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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Couch Potato Harvest!

I know we have talked about Couch Potatoes a lot recently, and I have two in my garden at the moment. So when I went over to the farm to check on progress and found that they were both ready to be harvested, well I couldn't resist taking a quick video to capture the harvest. There is also a burning snap dragon at Elder that I harvest at the end. Check out the very cool King Parsley too :) Forgive the long period of nothing happening at the end, I didn't stop the video, so feel free to switch off after the Snap Dragon has harvested (I'll get better at this, promise!)......

The total harvest for these three plants was:

The pet snacks came in at 2 rank 7 and 1 rank 6. For these plants, this is the 2nd harvest for 1 Couch Potato (which also has a pixie!) and 1st harvest for the other. I'm not sure on the burning snap dragon, but I think it was 3rd harvest.

By the way Morgrim - you were right about neat and tidy gardens going out the window as time goes by!! My plots are rather more random now! And thanks to you and to Blaze for the tips, I am gradually putting them into practice, so time will tell!!

Until Next Time,

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