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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Getting Badges

Well tonight's mission was something I haven't done for a while.  While in a few of the worlds I didn't complete the badges when I was there and always said I'd go back later and do them.  So tonight was a chance to finish my badges in Mooshu.

Thankfully Morgrim was able to help out.  That meant defeating 3 instead of 2 at a time, and killing them faster.  With a meteor, Morgrim is able to take them out in the first round, whereas by myself I need to wait until I have a forest lord to hit with, so it means waiting until the 3th round.

So I have now earned my Nightstalker badge for 400 Ninja Pigs (was only at 319 at the start of the night) and the Samurai badge which is earned by defeating 200 Samoorai.

Still to go are pages 5 and 11 where I have missed the cats and spiders.

I think that might be a fight for another day though.  I'm just happy to have completed page 8.

If you haven't checked out the badges before, and don't know how to get them, there is a complete list to look at on wizard central.

Alia :)

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