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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bunnies, Hares.... but no Khrysalis Part 2!

Happy Easter everyone! This week's top stories from the Weekly are:
  • Tabitha's Wizardversary - Tabitha reflects on one year in the Spiral
  • Spring Mounts - lots of people hopped on the bandwagon when the new mounts were released! 
  • Drawing Dalia - More great art by Alura....
Spring is definitely in the air, and Easter is being celebrated all over the world.... including in the Spiral. New bunnies and hares are hopping round the Spiral.... and again another week has passed with no more news on Khrysalis Part 2..... Click on the image below to view all the best of the stories......

Who knows what next week will bring? Enjoy, and we'll bring you another round-up this time next week!

Until Next Time,

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