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Monday, 7 October 2013


A big part of Wizard101 is your friends list. Friends help you in dungeons, show you their house, you can talk to them and they make the game more fun!

Something that I love most about friends is the fact that you can Teleport to them almost whenever you want! This means that you can help them doing quests and have a good time with them. Friends are almost a must have on hard dungeons like the WaterWorks, Tower of the Helephant and more. With these hard dungeons soloing is almost impossible and friends really speed up the process.

Some players friend everyone they meet, whereas others make sure they only friend people they know in real life. Then there are people like me who do a bit of both. I friend active players that have helped me out a few times as well as those that I know outside of the game.

Make sure that you get a decent amount of friends that can help you out, just in case your in some trouble. I think that KingsIsle have done a great job with these Friends Lists and they really do pay off.

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