year of adventure and fun!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Egg-citing Additions!

Another day in the Spiral and what's this I see? Two new mounts in the Crown Shop - the Prismatic hare and the Caerbannog rabbit! Just take a look at these Bunnies - I can't wait to see them hopping around the Spiral.

But that's not all that is new, and clearly we are getting in the mood for Easter, because some egg-citing news is that Eggbert is back.

This is my first Easter in the Spiral, and I am always keen to see how KI celebrate the festivities. You can find Eggbert in the Shopping District by the water fountain, and he has tons of fun stuff!

Bunny Wands & Staffs
Fun Spring Wands
The Pet Egg!
And who could stop by the Crown Shop and not check out the awesome Bunny Costume? Your Wizard can be Peter Cottontail hopping down the Wizard101 trail in this cool head-to-toe bunny suit!

All looks loads of fun as we head into the Easter weekend!

Until Next Time,

Monday, 14 April 2014

No news on Khrysalis Part 2?

Leading the pack in the stories this week :
  • Blaze's Pet at MEGA - Did it give him what he wanted? Read on and find out!
  • 101 days of 2014 - sounds like a good excuse for a sale! 
  • New Fox Pet - dropped by the final boss....
 The most interesting thing about the stories around the Spiral Web this week is the almost complete lack of Khrysalis Part 2 news! I was convinced there would be some! And thanks to KI, everyone is now aware that we are past 101 days into the new year!

There is also the exciting news of a new craftable house in Azteca, the Mount-a-Palooza sale continues and the onset of Spring in the West seems to have spawned many a contest. Who knows what next week will bring? Enjoy, and we'll bring you another round-up this time next week!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Good News No.1: Princess Cleo has hit Mega!

Good News No.2: Princess Cleo didn't fail.

Great News No.1: Princess Cleo got PAIN GIVER!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT!!

Great News No.2: Those Mega Snacks weren't wasted.

Great News No.3: If you want to hatch with the new and improved Princess Cleo please post a comment with the time, timezone, realm and what your Wizard's name is.

Thanks for reading and for all the luck!

- Blaze

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Back Into It.....

Hey everyone,

Boy it feels like ages since I've had the opportunity to write a new post... and this one is just a quick update on where I am at, so a quick read for you guys! I haven't been on Wizard101 a whole lot recently, just one of those times when other things get in the way. It was nice to be back and just running around knocking off a few of those quests that have been sat there a while.

So I've just finished the Floating Land. I hope the story takes me back up there at some point, but for now it's down below I go. My next stop is Stormriven. I was slightly concerned to see underwater submarine scenery back on the horizon, so I gave a huge sigh when I saw that this place is more a mix of the submarine and the celestial. I've just leveled up to 66, which is the first time I have leveled up in such a long time!

I have a long way to go into Stormriven, but felt compelled to use the following shot in this short post. It's like some kind of celestial game of chess. It actually would have been quite cool to have a game on those squares.

One thing I am still struggling with over here is the best use of my training points. I have 10 of them at the moment, and I'm struggling to work out if it is really worth using nearly all of them to train in the astral spells of that increase the power of your damage. Reading the forums, I know quite a few have, but I don't want to use them and then find something else is close that I would rather use them on. For now, I'll just continue to buy them at the Bazaar. Happy to hear what you guys did when faced with this decision!!

So that's my little update. I'll have more posts soon :)

Until Next Time,

Friday, 11 April 2014

Minigame Madness Chapter.4

Hello and welcome to chapter four of my marvelous adventure!

I returned to my journey with "Choo-Choo Zoo"! This game was interesting and difficult and sort of reminded me of the "Shock Locks" on the silver chests.

As the player you start on the mid left of the map and you need to make the little wizard take a path that will lead him to the creatures and then back to the center of the map. Although the concept seems like an easy one, it is really difficult to reach each creature and return to the middle.

When the creatures are on the edge of the screen, like in the image, they are harder to get to as they you cannot let the little wizard run off the map; otherwise you fail.

The only way to gain points in this game is to either get the gems or get a time bonus. Although in my trials it is almost impossible to get the time bonus (unless the creatures are in easy spots, which is very rare anyway) so going for the gems is the only real way to earn points.

There is no timer on the screen and therefore no way to measure whether you will gain the time bonus or not. This game seemed easy the first time I played it as all the creatures were lined up and easy to grab.... but when I lost I played a few more times and struggled to get to the third level with any points at all!

This is a game I will not be playing again as it nigh impossible to earn anything.

Can't wait to see you in game!
Christopher Battlesmith

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Princess Cleo is just about Mega! She will be my second pet to get to Mega and hopefully won't fail.

The first pet I got to Mega was a pet that absolutely utterly failed. After doing reasonably well through teen to epic, I managed to do so well and got Mana Gift at Mega (yea, don't know how I did it). I was completely devastated and didn't train pets for a while after that.

Well now the time has almost come! Princess Cleo has 1840/2000 xp and should be Mega very, very soon. I will keep you posted and expect a post from me in the coming days. Wish me luck for not failing!

- Blaze

Monday, 7 April 2014

Is that Khrysalis Part 2 around the corner?

Leading the pack in the stories this week :
  • Khrysalis Part 2! The test realm is up and we seem to be on the final strait for the big release!
  • MMORG are having another competition. Pop over to get your free elixirs! 
  • Duelist101 - Want to find out more about the Maycast Shadow Forged Weapons?
 ....... Remember there is heaps more on offer in the full edition, all the blogs and You-Tubes you may have missed during the last week in the Spiral......

Relax, put your feet up and Enjoy! We'll have another one ready for you next week.... and I wonder what the KhrysalisPart 2 news will be then?

Until Next Time,

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Minigame Madness - Chapter 3.5

Welcome to a special chapter of my adventure through the minigames!

"Sorcery Stones" was a game that was easy but time consuming, and I thought there was no point playing it again. But, as all things in Wizard101, these thoughts can change! I was able to gain a high score because it was so easy and when I saw the rewards I thought that I might have something worthwhile......

Look at the picture - I saw that I had earned a hat!! This was new! I was rather exited to see its stats or if it was worth much gold.....  but neither held much gain. The hat would have been okay for my level but not that good either - so I decided that I would sell it because it must be worth at least a hundred or so.

I arrived at the bazaar eager to see what rewards I would reap, but I was rather disappointed when the hat only sold for 6 gold! It was a free hat so I can't complain about it but as you can see, I earned more gold from playing the actual game than selling the hat. I am still unsure about that last circle, and if get a score large enough one day I will share with you what I get.  In the meantime, have any of you ever completed the circles? If you have have perhaps you could let me know how long it took and what was the reward?

Thanks for reading my special chapter!

Can't wait to see you in game!
Christopher Battlesmith

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hades Vs. Waterworks

Most of you would probably know of the level 90+ dungeon in Aquila, Tartarus. Tartarus is probably the most frustrating thing in Wizard, even more so then Waterworks (WW) or Tower of The Helephant (ToTH). It drops some of the best gear in the game from the final boss fight which is why so many people do it.

With a good team, you can finish Tartarus in just over or under an hour. The bad bit is, unless you have 3 other people you know and can communicate well with AND are over level 90 it's much harder and longer. Most of the people awaiting outside Tartarus for a team have some knowledge of the cheats and the way the dungeon works.

Waterworks, however, is much shorter but still very hard, and gives you gear that I still use at level 93! Waterworks drops 1 set of gear for each school, whereas Tartarus drops 2 sets per school.

The question is... Which one to use?

Hades first gear type is the 'offensive' set. This set gives no universal resistance but lots of damage and lots and lots of critical. Besides that, it gives you pierce to go through resistance! With all the storm set of Hades offensive gear, you can get up to 30% pierce!

The choice, obviously, is up to you. I personally am trying for the Hades resistance helmet and robe (I have the robe) and high-block (Azteca Crafted) or the Hades resist boots (I have both).

Trust me though, WaterWorks gear is still being used by me as a lvl 93 Death Wizard. The hat's universal resist is just really helpful as Death (when in teams) usually doesn't do the hitting.

There you have it! I will be doing more Tartarus runs now that I have the goal of getting the hat back in my mind (finally my pet didn't fail) so expect to be updated.

Thank you for reading and I wish you good luck choosing between the two!