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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Tabitha and Galen

You may have noticed that I have been trying out some of the other Wizard101 things to do, rather than just questing. And over the weekend I decided to have a go at PvP. I have been partnering up with a fire wizard named Galen mostly, and we have been doing quite well. Surprisingly well when I see some of the PvP stats we are up against sometimes!

One thing I have noticed are the spectators in these battle arenas. Sometimes they just like to talk! Recently we were in one, and the conversation in the background was about which team was which. Apparently one team was Death-Fire and one team was Death-Balance. They quickly decided that "Team Tabitha" (their words, not mine!) was Death-Balance. Throughout the whole game they were very confused and kept switching and were eventually proved wrong. But the constant was that Tabitha = Death Wizard. So I decided that I needed to change my gear to something that didn't scream Death! As I was partnered with a firey who looked anything but, I decided to go red. My hat and boots were already red, it was my robe that needed changing. So I found one and re-stitched so I could keep my stats.

And it worked. Our most recent PvP was against two Fire Wizards, and they were the talkers this time. As soon as we entered the battle arena, they were stoked to find themselves up against Fire wizards..... The biggest problem for them is that I am a Death wizard and I have trained my secondary school as Ice.... let's just say it wasn't long before that battle was over, and I don't think the other two wizards will trust the clothes to identify the Wizard's School again!

Maybe next week I'll Go Green! Who knows?

Until Next Time,

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