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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Treasure Cards and PvP

You know, Treasure Cards are one of the more controversial parts of the Wizard101 game.  Some people simply hate them, especially for PvP.

I can completely understand Ed's position on using them in PvP.  If you goal is to level up, they can really help.  Here are some interesting cases of use (abuse?) of treasure cards in PvP.

  • Wild Bolt - There have been experiments with Level 1 Wiz just buying a heap of Wild Bolt treasure cards and casting nothing else.  You can go a fair way with this tactic and there is little that can be done to combat it.  Esp. if you don't look like a Storm wizard.  They normally kill quickly against opponents at that level, before they realise they need to shield.  Is this a fair use of Treasure Cards?  It certainly takes the skill out of the game.  There are several YouTube videos that relate to this.
  • Dispel Life - Another common spammed spell.  "Everyone pick on the healer".  This pretty much takes the most powerful healer out of the game, and almost everyone carries them.  
  • Weakness / Plague - This one is designed to frustrate the hitters/hammers in the team.  It is a very effective tactic, especially combined with a Virulent Plague, it can really take the sting out of an attack.  Any attack boosted with balance cards will find a sustained defensive move like this difficult to deal with.
It is worth noting that both of these spells are fine as normal spells, but it is when there is no other tactic but to turn off the brain and play the next Treasure Card, there are no real tactics, just a reliance on blind luck.  It is no wonder people get annoyed with PvP when that is the case.

So, when can Treasure Cards be useful in PvP?  Combined with good timing and tactics, treasure cards can be a game changer in PvP.  This is where the real tactics can be found.
  • Doom and Gloom - If you play PvP, you really should be packing this card.  It all but takes pet healing out of play.  A good Life Wiz can work around a Doom, but once you have your opponent on the ropes, you need to keep them there.
  • Scald - In a multi-player PvP, especially as you are starting to build for your attack, this can be a very handy spell to wear out an opponents shielding.  Played in round 2 or 3, while it prevents effective use of big traps, it can break down a defensive player quite effectively.
  • Guardian Spirit - Another spell that can get a fair bit of airplay from non-Life Wizards as being unfair.  This is just a really nice tactic for PvP for a school that typically doesn't hit hard and cannot defend like an Ice Wizard.  It's spell cost is high enough for it not to be easily spammed, but if this is the only tactic used, the Life Wizard will die, it is not a true game changer.
  • Tower Shield - The most useful shield.  Any attack, any school.  Pack these and use them at will.  This isn't a spamming technique, this is just good common sense.  Anyone who doesn't have at least a few of these will regret it.
  • Reshuffle - The only card that has to be mandatory in any serious PvP deck.  How silly would you feel if you have been battling for an hour, only to realise you are out of cards?  And with the recent changes, you need to consider whether packing one is enough....and then there are the people that have 15+ of this card...but that is a topic for another day.
Treasure Cards and PvP.  The discussion / argument / debates will continue as long as PvP is a part of the whole Wizard101 experience!

If you have any cards that you like to spam (or hate when others do) or any others you feel a 'must haves', why not let us know?  Leave a comment below.

See you round the Spiral!


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