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Friday, 20 September 2013

A quick word on the Kraken

It is always fun to go back and give this guy the once over. I don't know too many people that don't like trying to hit the Kraken for as much as possible before the combined hitting of new wizards takes him out.

There is one interesting thing that it seems a number of people don't really know - how to get him to come back?

It is actually really easy when you know how - and all those wizards hogging the battle places cannot stop you joining in if you get your timing right.

So - just how do you do it?

Hop on the portal down to the Kraken zone and just stand there with the portal behind you.  Watch the fight and wait until he dies and everyone starts dancing.  Immediately run backwards and port out, then run backwards (the portal is behind you again) and port back in, immediately running forward into the battle arena.

The theory is that the Kraken appears when he is not fighting and a new wizard enters.  While the previous fighters are still dancing (and therefore unable to fight), you reactivate the fight and slot into a battle spot.

Then you just have fun!

See you round the Spiral!


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