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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Nightmare Pack and Dragontooth Gear

Well, it is back again for another year...the NIGHTMARE PACK...(cue spooky music!)

This year, we have something new - the Dragontooth Gear.  There is also the Dragonbone and Dragon's Eye gear here as well.  I figured, I needed to know more about this.  This does sound interesting :)

After some simple research, I found that the guys at Duelist101 were already on the case and had the stats up for the Promethean Level version of the gear, and then we got a drop of the level 80 Dragonbone Mantle thanks to Blaze, so we can report on those stats too.
Dragonbone Mantle_Nightmare Pack

For Level 80, the Dragonbone Mantle has :

  • 5% Power Pip
  • 5% Accuracy
  • 5% Armor Piercing
  • +50 Critical
  • +7% Damage

It also has the massive +30% Vengeance Card

It seems that Fire is the biggest loser here, much to my dismay.  We get a helm that is worse than the crafted helm from Avalon! With a Fire Dragon that is only slightly better than the standard one and all other stats on par or worse, there is zero advantage in this gear.  It is very disappointing.

However, Death and Ice both come away with some very impressive Critical Boots, so that will be a big bonus for them, making both schools even more formidable in the PvP Arena.  Of course, you have to get a lucky drop, but if you do, it is very useful drop.

Even Alia is happy.  Life get a very nice bonus.  A hat with +120 Critical, but also a 7 pip Spinysaur.  That should help with the few Life Shields she encounters in PvP!!

Good luck if you are buying the Nightmare Pack.  If you have any thoughts on winning and losing schools with this version of the pack, leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

See you 'round the Spiral!



  1. Can you be level 83 or so and still get the level 90 gear? Or do you have to be level 90 and up to even get the gear from the pack? Thanks

  2. Hi Nolan, unlike the Bundles, Packs only drop the gear for the level range that you are in. If you are level 83, you will only get gear for Level 80 when you use a pack.