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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Blaze's Tips and Tricks No.4 Mega Snacks a Plenty!

Pet training = Hard, time consuming, annoying, repetitive, frustrating and most importantly ENERGY consuming, this is what I call 'The Problem'.
Mega Snacks = Efficient, non time consuming, easy, quick and most importantly NON ENERGY consuming, this is what I call 'The Solution'. To find out how to get them, read on...

Morgrim has given us all some useful tips for gardening so far and I'm sure he has many more. Now, if you haven't already, you can put them to good use. Firstly we need to get the seeds. There are a few cheap seeds that are available from Krokotopia like the Prickly Bear Cactus, Bread Fruit Bush, Rye Bread Fruit Bush and Cornbread Fruit Bush.

I suggest only growing Prickly Bear Cacti and Cornbread Fruit Bushes. The Cornbread Fruit Bush has a slightly higher chance of Mega Snacks but the Prickly Bear Cactus drops lots of other snacks.

Then there are Couch Potatoes... These are GOLD!! At least one drop of three Mega Snacks (one of them being as good as Hambrosia, often thought of as the best snack) Fancy Yoguart, Captain Canteloupe and Golden Wheat Bread. FY being the best CC second and GWB third although they are very close.

The next question is 'How?' If you are a VERY BIG crown user then you could buy them for 1500c from the Crown Shop. If not, or you would rather buy areas, you need to do is what people call 'Farming'. Farming is fighting a certain Boss or Creature over and over and over until you get the drops you want (kind of like Morgrim farming the Loremaster for spells). We need to farm creatures in Grizzleheim called Troubled Warriors. These guys are located in Savarstaad Pass and only have 310 health so they are easy to kill. They do have fire shields though so it may take a little longer for fire wizards sometimes.

It takes a while but eventually you get some and yes, they are worth it!!

Until next time!

- Blaze 

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