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Monday, 9 September 2013

More on the humble Couch Potato

Blaze - you are 100% right mate.  In the Wizard101 world, these things are GOLD.  I have been growing my garden of 18 CPs now for a while and really do have Mega-Snacks-a-Plenty.  At last count I had more an 100 Fancy Yoghurt, amongst other things.  This really makes all the difference when pet training.

These little guys are dropped by a huge number of bad guys, but I know I got most of mine from the Troubled Warriors.  They don't drop that often, but go in with a small team and you'll get one every 20 or so fights.  It might seem like a lot, but it goes pretty quickly - and the rewards a worth it.

You can also get them from the Wyvern's Hoard and Hoard of the Hydra packs, so that gives you even more reason to buy these two very useful packs.

For the money, and the effort, they are also quick to grow.  With the right likes, you can get your Mega-Snacks in only a few days.

As Tabitha indicated below, these seeds give good money, good experience and good drops.  At Elder they drop another Couch Potato seed in a nice 1-for-1 ratio.

Are they the perfect seed for a well-planned garden?

If they were in a medium plot, I'd have to say that yes, they are.  The only problem with the Couch Potato is that it needs a large plot, and that means that you are limited in how many you can grow.  With a normal large garden, using the largest spells, the best you can hope for is a garden of about seven.  If they came in the medium plot variety, then being able to grow 16 at a time would be the only thing missing to make  them perfect.

 If you are thinking of serious pet training, or levelling up your gardening skills, why not pay a visit to Savarstaad Pass in Grizzleheim?

See you 'round the Spiral.