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Monday, 30 September 2013


Hey everyone, Blaze here!

Recently I have been pet training ( thanks to the wonderful Couch Potatoes ) with lots of Mega's to get my new Penumbra Drake to Epic. First, Spritely, I was very happy with this and decided it was worth more training, I got him to Ancient and Unicorn was the one. A pretty good pet so far! Decided to keep going and got MC Vengeance ( to get this pet I hatched with Morgrim and the pet was getting the same as his ). This pet was getting great. For the perfect pet all I needed was Spell Proof and Fairy Friend and maybe Spell Defying instead of Unicorn. I got Midnight to Epic today and guess what....
Curse Giver.

It's a little bit sad really. Well this pet won't be getting what I want so no point training it further. I'll keep everyone updated on what talents I get training my pets and what stats they were at when they levelled.

Until next time!


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