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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Helping People Can Be Very Useful - The Loremaster

Sometimes, when you have been in the Spiral for a while, you find yourself back in the Commons from time to time...either passing through or just listening to the inane chatter.  When this happens, it is not uncommon to get help requests from people.

Today was one such day.  Just minding my own business, I was listening to the usual "Can someone gift me ...pleezah?" and some random came up to me "Morgrim?"  "yep?" "can you take me to the Loremaster?"

Now, that was a variant of the typical "please take me somewhere I can't go yet.   I was in a good mood, so I said I would, but I hadn't ever heard of the Loremaster.  While you don't remember every bad guy you meet in the spiral, most of the common ones you get to know.  The Loremaster was a new one on me.

I was told this guy was in the Library in Dragonspyre - and I couldn't even remember a Library in that world.  Nonetheless, off I went. I checked Wizard101Central and found that this guy drops crafted spells!  I have 3 crafted spells, but had to craft them myself!  Now I have got to find him!

Well, after wandering for a while through the Antheneum  got the message that it was in the hat shop, so off I went.

It was pretty obvious that I had reached the right place - there were wizards everywhere.

Well, I never...a side quest we had missed?  It must be new!

I shot a note off to Alia and, somewhat excited, in we went.

We had a few runs through and got some decent drops (if you are level 45!), but after 3 runs through, it was clear that serious farming was needed to gain access to these spells.

The Loremaster isn't that strong, but the main tactic of her minions is to weaken the party attacking.  Plague, weakness and others are used constantly.  If you are a lower level, I would suggest making sure you have an off-school wand spell.  Use it once the weaknesses start to pile up to get a good clear shot on your target.

The main job of the Boss is to showcase these spells, and some of them really do look great.

While we were not successful this time, I can see that we are going to spend more time back in Dragonspyre!

See you round the Spiral (maybe even at the Loremaster?)


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