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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Birthday Gifts Abound!

The Wizard101 5th Birthday celebrations are continuing around the web and with them come some awesome free codes and competitions. Thought I would round up a few of them here for you!


Go to the Crown Shop for great bargains on selected mounts for only 5,000 crowns each:
Bengal Tiger - Proud Lion - Dark Redwing (Dragon) - Blue Dragon - Swift Shark Mounts


Big party giveaways over at MMORG . Just look at what you get!

All of the following party themed items to decoration your house or dorm
  • 1 Party Banner Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Celebration Banner Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Set of Party Balloons Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Party Cake Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Blue Gift Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Red Gift Housing Decoration 
  • 1 Confetti Cannon Housing Decoration 
Plus ONE of the following mini-games to play in your house or dorm
  • Tag Game Housing Decoration 
  • Scavenger Hunt Game Housing Decoration 
  • Choo Choo Zoo Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Conjuration Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Doodle Doug Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Dueling Diego Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Hot Shots Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Potion Motion Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Skull Riders Mini-game Housing Decoration 
  • Sorcery Stones Mini-game Housing Decoration


Depending on how long your wizard has been around you can get some cool statues and a confetti cannon for your house/dorm. for details.

Competition Time at STARS OF THE SPIRAL 

Design a Birthday Card, add a message and be in with a chance of winning from the following:
  • 2 Random Hairstyles from the Crown Shop
  • 1 Random Mastery Amulet 
  • a CHANCE at 1 Exalted Amulet 
  • Random Crowns from 50, 150, 500, 550, 1500, 5000 or 5500 Crowns

More Competitions over at SWORDROLL'S Blog

Search and Find competition for a random prize.
Help Swordroll find a new logo and be in with a chance to win 1,000 crowns and a temporary mount

Until next time!

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