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Monday, 23 September 2013

Who likes calamari? (or "that rotten Aquila squid!")

The first time Alia and I attempted the Aquila Squid, we kinda expected more of the same.  Another bad guy, some nifty tricks, and a reasonably comfortable victory.  Hmm...

It seems this squid was not thinking that way.

We approached the sunken ship that was the last known whereabouts of our prey.  Everything seemed quiet enough, so we backed ourselves and went inside.

For those of you that don't know this guy, he has 2 x 28,000 tentacles and 2 x 4,200 tentacles.  He is myth and seems to love earthquakes and high level myth spells - and he has them all!  And look at those pips?!?  All tentacles are filled to overflowing, so you know the first round is going to be a doozy.

The first time we went head to head, I still had on my high damage, low resist / critical block gear on.  In fact, I was using my small street-fighting deck!  Alia had on a huge deck she had been playing around with and, needless to say, we were dispatched within only a few rounds.  And we had hardly made a dent!

And what was it with all of those earthquakes!!

We used all the excuses...wrong gear, wrong deck, we weren't expecting that.  Next time, it will be easy.

Next time, as it turned out, we were wrong.  This time, the right gear, and we both had our multi-PvP decks on.  They are good all round decks designed to hurt and heal in good balance.

We lasted quite a long time.  At the 45 minute mark, things were going well.  We were dead by the 50 minute mark.  It was during this fight that we noticed something important.  If we healed, he got cranky...and by that I mean he proceeded to hit us with 4 earthquakes in quick succession.  Also, if we took out the smaller tentacles, it wasn't long before they returned.

Hang on.  This hasn't happened in a very long time!  Finally - a worthy opponent.

We both then turned our eyes to our decks and started tuning.  Well, tonight it was ON!  We debated seeking out a 3rd for some assistance, but dismissed it just as quickly.  We had a score to settle.

The ever fearless Alia went in first and took the brunt of all four attacks. It was hard to watch, but it slotted me into the Eye position to do the hitting.

And she and Lord Shadow took the hits well :)

In Round 2, I was in and Alia was recovering from a heavy barrage of Stun attacks.  It was time for a different tactic tonight, and the Scald I drew would signify that.  No longer going for the one hit kill, it was to be a battle of attrition.  The last Wizard or beast left standing would claim the victory tonight.  The next round, the critical Scald hit its mark, thanks to a free vengeance from Miss Callie to help me along.

As the battle wore on, the big spells kept coming.  Alia was the first in need of healing, especially after that initial onslaught.  One thing we had learned against this guy was, if you are going to heal, heal BIG - fortunately, this is Alia's specialty and she ripped open a 3000 healing Satyr.

More and more spells, more critical humungafrogs than we could count and earthquakes that just kept chipping away at our health.  It was an interesting exercise in "Healing Management".  How much will I get hit when I heal?   Do I need to wait until I cast a shield first?  For each an every heal, an earthquake was directed at us, multiplied by the number of tentacles alive at that time.  If there were 4 tentacles, yep, there were 4 earthquakes, one following the next, but killing those little ones (4,200 health each!) was no mean feat, and they came back after 2 rounds will a full bank of pips.  Sometimes it was better to keep them alive!

Then Keeper of the Flame (haven't seen him for a while) and the Basiliks and Medusa's return.  We were feeling like we were getting on top, then smash, we were on the back foot again.

I managed to get away a big Rain of Fire just before my head started spinning.  It was a calculated risk as Alia had a Rebirth up her sleeve, which she cast nicely with critical boost.  I had taken out one of the minor tentacles, and the Absorb took one of the earthquakes, so only being hit by one was a nice change!

It should be noted that both Rebirth and Sanctuary are invaluable spells here.  The hits are hard, so the healing needs to be as well, and the pets can really take advantage of the extra bonus.

Rebirth, Satrys and Dryads gave us good healing and a constant supply of Fairies and Spritely from our pets, with the occasional Unicorn thrown in for good measure meant that we stayed in reasonable health most of the time.

Finally, nearly 2 hours before we drifted into that ominous hulk, Alia, rightly finished what she had started.  The Angry Gnome came out to play...and the big old Squid - he went away.

I love a good solid battle, and Wizard101 has come up with another ripper.  Neither Alia or I are Level 90 yet, and I guess it would be easier once hitting that mark, but we are both Level 87, and it makes me wonder what kind of a challenge that squid would be for a Level 70!

See you round the Spiral!


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