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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nidavellir - who knew?

You know, I do a quick run round at Northguard every time I start Wizard101 at the moment. It doesn't take long and 95% of the time I know I will find one of the Birthday Presents there. It's a bit of fun.... the rewards aren't that great, but it's nice to find them.

So a couple of days ago I was on the rainbow bridge, and I could see a present - but I had never been to that area before! I wandered around and found the path that would take me to the present, and then I decided to explore. And that's when I stumbled on Nidavellir. I have no idea this cave of rooms existed, and I have been back there every day since - last night was the night that I completed the dungeons held within.

There are 3 of them, two contain books that are part of your Rune quest, and one of them holds the Eighth Yardbird - so you need to do them to complete Grizzlehiem. The two with books are very simple. You can actually get through them without landing any battles if you move around carefully and have a skinny mount. Sorry but the Xmas sleigh is just too big to sneak around these caves :)

Then there is the final one - Helgrind Warren. I actually found them quite challenging due to the last 2 battles being Death battles.

It is well laid out though and is a good introduction to the higher level bosses. Once through the first battle, 4 doors will open to reveal 4 battles - Storm, Fire, Life, Balance. Two minions and a Boss in each of them, the boss is around 4000 health. The 8th Yardbird is in the Storm room so don't forget to pick that up after you complete the battle!

Once you have completed these, the last door opens to reveal 3 low level death minions. Once complete, I was expecting an Ice room. Afterall, the whole look and feel of the caves is Ice, so that made sense!

But no. I was dismayed to see it was another Death room, and this one had a boss.... all the more difficult. Two Wizard friends had been helping me with the battles, but this room was the end of the road for them - I was on my own.

There is no way I would be able to complete this battle on my own, so I had a quick check of my friend list and spotted a level 62 Storm wizard in the Bazaar. She agreed to help me, so the battle was on! It took a while to get through the battle, but we did it. A big thanks to my Storm wizard friend.

They really are awesome to take into a battle you know! Their spells look good and hit hard.

And I learnt a valuable lesson during these battles too.... the Beguile Spell. What an awesome and confusing spell it is. I have encountered it a few times, and it is fun to see the enemy helping you out! Beware though, when you play an 'All Enemy' spell with Beguile in play, the enemy 'helping' will not be affected by the hit. I received a great Fire Treasure Card from one of my harvests, and it appeared in my pack at just the right time. Blades were set. Traps were set. But only the second enemy was hit! It was a waste of my 7 pips, and a waste of a Treasure card I only had one copy of. Cool spell though!

I have no more quests open at Grizzleheim right now, so MooShoo will be getting my attention. I will still be around picking up those Birthday Gift boxes though :)

Until Next Time,

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