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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Tabitha's Nightmare Pack

Thanks Morgrim! I too have delved into the Nightmare Pack.... being all things death I was keen to try my luck on a couple of packs with some spare crowns I had. And it seems I got pretty lucky......

Not only did I get a totally awesome permanent mount - yes permanent!! It is the Cloudstrider Pegasus Mount - and it is an impressive beast.

But I also scored a new robe and boots. Although my health stats are much lower than they once were, the new gear has given me better resistance, damage and accuracy.
I also now have my first critical rating stat too! It's only a 15, but I have already gone critical in one battle!

The mount is the best though. Certainly is getting me noticed around the spiral... Just as well I have no crowns left, or I might be tempted to try my hand at an awesome pet to complement my new gear!

Hope you get lucky too! Would love to see some photos!

Until Next Time!

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