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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Rare Spell - Loremaster

Well, it didn't take too long and I got lucky, very lucky.  With Wizard101, sometimes that just happens :)

Here is the first spell that I got from the Loremaster! She dropped...Loremaster!!

I haven't seen this spell before and many of my high level friends hadn't heard of this fight either.  This is a very handy little spell.  While (for a fire type) this can be a little expensive, if I get a run of noob pips, it isn't a bad option.

The spell is only a hit to one enemy, but can useful against a boss.

The next logical thing to do is to get her out and let 'er rip!  What better baddie for a bit of simple bashing than the old scarecrows on Triton Avenue.  I remember facing them for the first time and hoping that if someone else joined me in battle that they would be a Life wiz...just in case that second scarecrow that they bring with them would be the one to spell my death...

So, without further ado, here she is, the Loremaster, Colossalled up and ready to kill.

She looks a little skinny in this shot (Blogger seems to have played with the proportion) but she hits hard for a Balance spell :)

See you 'round the Spiral,



  1. Hey Morgrim. Been farming the Loremaster a few times, but not got lucky. Just wondered how many times you did this fight to get this lucky drop?
    Thanks! Tabitha.

  2. I am not sure how long it took, but I know it took quite a few fights. The "font of weakness" was such a pain...but I found that a decent, well-timed meteor was quite useful.

    I reckon it took about 20 fights to get my drop. It will take time, but the prizes are worth it :)