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Friday, 18 April 2014

Minigame Madness Chapter.5

Chapter Five is here for your reading pleasure!

"Doodle Doug" has dug its way into my adventures! This game is both really enjoyable and mildly difficult as the whole time you are being chased by monsters who want to make Doug (what I am going to call the little wizard) lose.

This game kind of reminds me of Bomberman as you start with 6 bombs to blow up enemies if need be and you need to dig around for the gems to get points. If you have  bombs left over and time to spare then you will gain extra points at the end of the round. There are many buffs and debuffs that help and hinder Doug in his travels.

This game is amazing as when you are playing you want all the specials even though they could hinder you...... they could help you....... but you also don't want to die or blow yourself up. As you need the gems all in time, it is very much a survival gem hunting game.

The buffs are as follows:
  1. Monsters walk slower
  2. Gems worth more
  3. Doug walks faster
  4. Extra life
  5. Extra bombs
Some of the debuffs are as follows:
  1. Monsters quicker
  2. Digger walks slower
When I was playing I could feel myself getting drawn into the game and wanting Doug to live through and keep going. This game was challenging and thrilling at the same time, I will definitely be playing this one again when I come back.

Can't wait to see you in game!
Christopher Battlesmith

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