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Monday, 21 October 2013

Quick Tip for Aquila!

Have tried this a couple of times, and it continues to work - so time to share with you guys! I have some wizard friends that I have quested with from time to time, and we have tried in vain to conquer Aquila. Two wizards are mid 40 level, and two are mid 20 level - and we find that first battle a struggle. Once the awful belching frogs start to flow and more in one round we are defeated fairly quickly. Even with three of us, we have the same problem. Three wizards also means 3 cyclops along with the boss.

But the last couple of times we attempted the battle we were out on our timing. One wizard went into the room and started the battle before the other 3 wizards. So the rest of us hot-tailed it into the room to join the battle. The battle had 1 boss and 1 cyclops...... and that's the way it stayed. We all joined the battle, but the number of cyclops enemies did not increase. Not like it does in the street fights. So now the battle was much easier - 4 against 2.

We have tried this a couple of times and it works a treat. So next time you are in Aquila with 2 or more friends, let one start the battle and join in after it has started. You need to stay out of the room though - until the battle has started, else it does not work.

Good-Luck! Be nice to hear how you go.

Until Next Time!

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