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Monday, 16 September 2013

Unexpected, and Liked!

Well, Well, Well. Sometimes things just happen and you don't quite believe them, until they happen again. What am I talking about? A very helpful Balance wizard I know, Emily RoseBlossom decided to decorate her garden, and just placing the item seemed to speed up her plants growth to Mature. I wasn't convinced, and then she showed me the 'Like' she had gained on her whole garden.

So off I went to the Bazaar to check out this phenomenon..... I bought two of them and placed them in the garden.... next thing I knew - 3 plants went to elder, and 3 seeds went to mature!! All because of this tiny insignificant item purchase at the bazaar. You can hardly even see it.... so look for the big yellow arrow :)

Thanks Emily, huge help in my garden. The item, by the way, is a "Tropical Garden Gnome" - go get one, and reap the rewards! I'm off to research more items.... only trouble is my garden is becoming bare and my energy is low. Oh well - I'll find a happy medium at some stage.

Until Next Time!


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