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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Time for a Test Drive!

Hey everyone,

Had the opportunity to take my new spell out for a test drive today. Love the attention to detail in this one, so captured a few images while it was running.

It's pretty awesome in that you see Dr Von Katzenstein bringing the monster to life, just like in the old movies that I am sadly old enough to remember!

 I had no blades or traps, but Patch had given me Vengence just before I gained the final pip to run the spell..... Great to see that was enough to send me critical..... best way to run that spell first time. Looking forward to using a Blade or three and maybe a Feint or two to get really get a high damage score.

As you can see it scored 3722, and much of that damage comes straight back to me.

It really is great being a Death Wizard.

So often it has looked like I am losing a battle only to have either Wraith or Scarecrow bring me back from the brink. And now I have this Monster to add to the mix!

I must admit I pack more of the returning health spells than I do the others, although their respective hits are smaller, their return is well worth the shortfall.

Until Next Time,

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