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Monday, 30 September 2013


Hey everyone, Blaze here!

Recently I have been pet training ( thanks to the wonderful Couch Potatoes ) with lots of Mega's to get my new Penumbra Drake to Epic. First, Spritely, I was very happy with this and decided it was worth more training, I got him to Ancient and Unicorn was the one. A pretty good pet so far! Decided to keep going and got MC Vengeance ( to get this pet I hatched with Morgrim and the pet was getting the same as his ). This pet was getting great. For the perfect pet all I needed was Spell Proof and Fairy Friend and maybe Spell Defying instead of Unicorn. I got Midnight to Epic today and guess what....
Curse Giver.

It's a little bit sad really. Well this pet won't be getting what I want so no point training it further. I'll keep everyone updated on what talents I get training my pets and what stats they were at when they levelled.

Until next time!


Alia's Sightseeing through the Spiral - D

D is for Decorating

Regardless of whether it is inside or outside wizards spend a lot of time and effort with decorating.  It is interesting to see the same house look completely different depending on the decorating.  My poor dorm room was forgotten as soon as I bought my second house, and now because I use teleporters I rarely go back there at all.  My life house is still one of my favourite houses and I love most of the rooms in it.  Below are 2 of my favourite areas.

The inside garden area, with headmaster statue and trophy.
 Inside my study with all of my crafting tables

The Wysteria Villa is one of my latest investments.  This house still needs a lot of attention but I have been crafting the cupboards for the kitchen.  It has a very different feel to it than the life house, and is still a work in progress.

Snow inside at my life room in my Wysteria Villa 
At the moment I have 6 homes, the Life House, Royal Estate, Massive Fantasy Palace, Imperial Palace, Wysteria Villa and the Red Barn Farm.  The Red Barn Farm seems to be more of a dumping ground at the moment to put all the furniture in because my backpack and bank were continually full.  I have just started a new garden there for my couch potatoes and should really farm for some more of them.

The outside space at my Fantasy Palace is one of my favourites.  This is the archery practice area.  Both targets were picked up at the bazaar, but they are hard to get :)

Stage/Play area, party pavilion, and camping grounds 
 Relaxing garden area with one of my favourite trees

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my homes, and I'll post some photos from friends homes soon.

Have fun
Alia :)

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Getting Badges

Well tonight's mission was something I haven't done for a while.  While in a few of the worlds I didn't complete the badges when I was there and always said I'd go back later and do them.  So tonight was a chance to finish my badges in Mooshu.

Thankfully Morgrim was able to help out.  That meant defeating 3 instead of 2 at a time, and killing them faster.  With a meteor, Morgrim is able to take them out in the first round, whereas by myself I need to wait until I have a forest lord to hit with, so it means waiting until the 3th round.

So I have now earned my Nightstalker badge for 400 Ninja Pigs (was only at 319 at the start of the night) and the Samurai badge which is earned by defeating 200 Samoorai.

Still to go are pages 5 and 11 where I have missed the cats and spiders.

I think that might be a fight for another day though.  I'm just happy to have completed page 8.

If you haven't checked out the badges before, and don't know how to get them, there is a complete list to look at on wizard central.

Alia :)

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Treasure Cards

Treasure cards are pretty good advantages but some people use them in PvPs. I think that is wasting your treasure cards.  At lower levels, I recommend using them in real fights that way you can get to higher levels and NOT waste them.

I think the best way to get treasure cards is to fight bosses. Or buy them at the bazaar.

See ya!

Quest Buddys

Hi I'm Edward StormGlade a level 32 death wiz. Is it hard to do quests by yourself?

Try a quest buddy.

If some one is doing the same quest as you, you can do it with them, that way it helps them and you to level up! The way you do that is just go around and say, in friendly, would you like some help? That way they can answer. If you don't have text chat go to the speech bubble and when you have found someone to go with enjoy.

See ya!


Monday, 23 September 2013

Crafting the Eagle War Shield - Part 2

Well, not as difficult as I thought it was going to be.  I got very lucky in Mangrove Marsh and changed servers about 10 times to get the nectar.  I didn't get many with the first maybe 14 leaves picked up, but after that tried pressing the side arrow while pressing x and as well as collecting multiple leaves, I also got the nectar drop.  Maybe just a coincidence, but something I will keep trying to see if it works all the time.

Anyway Eagle War Shield Created, Crafted and Complete.

And now it is onto the next challenge.

Till next time
Alia :)

Darkly Elegant

Hey everyone,

It's always exciting to know that you are are near leveling up and with it comes the promise of a new spell. I found myself in such a position yesterday. I needed a mere 100 XP to level up to 42, and one of my lower level friends needed help in Krokotopia, so off I went. Helping my friend and hopefully leveling up at the same time - win win!

Played the battle, and leveled up, so off to Nightshade I go.... looking forward to my new spell. This is one that I had not yet seen in battle, so I was anxious to try it out. And I was not disappointed - actually the opposite. You see, some spells are just 'yucky'! Take the 'belching frog' and I don't even need to go as far as mentioning the gobblers and how they cast some of their spells! Some spells, however, have a certain elegance to them. I think this about the ghoul spell. I love the way it comes out of the ground - it commands respect. It may not be a hard hitting spell, but I've always had a soft spot for it.

Then there is the vampire spell. When I first used it I thought it was another such spell. Man, I was sorely disappointed with that spell. I still hate playing it. It is almost a joke really. Looks like it commands respect, then out pops this silly little bat. Yep - more of a joke. The skeleton pirate is a bit of a joke too.

So it was about time my death pack gained some elegance, and this spell really hits the mark - the wraith! It appears with grace, is not angry and uses the blue light with great effect. I love this spell - it has become a regular, so I'm pretty glad that 3 power-pips are easy to achieve now-a-days. Obviously the added bonus is the amount of health I get back, especially if played with other cards.

What about you guys? Do you have favourite spells? What is IT about them you love? Would love to hear some of your comments!

Until next time,


Who likes calamari? (or "that rotten Aquila squid!")

The first time Alia and I attempted the Aquila Squid, we kinda expected more of the same.  Another bad guy, some nifty tricks, and a reasonably comfortable victory.  Hmm...

It seems this squid was not thinking that way.

We approached the sunken ship that was the last known whereabouts of our prey.  Everything seemed quiet enough, so we backed ourselves and went inside.

For those of you that don't know this guy, he has 2 x 28,000 tentacles and 2 x 4,200 tentacles.  He is myth and seems to love earthquakes and high level myth spells - and he has them all!  And look at those pips?!?  All tentacles are filled to overflowing, so you know the first round is going to be a doozy.

The first time we went head to head, I still had on my high damage, low resist / critical block gear on.  In fact, I was using my small street-fighting deck!  Alia had on a huge deck she had been playing around with and, needless to say, we were dispatched within only a few rounds.  And we had hardly made a dent!

And what was it with all of those earthquakes!!

We used all the excuses...wrong gear, wrong deck, we weren't expecting that.  Next time, it will be easy.

Next time, as it turned out, we were wrong.  This time, the right gear, and we both had our multi-PvP decks on.  They are good all round decks designed to hurt and heal in good balance.

We lasted quite a long time.  At the 45 minute mark, things were going well.  We were dead by the 50 minute mark.  It was during this fight that we noticed something important.  If we healed, he got cranky...and by that I mean he proceeded to hit us with 4 earthquakes in quick succession.  Also, if we took out the smaller tentacles, it wasn't long before they returned.

Hang on.  This hasn't happened in a very long time!  Finally - a worthy opponent.

We both then turned our eyes to our decks and started tuning.  Well, tonight it was ON!  We debated seeking out a 3rd for some assistance, but dismissed it just as quickly.  We had a score to settle.

The ever fearless Alia went in first and took the brunt of all four attacks. It was hard to watch, but it slotted me into the Eye position to do the hitting.

And she and Lord Shadow took the hits well :)

In Round 2, I was in and Alia was recovering from a heavy barrage of Stun attacks.  It was time for a different tactic tonight, and the Scald I drew would signify that.  No longer going for the one hit kill, it was to be a battle of attrition.  The last Wizard or beast left standing would claim the victory tonight.  The next round, the critical Scald hit its mark, thanks to a free vengeance from Miss Callie to help me along.

As the battle wore on, the big spells kept coming.  Alia was the first in need of healing, especially after that initial onslaught.  One thing we had learned against this guy was, if you are going to heal, heal BIG - fortunately, this is Alia's specialty and she ripped open a 3000 healing Satyr.

More and more spells, more critical humungafrogs than we could count and earthquakes that just kept chipping away at our health.  It was an interesting exercise in "Healing Management".  How much will I get hit when I heal?   Do I need to wait until I cast a shield first?  For each an every heal, an earthquake was directed at us, multiplied by the number of tentacles alive at that time.  If there were 4 tentacles, yep, there were 4 earthquakes, one following the next, but killing those little ones (4,200 health each!) was no mean feat, and they came back after 2 rounds will a full bank of pips.  Sometimes it was better to keep them alive!

Then Keeper of the Flame (haven't seen him for a while) and the Basiliks and Medusa's return.  We were feeling like we were getting on top, then smash, we were on the back foot again.

I managed to get away a big Rain of Fire just before my head started spinning.  It was a calculated risk as Alia had a Rebirth up her sleeve, which she cast nicely with critical boost.  I had taken out one of the minor tentacles, and the Absorb took one of the earthquakes, so only being hit by one was a nice change!

It should be noted that both Rebirth and Sanctuary are invaluable spells here.  The hits are hard, so the healing needs to be as well, and the pets can really take advantage of the extra bonus.

Rebirth, Satrys and Dryads gave us good healing and a constant supply of Fairies and Spritely from our pets, with the occasional Unicorn thrown in for good measure meant that we stayed in reasonable health most of the time.

Finally, nearly 2 hours before we drifted into that ominous hulk, Alia, rightly finished what she had started.  The Angry Gnome came out to play...and the big old Squid - he went away.

I love a good solid battle, and Wizard101 has come up with another ripper.  Neither Alia or I are Level 90 yet, and I guess it would be easier once hitting that mark, but we are both Level 87, and it makes me wonder what kind of a challenge that squid would be for a Level 70!

See you round the Spiral!


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Crafting the Eagle War Shield

And so it begins .... lol

I have heard about this crafting quest and have not really been looking forward to it.  I have been told it can take ages to get some of the ingredients so I'll have to see how long this takes.

I was very lucky with the Turquoise and already had 4 so only needed 1 more.  Thanks to Morgrim for selling it at the bazaar so I could buy it.  He also gave me my first Agave Nectar, which are going to be the problem ones to get.

I have had a look at Wizard101 and they are a rare drop when you pick up the Agave Leaves in 3 places in Azteca.  They are  - Mangrove Marsh, Cloudburst Forest and Alto Alto.  Considering I don't have access to the last 2 areas yet, it looks like I will be trying my luck in the Marsh :)

Now I need to hope that when I pick up leaves I will get some Nectar as well.  I have found that it sometimes works to change servers after you have finished searching the area on the server you are on.  So I'll check Mangrove Marsh on one server for leaves, then port to another server and look there.

Now it is just fingers crossed, and we'll see how lucky I get.

Off to the Marsh

Friday, 20 September 2013

A quick word on the Kraken

It is always fun to go back and give this guy the once over. I don't know too many people that don't like trying to hit the Kraken for as much as possible before the combined hitting of new wizards takes him out.

There is one interesting thing that it seems a number of people don't really know - how to get him to come back?

It is actually really easy when you know how - and all those wizards hogging the battle places cannot stop you joining in if you get your timing right.

So - just how do you do it?

Hop on the portal down to the Kraken zone and just stand there with the portal behind you.  Watch the fight and wait until he dies and everyone starts dancing.  Immediately run backwards and port out, then run backwards (the portal is behind you again) and port back in, immediately running forward into the battle arena.

The theory is that the Kraken appears when he is not fighting and a new wizard enters.  While the previous fighters are still dancing (and therefore unable to fight), you reactivate the fight and slot into a battle spot.

Then you just have fun!

See you round the Spiral!


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hey! Another great Giveaway!

This time from the great people at Stars of the Spiral!

Follow this link to get a code for your very on Viridian Sceptre!

These are great looking sceptres, and make sure you remember to follow them to hear about more great giveaways.

Good luck!

See you round the Spiral.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nidavellir - who knew?

You know, I do a quick run round at Northguard every time I start Wizard101 at the moment. It doesn't take long and 95% of the time I know I will find one of the Birthday Presents there. It's a bit of fun.... the rewards aren't that great, but it's nice to find them.

So a couple of days ago I was on the rainbow bridge, and I could see a present - but I had never been to that area before! I wandered around and found the path that would take me to the present, and then I decided to explore. And that's when I stumbled on Nidavellir. I have no idea this cave of rooms existed, and I have been back there every day since - last night was the night that I completed the dungeons held within.

There are 3 of them, two contain books that are part of your Rune quest, and one of them holds the Eighth Yardbird - so you need to do them to complete Grizzlehiem. The two with books are very simple. You can actually get through them without landing any battles if you move around carefully and have a skinny mount. Sorry but the Xmas sleigh is just too big to sneak around these caves :)

Then there is the final one - Helgrind Warren. I actually found them quite challenging due to the last 2 battles being Death battles.

It is well laid out though and is a good introduction to the higher level bosses. Once through the first battle, 4 doors will open to reveal 4 battles - Storm, Fire, Life, Balance. Two minions and a Boss in each of them, the boss is around 4000 health. The 8th Yardbird is in the Storm room so don't forget to pick that up after you complete the battle!

Once you have completed these, the last door opens to reveal 3 low level death minions. Once complete, I was expecting an Ice room. Afterall, the whole look and feel of the caves is Ice, so that made sense!

But no. I was dismayed to see it was another Death room, and this one had a boss.... all the more difficult. Two Wizard friends had been helping me with the battles, but this room was the end of the road for them - I was on my own.

There is no way I would be able to complete this battle on my own, so I had a quick check of my friend list and spotted a level 62 Storm wizard in the Bazaar. She agreed to help me, so the battle was on! It took a while to get through the battle, but we did it. A big thanks to my Storm wizard friend.

They really are awesome to take into a battle you know! Their spells look good and hit hard.

And I learnt a valuable lesson during these battles too.... the Beguile Spell. What an awesome and confusing spell it is. I have encountered it a few times, and it is fun to see the enemy helping you out! Beware though, when you play an 'All Enemy' spell with Beguile in play, the enemy 'helping' will not be affected by the hit. I received a great Fire Treasure Card from one of my harvests, and it appeared in my pack at just the right time. Blades were set. Traps were set. But only the second enemy was hit! It was a waste of my 7 pips, and a waste of a Treasure card I only had one copy of. Cool spell though!

I have no more quests open at Grizzleheim right now, so MooShoo will be getting my attention. I will still be around picking up those Birthday Gift boxes though :)

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The emerging Gardener

Hey Tabitha - it is good to see Emily is learning about likes.  I'll bet she read my post on it as I posted it after she asked for more gardening advice!

Check out the dead plants - they were the most surprising like for me!  Even dead they give you value.

The most number of likes you can get for a Seed is 6, but the real question is, do all 6 make a difference, or only some of them?  There is some interesting research to be done...

Likes can come from many sources, purchased at the Bazaar (or in other shops in the Spiral), crafted, planted or found, but the difference can be quite amazing.  Check Wizard101Central for the specific needs for your Seed and place them nearby - and you're done!  The difference it makes in time to grow is well worth the effort gathering them.

See you 'round the Spiral.


Weekly Round Up from Around the Web!

 Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that the latest on-line news for all things #wizard101 has now been published. More 5th Birthday celebrations, Videos and Blogs to delve into!

Head on over to the Weekly News page to catch up on the latest from another fun week in the spiral.

Read all about it!

Until next time,

Monday, 16 September 2013

Unexpected, and Liked!

Well, Well, Well. Sometimes things just happen and you don't quite believe them, until they happen again. What am I talking about? A very helpful Balance wizard I know, Emily RoseBlossom decided to decorate her garden, and just placing the item seemed to speed up her plants growth to Mature. I wasn't convinced, and then she showed me the 'Like' she had gained on her whole garden.

So off I went to the Bazaar to check out this phenomenon..... I bought two of them and placed them in the garden.... next thing I knew - 3 plants went to elder, and 3 seeds went to mature!! All because of this tiny insignificant item purchase at the bazaar. You can hardly even see it.... so look for the big yellow arrow :)

Thanks Emily, huge help in my garden. The item, by the way, is a "Tropical Garden Gnome" - go get one, and reap the rewards! I'm off to research more items.... only trouble is my garden is becoming bare and my energy is low. Oh well - I'll find a happy medium at some stage.

Until Next Time!


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Malduit the Devastator - Continued

Just to follow up from my last post I wanted to mention the awesome new spells that the Malduit has. You can see a full list of spells Here but seeing them in battle is still great. Especially as I don't have Lord of Night yet. One of the spells I do have is Deer Knight.

This spell looks AMAZING and I have loved and used it since I first got it. It took a lot of Crowns but eventually I did it. I got lucky enough to get this spell from the Knight's Lore Pack.

It's even better that my new minion can use it and I can imagine it being useful in many situations. This is also the first death minion I have found that has more than one hit to all spell. I have now used Malduit on a few occasions and I know it will come in useful later.

Until next time!


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Malduit the Devastator

Hey everyone it's me Blaze here back to tell you some interesting news... I just hopped on and finished a quest that Halston Balestrom directed me to. I had to go to Marleybone, one of my all time favourite worlds, and spoke to The Professor. I always wondered what he would be used for and it turns out he would help me get a spell!

I started off for Crab Alley the underwater city in Triton Avenue. I bashed a few fish and declawed a few crabs. I eventually found myself the Globe of Peladon.

Then it was back to The Professor who told me that I needed to break Malduit's mind from the Mind Robber. I quickly headed over to Zafaria and found this Mind Robber. A few boosts and a Dr Von's Monster then the fight was over.
The Professor saw to me getting my new spell and Boy! Is it handy! I'll tell you more in my next post.

Until next time!


Watchtower Hall - As you have never seen it before!

One of the things I really love about Wizard101 is the way you can really make it your own.  You can craft and design so many parts of the world and you can see things from perspectives you wouldn't normally consider.

Watchtower Hall was one of my first ever real 'creations' in this magical world, and I was very proud of it once it was complete.  I am happy with the design and decoration and it satisfies that part of me that needs to be creative.  But as ever, there is always more to this world than meets the eye.

I find I am at the Watchtower less now that I have progressed to other houses, but coming back to it is still great.  I thought, though, today I would get a different view of the place, and I thought I would share it with you.

Impressive, isn't it?  So I thought I would try these wings out and see how far they would take me. It was nice to know that these good ol' ratty looking Bat Wings really work!

Ahhh, it is such a great feeling to be flying on this magnificent evening.

See you round the Spiral!


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Weekly round up from around the Web!

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that the latest on-line news for all things #wizard101 has now been published.

Head on over to the Weekly News page to catch up on the latest from another fun week in the spiral.

Read all about it!

Until next time,

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Couch Potato Harvest!

I know we have talked about Couch Potatoes a lot recently, and I have two in my garden at the moment. So when I went over to the farm to check on progress and found that they were both ready to be harvested, well I couldn't resist taking a quick video to capture the harvest. There is also a burning snap dragon at Elder that I harvest at the end. Check out the very cool King Parsley too :) Forgive the long period of nothing happening at the end, I didn't stop the video, so feel free to switch off after the Snap Dragon has harvested (I'll get better at this, promise!)......

The total harvest for these three plants was:

The pet snacks came in at 2 rank 7 and 1 rank 6. For these plants, this is the 2nd harvest for 1 Couch Potato (which also has a pixie!) and 1st harvest for the other. I'm not sure on the burning snap dragon, but I think it was 3rd harvest.

By the way Morgrim - you were right about neat and tidy gardens going out the window as time goes by!! My plots are rather more random now! And thanks to you and to Blaze for the tips, I am gradually putting them into practice, so time will tell!!

Until Next Time,

Birthday Gifts Abound!

The Wizard101 5th Birthday celebrations are continuing around the web and with them come some awesome free codes and competitions. Thought I would round up a few of them here for you!


Go to the Crown Shop for great bargains on selected mounts for only 5,000 crowns each:
Bengal Tiger - Proud Lion - Dark Redwing (Dragon) - Blue Dragon - Swift Shark Mounts


Big party giveaways over at MMORG . Just look at what you get!

All of the following party themed items to decoration your house or dorm
  • 1 Party Banner Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Celebration Banner Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Set of Party Balloons Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Party Cake Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Blue Gift Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Red Gift Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Confetti Cannon Housing Decoration 
Plus ONE of the following mini-games to play in your house or dorm
  • Tag Game Housing Decoration 
  • Scavenger Hunt Game Housing Decoration 
  • Choo Choo Zoo Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Conjuration Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Doodle Doug Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Dueling Diego Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Hot Shots Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Potion Motion Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Skull Riders Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Sorcery Stones Mini-game Housing Decoration


Depending on how long your wizard has been around you can get some cool statues and a confetti cannon for your house/dorm. for details.

Competition Time at STARS OF THE SPIRAL 

Design a Birthday Card, add a message and be in with a chance of winning from the following:
  • 2 Random Hairstyles from the Crown Shop
  • 1 Random Mastery Amulet 
  • a CHANCE at 1 Exalted Amulet 
  • Random Crowns from 50, 150, 500, 550, 1500, 5000 or 5500 Crowns

More Competitions over at SWORDROLL'S Blog

Search and Find competition for a random prize.
Help Swordroll find a new logo and be in with a chance to win 1,000 crowns and a temporary mount

Until next time!

Monday, 9 September 2013

More on the humble Couch Potato

Blaze - you are 100% right mate.  In the Wizard101 world, these things are GOLD.  I have been growing my garden of 18 CPs now for a while and really do have Mega-Snacks-a-Plenty.  At last count I had more an 100 Fancy Yoghurt, amongst other things.  This really makes all the difference when pet training.

These little guys are dropped by a huge number of bad guys, but I know I got most of mine from the Troubled Warriors.  They don't drop that often, but go in with a small team and you'll get one every 20 or so fights.  It might seem like a lot, but it goes pretty quickly - and the rewards a worth it.

You can also get them from the Wyvern's Hoard and Hoard of the Hydra packs, so that gives you even more reason to buy these two very useful packs.

For the money, and the effort, they are also quick to grow.  With the right likes, you can get your Mega-Snacks in only a few days.

As Tabitha indicated below, these seeds give good money, good experience and good drops.  At Elder they drop another Couch Potato seed in a nice 1-for-1 ratio.

Are they the perfect seed for a well-planned garden?

If they were in a medium plot, I'd have to say that yes, they are.  The only problem with the Couch Potato is that it needs a large plot, and that means that you are limited in how many you can grow.  With a normal large garden, using the largest spells, the best you can hope for is a garden of about seven.  If they came in the medium plot variety, then being able to grow 16 at a time would be the only thing missing to make  them perfect.

 If you are thinking of serious pet training, or levelling up your gardening skills, why not pay a visit to Savarstaad Pass in Grizzleheim?

See you 'round the Spiral.


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Blaze's Tips and Tricks No.4 Mega Snacks a Plenty!

Pet training = Hard, time consuming, annoying, repetitive, frustrating and most importantly ENERGY consuming, this is what I call 'The Problem'.
Mega Snacks = Efficient, non time consuming, easy, quick and most importantly NON ENERGY consuming, this is what I call 'The Solution'. To find out how to get them, read on...

Morgrim has given us all some useful tips for gardening so far and I'm sure he has many more. Now, if you haven't already, you can put them to good use. Firstly we need to get the seeds. There are a few cheap seeds that are available from Krokotopia like the Prickly Bear Cactus, Bread Fruit Bush, Rye Bread Fruit Bush and Cornbread Fruit Bush.

I suggest only growing Prickly Bear Cacti and Cornbread Fruit Bushes. The Cornbread Fruit Bush has a slightly higher chance of Mega Snacks but the Prickly Bear Cactus drops lots of other snacks.

Then there are Couch Potatoes... These are GOLD!! At least one drop of three Mega Snacks (one of them being as good as Hambrosia, often thought of as the best snack) Fancy Yoguart, Captain Canteloupe and Golden Wheat Bread. FY being the best CC second and GWB third although they are very close.

The next question is 'How?' If you are a VERY BIG crown user then you could buy them for 1500c from the Crown Shop. If not, or you would rather buy areas, you need to do is what people call 'Farming'. Farming is fighting a certain Boss or Creature over and over and over until you get the drops you want (kind of like Morgrim farming the Loremaster for spells). We need to farm creatures in Grizzleheim called Troubled Warriors. These guys are located in Savarstaad Pass and only have 310 health so they are easy to kill. They do have fire shields though so it may take a little longer for fire wizards sometimes.

It takes a while but eventually you get some and yes, they are worth it!!

Until next time!

- Blaze 

Rare Spell - Loremaster

Well, it didn't take too long and I got lucky, very lucky.  With Wizard101, sometimes that just happens :)

Here is the first spell that I got from the Loremaster! She dropped...Loremaster!!

I haven't seen this spell before and many of my high level friends hadn't heard of this fight either.  This is a very handy little spell.  While (for a fire type) this can be a little expensive, if I get a run of noob pips, it isn't a bad option.

The spell is only a hit to one enemy, but can useful against a boss.

The next logical thing to do is to get her out and let 'er rip!  What better baddie for a bit of simple bashing than the old scarecrows on Triton Avenue.  I remember facing them for the first time and hoping that if someone else joined me in battle that they would be a Life wiz...just in case that second scarecrow that they bring with them would be the one to spell my death...

So, without further ado, here she is, the Loremaster, Colossalled up and ready to kill.

She looks a little skinny in this shot (Blogger seems to have played with the proportion) but she hits hard for a Balance spell :)

See you 'round the Spiral,


Friday, 6 September 2013

Wizard Stalking

Oh dear. Despite having a good start to PvP, I played a couple of rounds last night and I was defeated every time. Now I know I am new to this and shouldn't be so hard on myself, but there must be a better way to know the best gear to wear to help in a PvP. Maybe the best resistance to all schools, or the biggest damage to all schools.

Last night was tough, and I do find myself almost wizard 'stalking'.... what I mean is clicking on a wizard's stats to see what they are wearing and what the end results to their stats are. But to be honest, it doesn't mean much because I don't have the same gear as them or are not the same school or are not a high enough level.

I'm sure there must be more to it than Merle's crystal ball!

Practice makes perfect..... maybe?

Until next time,