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Monday, 2 September 2013

Harvesting Plants at Elder

Thanks so much for helpful tips on gardening Morgrim. I found the tip about leaving the pests to harvest time particularly useful. Pest control costs just so much energy, it is nice to service all other needs and then deal with the pests when harvesting.

Had some elder harvesting to do today, and I have been looking forward to this for my couch potatoes in particular. They already give great XP (300 per harvest) so have enabled me to level up to a rank 7 gardener. I also had a couple of bread bushes and desparagus at the same level. I took some video to show some of the rewards of getting a plant to elder and then harvesting.

Did you notice the amount of XP those couch potatoes have at elder harvest? 3000XP, so now I am a level 8 ranked gardener! From that potato harvest alone I also got:
2 golden pizza snacks – rank 6 storm snack
1 shanta pudding – rank 7 ice snack
1 captain canteloup – rank 9 death snack
1 couch potato seed

The bread fruit bushes didn't give quite as much as would have wanted, in the past these have been better for mega snacks - still this was a great harvest and the seeds have all given back, so I can re-plant without having to buy again. And it doesn't need to be the higher level or more difficult plants that give the great rewards at elder. I took some more video of the rewards of harvesting pink dandelion at elder too. Take a look for yourself!

Well I have a heap of re-planting to do now.... and King Parsley is on my shopping list for later.

Until next time,


  1. Alia, Edward, Tabitha, Blaze, Robert, and Morgrim,

    I want to take a moment and compliment this wonderful blog. As an ex-wizard, I could have really used the tips that you have all provided when I still played. Your posts are interesting and engaging as well as helpful; Your site truly deserves more attention. I'll be recommending your posts to my friends, definitely. Be sure to find places to promote yourselves by putting up links in comments and by getting yourselves on blogrolls. Best of luck to you all!

    D.S. Devereaux (My site, a Pirate101 blog) (My friend's site, a wonderful place to comment and to get your blog up on) (Also a good spot to have your site up)

  2. Dearest Destiny.
    Very kind of you to take time to comment on our blog. We are still quite new, so it is really nice to hear that we are hitting the mark, and providing some useful content.

    We will add the Wizard101 blogs you have mentioned to our blogroll, and will look out for more for ours too.

    Thanks again, and have an awesome week!!