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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Crafting the Eagle War Shield

And so it begins .... lol

I have heard about this crafting quest and have not really been looking forward to it.  I have been told it can take ages to get some of the ingredients so I'll have to see how long this takes.

I was very lucky with the Turquoise and already had 4 so only needed 1 more.  Thanks to Morgrim for selling it at the bazaar so I could buy it.  He also gave me my first Agave Nectar, which are going to be the problem ones to get.

I have had a look at Wizard101 and they are a rare drop when you pick up the Agave Leaves in 3 places in Azteca.  They are  - Mangrove Marsh, Cloudburst Forest and Alto Alto.  Considering I don't have access to the last 2 areas yet, it looks like I will be trying my luck in the Marsh :)

Now I need to hope that when I pick up leaves I will get some Nectar as well.  I have found that it sometimes works to change servers after you have finished searching the area on the server you are on.  So I'll check Mangrove Marsh on one server for leaves, then port to another server and look there.

Now it is just fingers crossed, and we'll see how lucky I get.

Off to the Marsh

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