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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Malduit the Devastator - Continued

Just to follow up from my last post I wanted to mention the awesome new spells that the Malduit has. You can see a full list of spells Here but seeing them in battle is still great. Especially as I don't have Lord of Night yet. One of the spells I do have is Deer Knight.

This spell looks AMAZING and I have loved and used it since I first got it. It took a lot of Crowns but eventually I did it. I got lucky enough to get this spell from the Knight's Lore Pack.

It's even better that my new minion can use it and I can imagine it being useful in many situations. This is also the first death minion I have found that has more than one hit to all spell. I have now used Malduit on a few occasions and I know it will come in useful later.

Until next time!


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