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Monday, 28 April 2014

The Week ended in a Spiral!

IT's HERE!!! Khrysalis Part 2 was finally released this week, and with it came a whole heap of other updates.
  • It's Here! Khryalis Part 2 - Tabitha notes some of the cool updates 
  • Poison Hivey - The mercenaries guide on the cheating Hive bosses 
  • Truth from the Shadow - Swordroll takes us through the new history quest.
No more guessing.... the update arrived and sent the Spiral... well in a spiral! Wizards everywhere have been busy questing and levelling up with the culmination of the Morganthe story... maybe......... Click on the image below to view all the best of the stories......

No doubt next week will be filled with stories, hints and tips about this latest piece of the Spiral puzzle.... check back then to find out, but in meantime put your feet up and enjoy our round-up from the last week.

Until Next Time,

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