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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Khrysalis 2 - Pets, Crafting, Housing, Tours & Gardening

Hey Everyone,

Time to let you know a bit more about some of those updates that came with the Khrysalis 2 release a few days ago......

Crafting Updates

One for all those higher level Wizards.... If you've completed your Crafting tasks for Oztomeca in Three Points in Azteca, and obtained the Crafting Title of Transcendent Crafter, then Oztomeca has a new task for you.

Visit him in Three Points in Azteca to obtain the quest "Way of the Crafter". That quest will send you to Stendill HammerTail in Silent Market, Khrysalis, to continue your training. The quest Stendill HammerTail will give you is (of course) "Stop! HammerTail".

Crown Shop Reagent Bundles

Not looking forward to collecting more Stone Blocks? Run out of Scrap Iron again? Where is a patch of Deep Mushrooms when you need them?
Never fear! Collecting certain reagents will never be the same again, if you have crowns to spare that is! New Reagent Bundles are available in the Crown Shop:

Gardening & Housing Updates
  • Moon Flowers, which are a Rank 1 plant, will no longer attract Rank 2 pests
  • Blue Huckleberries, which are a Rank 1 plant, will no longer attract Rank 2 pests
  • Honey Bee Plants, which are a Rank 1 plant, will no longer attract Rank 2 pests
  • Angel Oak must be planted in Enchanted Soil
  • Melting Cheese Trees have begun to attract pests
  • Unfortunately, we have been unable to address the issue of rank 5 gardening spells not stacking. We'll continue to work on this and it will hopefully be addressed in an upcoming content update.


  • When in Decorating Mode, items of the same type will now stack in the item placement window
  • When in Decorating Mode, the name of the selected item is now displayed when you are placing or adjusting an item
  • Avalon housing items are now available as rewards from duels
  • More House names & phrases have been added to the Customizable Housing Signs
  • Medal Display, Medal Display Case and Commemorative Statue can no longer be sold at the Bazaar
  • Curved Vase Case & Vase Case are now properly labeled as Furniture not Decoration
  • Items picked up in the world can now be sold in the Bazaar

Castle Tours

When Castle Tours first made an appearance there were some clear issues. Houses were appearing that had not been decorated at all, and that was clearly not the intent of that update. Good news is that this has been fixed and Houses must have at least 50 items inside and 50 items outside before they can be added to Castle Tours.
Additionally, players will be prompted to confirm that their house actually contains a maze when adding a Maze themed Castle

One of the things I always wondered when I had my MooShoo house in the Castle Tours, was how many Wizards had popped over, so it is great to see this update - Castle owners can now view the number of days left on the tour and the number of visitors to their home.

New School Pets!

New Pets have arrived to stand by your side in peace and combat. If you are a minimum of level 98and have your level 78 school pet, speak to your School Professor for your next pet quest.

That's it for this update. As you can see KI have been very busy indeed!

Until Next Time!

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