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Friday, 25 October 2013

Pet Training - Part 2

Ok, have used up all my energy again for today.  Just did the minimum gardening keeping my 2 Evil Magma Peas alive and well, then went to pet training.

Lacey is now at 822/2000.  I have only trained one other pet to Mega and as it's last talent it got Mana Gift. lol  Couldn't believe that I had trained it that far and got the measly talent of Mana Gift.  A huge let down.

The last time I did that I hadn't discovered couch potatoes and the mega snacks they give you so it was a very long process using snacks worth 6 or 7.  That is very different to the 50 and 45 point snacks I am using this time, although I did run out of my 50 snacks tonight and am now feeding Lacey the 45 snacks.

Until tomorrow's update
Alia :)

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