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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Alia's Sightseeing through the Spiral - I (Part 2)

My solution for Insane

The problem I found with Waterworks is that I just didn't have the money to level the towers up quickly enough to kill the enemy.  I had most success with the Myth towers and was using 6 of them to try to hit quickly. The problem was to increase their hits I needed a life tower.  Trying to level up everything though wasn't being affective, so I decided to get a life pet tower.  Although only at Ancient I was hoping it would be enough.

The solution other than the life pet, was death towers.  I still needed Myth towers, but some enemy were just too strong and needed to be taken out quickly so the Myth towers could concentrate on other enemies.  This picture shows the towers and setup I used to complete Waterworks.  And below is my medal, and although it is not silver or gold medal, I am very happy to tick it off the course with a Bronze medal.

Have fun :)

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