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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Really? Where did that time go?

Who knew? Well obviously KI did, but I was blissfully unaware that I was about to enter a major milestone in my Wizard101 journey... my first year anniversary - no wait.... my Wizardversary!

So I guess today is the day to have a think about what that actually means. Levels and Stats are the easy ones. I am level 66 and my badge of choice is "Verdant Gardener". And when I started this time last year, that was a badge that did not exist. Everything moves on, improves, changes. So what else?

Well... I know what critical and block mean.... I know that the perfect pet has great stats, but talents are subjective. And I know that training to MEGA takes mega snacks and lots of patience!

I know that there is a wondrous world of just crazy adaptations of plants in the Spiral.  And I still love finding out about new ones. The Couch Potatoes that watch TV and kiss, the King Parsley that boogies the night away and the dangerously snappy Fish on a Vine to name but a few. Oh and those Couch Potatoes grow into Grandma and Grandpa if you don't look after them... complete with slippers and grey streaks in their hair. The attention to detail is awesome!

I have met many a villain and run, jumped, swam and ridden on a dragon. I have teleported all over and I found the Bazaar. I have spent considerable time at said Bazaar and spent much Gold. But for that I have crafted to my hearts content and decorated a few houses - of which I am very proud of the results.

I have found worlds that I love to explore and worlds that I almost suffer through to reach the end. I have found worlds that amaze, worlds that are beautiful. The creativity of the KI team continues to fill me with awe as I travel through Celestia - very much the land of changing landscapes....

  And it's not just the landscapes that have changed over the last year. So has Tabitha's wardrobe! I started being very true to my school - everything was black and red. But, as I started my journey into PvP I found that everyone knew me as a Death Wizard... so I started dressing in red. That phase didn't last long - the coming of the Halloween season, meant my first purchase of a Nightmare pack. I didn't look back... for a while.

Nowadays I'm either in green (gardening gear) or gold and white. Some things have remained constant though - for instance, I do not like head attire that hides my hair. I don't like pets that float or fly, I like my pet to be at my feet.

I have been defeated many, many times. I have tried my hand at more Silver Chests than I care to remember and I have uttered the immortal phrase "Oh I got caught" (or words to that effect) just one time too many as I try and dash by the enemy on my way to speak to someone! My mini-game of choice is Potion Motion and my Pet Training game of choice is the Dance Game.

At Christmas I had the awesome pleasure of helping two whole families of Wizards come together to re-make the 12-days of Christmas in our own style.

And you know, I could go on all day about all that I have learned, discovered, loved and hated. We all have our own story. But I bet all of our stories have one very important thing in common. The new friends. The people that are drawn together through the game. No - these are not really friends in the true sense of the word, but they can be just as important.

The community spirit that surrounds this game is great. Wizards helping each other, or just saying "Hi" when they see someone online. We never know what is going on in the real world for these Wizards, a simple "Hi" could be the very thing someone needs. I love that my level is now sufficiently high enough that I am called upon for help quite often. And I try to, if I can. Sometimes time gets in the way and I know I will not have time for Waterworks for instance, but as a rule, I try to say yes.

I have learnt that Wizards love to share. We chat on Twitter, and we talk through our blogs. We share information and thoughts that we hope help, or maybe they just raise discussion.

My year in the Spiral has gone fast - that's for sure! I want to sign off saying thanks to Morgrim for introducing me to this special world. Here's to another year of adventure and fun!

Until Next Time,

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