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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Time to Start Crafting?

Hi Everyone!

I have been away on vacation for a little while. On the run up to my trip, one of the things I wondered about was the state of my garden when I got back. I had been working towards having very little left to harvest and care for while I was away, and made sure I did not plant anything new. So when I went away I had four plants still going strong, I had hoped for one more harvest out of them before I left as I was convinced they would be at elder stage then. But the timing did not quite work out!

I was a little anxious on my return. I did not want to find 'time to dead' on any of them, so it was a huge relief that they were all at elder stage! 2 King Parsley and 2 Alligator Pear Trees.

Time to re-plant. Morgrim was right about the King Parsley's re-seeding themselves.....

 I now have 7 of them growing - along with 3 Couch Potatoes, 2 Alligator Pear Trees and a couple of the Halloween plants. I have the large spells for all the caring needs, so gardening is a very quick process now.

So, now I am back, I am considering starting some crafting. Having read about Morgrim and Alia's crafting and the very fact that I have 6 pages of reagents in my back-pack - I believe I am ready!!

The only problem is - I have no idea where to start? 

I already have a few crafting tables just sitting there waiting to be used!!
I am wondering what other Wizard's chose as their first non-quest crafting item? Was it something for your house, or was it something to help your stats?

Would love to hear from some fellow Wizards!
Until next time!


  1. I chose to craft a helm and robes from Wintertusk :) They're a great help to my stats. Next I'm not sure whether to craft a ring (also from Wintertusk) or to craft some of the mannequins so that I can display my outfits. Ah decisions, decisions. Looking forward to finding out what you decide.

  2. Hey Scarlet! I'm leaning toward something to help with stats too. I think I need to pop over to the wiki to find out what is available. I'll let you know what I decide!
    Tabitha :)

  3. You know, I think the first thing I crafted (non-quest) was gear. There were, that I crafted and they needed an awkward reagent. I got so hooked on finding these rare reagents that it didn't take long for me to take on housing items.

    Once I did that, I just needed to have Watchtower Hall as it was just such an amazing house.

    After crafting the Watchtower, I then proceeded to fill my Massive Fantasy Palace with crafted items. It is pretty incredible how the bug gets you!

  4. One of my first ones was a wand - Hammer of the Stone Sky which gives 5 different cards. It was great but you lost your zero pip hit so I had to change my deck to having more one and two pip spells to hit tower shields with. The other great item I crafted and still wear is the Garnet Bear Claw which has great stats.

    Good luck with your crafting Tabitha.

    Alia :)